My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 51


Chapter 51 – Lindong!

In an instant, a strong wind blew past their body like a knife.

The wings of the bird swooped once, slamming down the people on the street.

The bald man also fell to the ground. His clothes were ragged and countless cut wounds were seen on his body.

This demonic beast actually had the power of the wind. It’s more terrifying than he thought!

On the side, those ordinary people were dying. Only three hunters including him were still alive. However, they were injured and could no longer escape from the demonic beast.

The bald man couldn’t understand why such a demonic beast could appear in a ‘safe area’ not far from the shelter.

He was unwilling.

Previously, he was about to capture a pretty girl and presented her to the boss. And when the time came, he could enter the main team.

His eyes widened.

The three people in the distance were still standing.

But how?

The demonic beast’s attack covered a large area. He saw mottled marks around on the ground around them.

At this time, the strange bird found out that those three were standing still and swooped down again.

This time, the attack was more concentrated and the wind blade was sharper.

The bald man couldn’t help but felt happy. But at the next moment, his mouth slightly opened.

He saw the three of them avoided in the distance. Their fast movements didn’t belong to an ordinary survivor and weak hunter.

Two of them took out their pistols and shot the bird.

“That kind of pistol can’t hurt the demonic beast.”

Blood dripped from the demonic beast.

He widened his eyes again, his eyes were red with disbelief. Was the demonic beast weak?

He should have fought the beast instead of running away.


On the other side of the roof, their gunner also shot in panic. Several bullets hit the demonic beast. But this time, the bird was unharmed. A gust of wind blade blew the gunners away.

At this time, Elaine raised her staff and ice spikes flung toward the beast.

The strange beast moved fast, avoiding the attack but ice spike hit its wings.

Its speed was slowed by the frost.

The bald man was shocked and speechless.

He saw the ordinary looking man retracted his pistol, took out a dagger and clasped both hands.

‘What is he doing?’

Gray Blade stared at the strange bird. When it swooped down again, he leaped to attack.

He first stepped on the edge of a window in the second floor and quickly leaped up as if he was running against the wall, defying gravity.

Combat Skill – Ghost Step!

His body appeared and disappeared from time to time. Appeared a few meters away every one step.


Gray Blade rose in the air and instantly appeared behind the strange bird. A cold light flashed from the dagger.

Combat Skill – Backstab!

The strange bird roared but couldn’t get rid of Gray Blade. The wind blade condensed and struck him.

But Gray Blade seemed to have eyes on his back. Every time a wind blade struck, he cut it out with the backhand of the dagger, broke every wind blade.

After several attacks, the blood of the strange bird spattered mid-air before it finally fell and crashed on the ground.

At this time, Gray Blade appeared not far from the carcass. He was already on the ground.

The bald man was desperate.

He was just setting a trap. Why did he encounter such a terrifying bird? And above all, why did he meet with those people who were even scarier than the bird?!

They collected the materials and spirit stone out of the carcass. Everyone else was at a miserable state, except for the three men and the bald man. They were all lying on the ground.


Tang Yu walked over to the bald man.

These days, life was hard. No matter what you did, danger always approaching. The ambush was the same. These people were the lessons of the past, because there’s not enough investigation of the surrounding environment and the degree of danger. There was no risk assessment and no crisis warning. They would be dead.

Well, not really. They’re not died yet. Tang Yu decided to help them pass the last journey.

The bald man looked at the approaching Tang Yu. His face was mixed with frightened, angry, and desperate expression. He suddenly shouted, “Come on, kill me! My boss won’t let you go.”

“You still have a boss?”

The bald mean speak with confidence. “The strength of our boss is beyond your imagination. You must know that our organization is a famous Orangutan…”

He couldn’t finish his word. He felt a scent of liquid on his throat.

His consciousness gradually blurred. The bald man vaguely heard the young man’s word.

“…never mind, I lost my interest in weaklings like you.”


The sky gradually went darkened, flashing out the colors of the setting sun.

After a few bumps along the way, Tang Yu finally arrived in Lindong. He was relieved.

