My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 50


Chapter 50 – Very Determined

Tang Yu felt his heart was restless as they left Maple Leaf Town.

Fortunately, the giant demonic beast didn’t notice them, so they safely left Maple Leaf Town.

“We left the off-road car in Maple Leaf Town.”

After all, its machine’s sound was too loud, and it’s too big. He already knew he had to abandon the car at some point along the road. He carried everything in the special backpack.

Even so, Tang Yu felt sorry for deceased Wang Tai’s spirit in heaven.

After abandoning the car, exposed to the wind and rain and facing a lot of demonic beasts, Tang Yu and his team members gradually looked like a real survivor struggling in the wilderness.

Tang Yu frowned. But suddenly, a cry for help was heard from the distance.

Someone cried for help?

In the near distance, through some abandoned vehicles blocking out the street, a young woman was seen running while crying for help. A thin, angry looking man chased behind her.

The young woman ran very fast and stumbled on the ground with her long hair scattered.

The thin man are getting closer, the situation looked dangerous.

The woman looked pitiful. In such situation, a person with soft heart, especially male, couldn’t help but rescue her.

The three of them stood on the side of the street with indifferent looks.

Not far away, the woman with the long hair who just fell down looked anxious.


‘Why haven’t they come?’

‘Why they are not fooled? Why?!’

She was unwilling and kept crying for help. However, the three people in the distance were still indifferent.

This was a trap to lure survivors.

Around them, members of the gang lurked and hiding.

The young woman was also caught by the gang. She was used to satisfy lust of the gang members day and night. A part of her heart already died, but a few days ago, the gang planned to set up a trap here and needed actors. So she naturally volunteered.

She was promised if she could seduce a sufficient numbers of survivors, she would no longer be tortured by these men. She was also promised by rewards if she’s able to capture girls.

The young woman’s heart was determined. She vaguely understood someone behind the gang would offered them a high reward for pretty girls.

She saw the three figures in the distance, one among them was a beautiful girl.

As long as they could be fooled…

The young woman continued to act. The skinny man behind her finally caught her and slapped her on the face.

The slap was real, it was so painful that the young woman couldn’t help but crying.

A real cry. It’s even more realistic.

Her acting at this point was very determined.


Tang Yu glanced at the nearby buildings surrounding the streets. An ambush team was hiding there. He’s not stupid. He wouldn’t fall for such a trap.


In the building, two people were leaning against the window. From this angle, it’s possible to see every move on the street below. But they were hidden from the view.

“Why don’t they fall into the trap? We haven’t caught anyone in the last two days. If it’s continue like this, we will starve!”

One of the men with red hair, Killer Matt. Pressed a cigarette firmly on the table. He watched as the ashes rise and suddenly felt distressed.

The next person was a bald man. He was visibly calmer than Killer Matt. “Don’t worry, it’s a team who survived in the wild, they must be somewhat vigilant. Just give the actors some time.”

In the street below.

The skinny man punched and kicked the woman while cursing with hatred.

They young woman cried while continued crying for help from the three people in the distance.

A few second passed.

The passed time wasn’t much, but in this case, it’s very weird.

The bald man began to frown, “What kind of selfish survivors are these three people?!”

“That’s not the case.” The Killer Matt murmured. “They all looked very young. Must be those youngsters who didn’t care about the world. Even in the doomsday, it’s hard to change their mindset. As long as they weren’t betrayed or trapped, those kind of people are generally prone to sympathy.”

In the doomsday, not everyone was as tough as an iron.

It’s true. The doomsday’s cruel. Encounters between survivors in the wild were often vigilant.

But human conscience wouldn’t be easily wiped out from their heart in such a short period of time. Most people wouldn’t risk their life to save others, but there were still some soft-hearted people who’re willing to help others.

In the scene they just designed, the chaser was just a skinny man. Whether a hunter or not, it’s an easy task for three people to fight him. Or else…

Killer Matt was annoyed, “Maybe they discovered us, I just don’t know where we went wrong.”

They designed the trap with a lot of ambush team hiding in the shop on both sides. The higher ground on both sides were also guarded with gun men. Even a strong hunter couldn’t resist once they fell into the trap.

“Let’s take the initiative. They don’t look that strong, we can’t miss this opportunity. However if they ran away and scatter, it won’t be easy to chase them. There are two men and a girl. Kill the man if necessary, but don’t harm the girl. “

The bald man made up his mind with a stern expression. “Once they found out something is wrong, they will instantly ran away. It won’t be easy to chase them, but as long as we are still watching from the distance, then…”

Suddenly, the bald man and the Killer Matt jumped down from the second floor. Several figures also showed up from the shops along the street. They were holding knifes, all of them were smirking.

They had more than a dozen man, three hunters and firearms. The bald man was confident.

With their power, they could take down an ordinary combat squad.

Not to mention…

The bald man sneered. As he approached, he had sensed it. Among the three of them, only the girl was a hunter. The other men were weak.

With such a strength, even those three waited for them to come. They were being ignorant and also fearless.

Fortunately, the girl was a hunter. If they turned her in to the boss, maybe they would get a better reward.

He grinned, he felt victory was in his hand. “Give me—“

Before he could finish the word, a sharp cry came from the air.

He couldn’t help but looked up and saw black strange bird already flew above them. The weird bird had a humanoid torso with a sharp bird beak. A pair of huge black wings spread out, covering half of the sky.

It’s a terrifying demonic beast!

It already spotted the bald man.

He no longer cared about the prey in front of him in his grasp, he was going to turn around and escape but the strange bird had found a crowd of human and swooped down!

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