My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 55


Chapter 55 – Very Frugal

At the House Management Center.

People came and go, houses were rented out every day.

The relief room wasn’t a simple tent Tang Yu had imagined. In fact, there weren’t open space left in the shelter to place tents. The relief room where ordinary survivors resided in was tube houses built by the shelter. The room was simple, there was no bed in it. A dozen people huddled together on the floor.

Survivors with extra money naturally wanted to live in a better place.

“The shelter houses were divided into five levels. Ranging from one to five stars.”

As they walked, Li Xiaoming introduced Tang Yu to the houses, “One-star housing is the relief room. Basically, the two-star housing is similar to our university dormitory room. There are 4-bed room and 10-bed room. It’s all remodeled room. The place I lived in is pretty decent. It’s a dormitory for four people. However, there are no bathroom inside. You need to go to the public bathroom on each floor.

“The three-star housing is a bit different. The biggest difference is a three star room had private toilets and bathrooms. Basically, everyone dream to stay in this room. Even not every hunter could afford to stay in three-star housing.”

“Four-star are suites. The electricity is still available at a fixed time during the night. While five-stars housing had 24-hours of electricity and there are still internet access in the house.”

Tang Yu sighed. This was also Lindong’s official doing to divide the housing into so many levels.

Just from the rent profit, as long as survivors continued their rent, the money flow wouldn’t stop.

He could use this shelter as a reference. He couldn’t wait to write it down. This real estate business was extremely profitable. Compared to harvesting spirit stone from demonic beast, collecting money from this was even faster and profitable.

One day, his territory would grow larger. He could earn spirit stones from real estate and other industries. Then he’d divide the housing into ten levels, such as six-star houses with air-conditioner and heater, seven-stars housing with refrigerator and oven, and even more house hold appliances in eight-star housing.

At this moment, Tang Yu felt that his vision had become a long-term goal. As long as the territory grew into a large shelter, he would never run out of spirit stones! It’s no longer just a dream!

There were a lot of people lined up to rent houses.

Most of them were hunters, and by the look of it, they seemed to know each other.

The two of them were patiently waiting at the end of the line.

Suddenly, there were noises coming from the front line.

“You must’ve made such a big fortune to rent a four-star house, Mr. Zhou.”

“Brother Zhou, I heard you were up to something last time. It seems you succeed. Congratulation!”

“Brother Zhou, you just hunted down a powerful demonic beast. Do you have any demonic beast materials to sell?”

At the forefront of the line, a burly man was wearing demonic beast fur clothing and an axe on his bad. Tang Yu felt a little oppressive aura from the man.

The strong man smiled rather modestly, “I was just lucky.”

Being able to rent a four-star housing, Zhou Jianhong was in a top-ranked team in the shelter. Those who had knowledge of his previous mission told their mission to hunt down a terrifying fourth awakening demonic beast.

Fourth awakening demonic beast!

Forget the fact that most of them were hunters, but they barely killed enough demonic beasts to advance to the next order. That’s why most of them were still at the basic level.

Even double awakening hunters were rare, they were already considered as elite person.

It seemed like Zhou Jianhong was the only triple awakening hunter among these crowds.

No wonder their team could take down such a demonic beast. Even if it was a product of their combined power and used all variety of weapons and equipment, it’s still considered a great strength!

He’s a true hunter. The staff of the Housing Management Center, especially the young female employees could no longer wait to give their best offers.

The staff at the counter worked quickly, but there were too many people who just finished renewing their rents who didn’t immediately leave. Instead, they were circling around Zhou Jianhong. Some people wanted to buy demonic beast material, others also asked about the hunting process. They were talking at the same time.

It was Tang Yu’s turn soon enough. The staff member behind the counter was a young woman. She looked at Tang Yu, “Is this your first time renting a house?”


The young woman handed Tang Yu a booklet that introduced the star housing and its prices, and then looked at Zhou Jianhong nearby.

A delirium look.

Tang Yu opened the booklet and pointed at one of the page, he had made up his mind.

“Oh, okay.” The young woman’s face was blank. She took a look at the booklet and looked confused. “Did you…open the wrong page?”

“No, I want this one.”

The young woman was flustered, “This is a five-star house.”

She judged the man in front of her couldn’t afford the rent of a five-star house. This was the first time she saw someone chose a five-star house since the first time she came into the shelter and lived in the relief housing group. But anyway, he couldn’t possibly afford the rent of a five-star house.

“Of course, 30 spirit stones a month, the shortest lease period is a month.”

The young woman still didn’t believe him. Even though she showed no angry expression, she felt annoyed. Suddenly, she saw the man reaching into his pocket.

‘What is he doing?’

She was puzzled.

However, at the next moment, her eyes widened with surprise as the person in front of her took out a small bag of spirit stones from his pocket.

“This…do you really want to rent a five-star house?!”

She was so surprised that she couldn’t control her voice.

“Did I hear it right? Five-star house?!”

“Let me see which team rents the five-star house.”

Many eyes looked over and saw Tang Yu and Li Xiaoming on the counter. Their first thought was disbelief.

Most people here were hunters and they didn’t feel any hunter aura from those two. Two ordinary people wanted to rent a five-star house? Was it even possible? They must be joking!

However, when they saw the spirit stones in Tang Yu’s hand was coming out of a common plastic bag, these hunters were contemplating on life.

Was spirit stone worthless that an ordinary person dare to carry this many amount with him? He didn’t even tie his plastic bag, was he not afraid if the spirit stones will fall out if he accidently shakes his hands?!

It’s unbelievable. When they were still struggle to afford a four-star room, this person just threw away spirit stones for a five-star room.

In fact, many hunters could afford 30 spirit stones a month.

However, a house of three or four-star was good enough. They didn’t need luxury.

Many hunters looked at Tang Yu with a complex expression.

This rich bastard was either a local tyrant or a fool. The problem was, a fool that could spend 30 spirit stones was a rich fool.

They were envious.

Li Xiaoming was also dumbfounded.

When Tang Yu spent a spirit stone at the restaurant, he was already surprised. He thought that Tang Yu was some kind of hunters who mixed well in the wild. He might have a few spirit stones in his hand, but it all changed when he saw the amount of spirit stones in Tang Yu’s plastic bag.

“Brother Tang, you shouldn’t spent so many spirit stones for a five-star house just for a month. It’s not worth it, you can’t spend money like that. You should spend it to buy some good equipment to ensure your safety in the wild. When you get more money in the future, you can rent a five-star house. For now, let’s just rent a three or four-stars house first.”

Although it wasn’t his spirit stones, Li Xiaoming still felt the heartache. The most important thing was not to spend money on unimportant things!

However, Tang Yu was acting innocent.

He thought the price was a bit pricey, but also very economical. The rents were only for a five-star suite, not villas. He wasn’t planning on staying in Lindong shelter for long. Tang Yu didn’t want them to earn his spirit stones.

This was already very frugal.

“I need to rent a five-star. Also, I’m not staying alone. Moreover, the five-star housing had internet. The water and electricity also runs 24 hours.”

“You can go to an internet café when you want to go online. And the four-star house isn’t much smaller than a five-star house…”

Li Xiaoming sighed.

He couldn’t really understand how a rich person’s mind work.

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