They were at the outskirts of Lindong. There were some traces of survivors’ activity. From time to time, they also met some returning survivors.

At this time, it was very peaceful along the way. No one would choose to rob in such a place.

Suddenly, a towering city wall that stretched from one side to the other came to their vision. The wall was dark like a dark python. Anyone who saw this scene for the first time would be astonished.

Tang Yu was also amazed.

Without mentioning the quality, this wall’s more spectacular than the city wall in his territory.

The city wall on his territory just surrounding the villa area, the length’s relatively small. However, the wall in front of him now stretches wide. He expected it surround the entire Lindong County. Such an amazing project.

Beyond the city walls, well-equipped soldiers firmly standing on their post, their gaze fixed on the distance.

In front of these soldiers, a heavy machine gun with a large caliber was erected at the wall. Its muzzle was aimed at the wilderness beyond the wall. If a demonic beast attack, the barrage of these machine gun bullets would instantly tear their bodies to pieces.

In addition to heavy machine gun, there were also artilleries such as mortars, howitzer, and cannons placed at a certain distance behind the soldiers. Their metal muzzles also pointed far away.

Not just the city walls, on the wilderness outside the city walls, fortresses were also built. Tang Yu could see black barrels of guns sticking out of these fortresses. When a demonic beast approached from time to time, the barrel spitted out bullets, quickly killing the beasts.

This was a strong defense. Ordinary demonic wave was a catastrophe for small shelters. But for Lindong shelter, they destroyed a demonic wave on a daily basis.

This happened when the survivors went out.

There were well-equipped combatants and Hunters who exude strong aura. There were also ordinary survivors with ragged clothes. Some of them are more likely outsiders who survived through the wilderness and finally arrived in Lindong shelter. They were crying with joy.

The flow of the people who arrived increasing, it’s a lively scene on the doomsday.

As expected from a large shelter. Tang Yu thought silently.

There was a rumbling noise from a distance. The sound was coming near. Tang Yu looked around and saw a row of convoys was moving in a full speed. The convoy’s head was a modified Hummer with a bump on its front and welded steel plate body. Two machine guns were installed on top of the vehicle like a pair of fang.

Behind the modified Hummer, there were all kinds of vehicles coming from the distance like a torrent of steel. All of them were also modified.

Many survivors showed envious expressions.

This convoy was undoubtedly a symbol of strength in the doomsday! Gasoline was expensive and the vehicle moved with loud noises. Only a strong man with financial resources could form an entire convoy.

Some teams were well equipped with alloy weapons and shield, also firearms. They were without a doubt, an elite team. The people who saw them passing by couldn’t help but cheering and smiled. Before the team showed up, they were envious of other survivors. But compared to them, these people were nothing.


The convoy blew their horn continuously.

Some survivors wanted to take a closer look to the convoy but didn’t expect their arrogance. They were close to the gathering survivors near the gate but had no intention to slow down. Smoke from the vehicle’s exhaust was rising to the sky.

Someone showed a disgusted expression but didn’t dare to say anything. He could only evade quickly.

“Who are they? Why are they so arrogant with such a great power?”

A young man couldn’t see the convoy and he was angered by it.

An older survivor beside him looked nervous, he quickly pulled him back and whispered, “What are you saying? You want to die?!”

“What are you afraid of? This is the Lindong shelter. They can’t kill someone in front of the army, right?”

“Inside the shelter and in front of the army, they didn’t dare, but…” the older man shook his head. “For people like us, we can only stay inside the shelter unless we want to die. Besides, not every place in the shelter is under military inspection.”

The young man was so scared that he quickly closed his mouth.

“What’s important is the name of the convoy. Do you know which mercenary regiment this convoy belongs to?”

The young man shook his head.

The elder survivor’s eyes flashed with fear, he spoke with a trembling voice, “This convoy belongs to the Scarlet Hand Large Mercenary Corps. It’s the most fierce and strongest one of all the mercenary regiments.”

The young man’s face turned white.

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