My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 53


Chapter 53 – Old Classmate

The skinny young man wrapped the canned meat on a clean cloth. He organized his words and began to speak.

“The establishment of Lindong Shelter began on the third day after the doomsday. It’s been more than a month now. This shelter is also the largest shelter within hundreds of kilometers around the Lincheng area. The shelter hosted hundreds and thousands of survivors.”

“People said you can live a good life here. But the reality is different than what people preach about.” The skinny young man smiled bitterly. “After all, there were too many survivors and the food is limited. The distributed food is too little so people had to find their own source of income.”

He pointed at a nearby building. At this time, the door was locked.

“That’s the job market, some jobs will be assigned each morning. But they’re all short term jobs like building the wall. And there were not much empty slot. People would line up every morning in front of the job market but so many people still can’t get a job.”

“Of course hunters or professional are excluded. But ordinary people like me who can’t get a job works as a guide. If we’re lucky enough, we’ll find someone like you. I can trade the canned meat from you for a few days’ worth of food. Some people went out to the shelter to loot for goods. We call them scavengers. Sometimes they were lucky enough to find valuable goods, but mostly…”


Tang Yu knew exactly who they were. On the way to the shelter, he had encountered many thin survivors. It was impossible for them to hunt demonic beast. They didn’t possess the required ability for searching materials. After some combat teams finished searching, they went to pick up the leftover goods.

The goods didn’t worth much. Moreover, outside the shelter, no matter how close or far the combat team explored, there’s no guarantee for safety. Sometimes, if they managed to find something valuable, they had to guard against the other survivors who would snatch it.

Indeed, in Lindong shelter, the life was better than anywhere else.

Tang Yu frowned.

They had this many idle survivors…it’s a waste of labor!

In his territory, he had a porter team. But as the waste materials from the resort gradually depleted, they had to travel further to get materials. Naturally, they needed to increase the manpower. There were also lumber yards and quarries in the territorial buildings just like the one in game. But it’s very unrealistic to produce woods and stones out of thin air like in the game.

Even if these resource buildings were built, they’d still need survivors to inspect the operation.

“It can’t be helped. Even if I had survivors, I lack spirit stones, blueprints and advanced metal materials.”

He found out that he lacked of all material. He should’ve changed his name to Tang Que.

Lindong County area was not small. But it’s not particularly big either.

Hundreds of thousands of survivors who suddenly flooded the Lindong shelter occupied most of the land. Buildings with low function were demolished and transformed into crowded micro-apartments for the survivors to live in.

Except for a few main street, the entire Lindong shelter was very crowded. It was hard to breathe in such view.

Following the young man, Tang Yu walked along the main street. The young man introduced some of the main construction facilities of Lindong shelter as he walked.

“The original bank building over there was now transformed into a mercenary mission management center. Many combat teams went there every day to get a suitable mission. After they finish the mission, they would return to report in the mission center. They also could redeem the accumulated mission point for a handsome reward. That’s why the mission center is the most visited place for most hunters.”

Tang Yu stroked his chin.

After all, it was commissioned by the Lindong official. Naturally, there were many good things on the reward lists in the mission center.

No wonder why the hunters looked delighted.

The rewards were ranging from the most basic foods to guns and even rocket launcher, armored vehicles. The types of weapons that would stir jealousy of their fellow combatants. There were also a few things that tingled Tang Yu’s attention.

Awakening Elixir.

Lindong Shelter’s research on human awakening was obviously advanced. This Awakening Elixir had a greater auxiliary effect and fewer side effects compared to the simple awakening headband. Although it’s kinda useless for him, it’s effective enough to attract outsiders to his shelter.

Tang Yu thought carefully.

He only needed a few Awakening Elixirs. With this sample, he could research it and possibly derived the formula of this elixir.

In addition, Tang Yu was surprised when he saw container of spirit power.

Could this container really absorb spirit power?

After the death of a demonic beast, spirit power would quickly dissipate if not absorbed by a hunter. But the scientist in Lindong had discovered a special crystal that was compatible with spirit power. Through their research, they managed to create a crystal vessel to contain the spirit power.

Tang Yu’s eyes brightened. This trip to Lindong was indeed worth the risk.

“Can I buy Awakening Elixir and Spirit Power Container with spirit stones?”

“You can buy Awakening Elixir with spirit stone. But Spirit Power Containers are only exchangeable with mission points. Also, Awakening Elixirs were categorized into grade three, six and nine. The high-grade elixirs are hard to buy.”

He couldn’t get it unless he took missions?

He was a little depressed.

Doing mission was out of the question. He went to east to do things, not just doing missions. Moreover, nobody knew how long it’d take to accumulate mission points in order to redeem the container.

“Is there really no other way?” Tang Yu had a glimmer of hope.

The skinny young man pondered for a while. “They said there are various goods in the black market that can be bought with spirit stones. But that’s all I heard, I don’t have any information about the black market.” He was a bit distressed but it couldn’t be helped.

Tang Yu didn’t expect him to know everything. After all, this man was just an ordinary survivor.

More importantly, he would eventually found the black market. He was worried if the item he was searching for was available there or not.

Tang Yu gave hint at Gray Blade.

The guide left and Gray Blade continue walked down the street to found some information regarding the black market.

Elaine looked delighted as she looked at the goods at the small street vendors along the street. Tang Yu let her be.

Just in a few moments, Tang Yu was alone.

Suddenly, a familiar voice called him from behind.

“Tang Yu?”

When he turned, he saw a young man with glasses with a flat head.

“Are you Xiaoming? Li Xiaoming?”

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