My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 49


Chapter 49 – Beyond the Awakening Order

The elite squad was wiped out in just a few second.

Tang Yu was shocked.

On the map, the Maple Leaf Town was marked as two-star danger zone, far from dangerous. Yet such a high-ranked demonic beast had appeared.

Such a demonic beast was a threat to their team. Moreover, if a demonic beast with this strength had appeared, it meant that there were even stronger demonic beasts around.

“Did you see it clearly?”

Elaine was hesitant. Although she saw the whole thing, it’s hard to describe it.

A little recognition appeared on Gray Blade’s face, “Looking from its speed and strength, I’m afraid that it’s a fifth awakened demonic beast. It attacked like The Hunter but with greater strength.”

Tang Yu nodded.

It’s the quality of an assassin with rich killing experience, his observation was indeed first-class.

According to Gray Blade’s description, Tang Yu immediately thought of the beast’s attack method. Its strength was not good but it took advantage of its surrounding things.

And several others.

“How do you know about The Hunter?”

That was strange, although the contract did instill this world’s common sense to his followers. It’s not every aspect, right?

Gray Blade nodded, “Of course it’s the movie, my Lord. The movie in your world is really amazing. There are so many plots in it and I can’t stop watching it. Especially some assassination techniques I’ve never heard of it before. It naturally opened my mind. If only I could see those movies, maybe I will be a gold-medal assassin.”

As if the dialogue option was unlocked, Gray Blade instantly became talkative.

Tang Yu helped answered his questions.

He just went upside down from a cold-blooded killer to a movie enthusiast.

But Tang Yu admired Gray Blade. He was summoned this morning but already knew how to operate mobile phone and computer at once. If he remembered correctly, most mobile phones and computers now have password.


From Gray Blade’s observation, it’s obvious that Maple Leaf Town had become a high level danger zone.

However, in order to get to Lindong, they needed to pass through the Maple Leaf Town. Besides, if they took a detour, it could be even more dangerous in the wilderness.

It would take a day and a half to reach Lindong and it’s not safe. It’s better to find out the source of danger in Maple Leaf Town instead. After that, they could pass through a relatively safer path in the town.

The tree of them jumped at the top of the building against the strong wind. The demonic beast was seen from time to time in the streets below.

Tang Yu sighed. This was absolutely a huge leap for humanity. He had no idea if the people in the past ever thought the scenario that humans were finally able to climb on top of a building at this speed. But it wasn’t for the science and technology, but because the whole world changed and forced them to change as well.

The idea came up on his mind as he leaped from one building to another. This kind of scene, did it already exist in ancient time?

Tang Yu finally landed on the tallest building in the town. There were no other taller building around. From this building, he could observe the whole town from above.

His eyes swept the distance and soon his gaze fixed on a spot between two buildings. A red mist was faintly visible.

It’s real!

Although the red mist was vague, Tang Yu was quite sure it was the same red mist in the beginning of the doomsday.

That was the crack of the abyss.

It seemed to be emerged quite recently, that’s why it wasn’t marked on the map. It’s the reason of the sudden increase of demonic beasts in this two-star danger zone.

He also understood why he hadn’t seen any investigation team sent by Lin Wei recently.

It’s not because they stopped sending teams, but because the teams were demolished here.

Previously, he had thought that Lin Wei was a big boss in the Lindong Shelter. His work efficiency couldn’t be this low.

After so many days had passed, the other party should have reached a conclusion and direction for the investigation. However, when they dispatched a powerful team, he just realized there were obstacles along the way. What a shame.

Tang Yu’s mood improved at once.

Soon, he considered his situation.

Exploring the crack of the abyss? That’s out of the question.

The tragedy of the previous squad was still fresh on his memory. Only Gods knew how many terrifying demonic beasts hidden inside the red mist. No… Tang Yu felt such a terrifying demonic beast certainly existed here. That’s the reason why the army was destroyed in the early days of doomsday. Because of this red mist!

Besides, there’s no profit in exploring the abyss. After deep consideration, he chose to avoid the crack of the abyss and go straight to Lindong shelter.

Now that he knew the location of the crack of the abyss, Tang Yu could choose the safer path to go. He took a small detour and passed through the other side of Maple Leaf Town.

There were still demonic beast around, but they had avoided the core danger zone. With their strength combined, they broke past the danger with ease.

Previously, he was afraid if he got to the core area of the red mist. So he didn’t dare to cross the Maple Leaf Town directly.

One could live longer by avoiding death.

Suddenly, a loud noise was traveling through the air from the distance.

Red mist mixed with smoke enveloped the area. Buildings near the core of the red mist seemed to be installed with explosives. They exploded and collapsed in an instant.

A red tentacle appeared from the smoke.

It was huge and the length was even longer than a tall building.

The tentacle hung high in the air and suddenly smashed the ground below.

The rumbling land cracked. Buildings collapsed instantly whenever the tentacles moved. Its efficiency in destroying buildings… the human demolition team wasn’t a match to this.

The unknown gigantic demonic beast was very cruel. The surrounding area that was crowded with buildings was instantly turned into ruins by the tentacles.

Rocks were falling like raindrops. It fell down one after another. The demonic beast below who couldn’t escape was crushed to death.

Thanks to the gigantic demonic beast that indiscriminately destroyed the surrounding tall buildings, it all collapsed, leaving the view of an underground crack shrouded with red mist with more than 100 meters length and 10 meters wide. That crack was like an open mouth, ready to swallow everything on its way. Just the view of it sending chills to the viewers above.

That was the crack of the abyss. This was the first time Tang Yu saw it clearly. At the beginning of the doomsday, he only saw red mist from afar and quickly ran away from the school as soon as he heard people screaming. Otherwise, he would not live right now.

He also learned later, there must be a crack of the abyss when there’s red mist nearby.

The smoke in the distance slowly dissipated. From the smoke afar, the two tentacles were attached to the head of the demonic beast with a huge bug-like body. Like two red long whips slicing through the air.

Even with half the town distance away, the terrible sense of oppression was still felt, raging like a wave. If Tang Yu hadn’t experienced the training in the spiritual space yet, he wasn’t sure if he could still be standing still under such a strong sense of oppression.

Beside him, even Elaine and Gray Blade were pale.

They had seen terrible demonic beasts in their world that could destroy a whole city. But they had never seen such a monstrous creature.

The giant demonic monster they just saw today must be the city-level.

This demonic beast was just crawling out from the crack of the abyss. The moment it landed, the whole ground was shocked with strong tremor.

No wonder the human army with advanced technology and weapons lost against the demonic beast.

In addition to the crack of the abyss that could not be destroyed, he was afraid that some powerful demonic beasts were this scary.

He was afraid that the beast’s strength was beyond the awakening order.

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