My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 57


Chapter 57 – Calm Down

Li Tao followed Lu Xiaopeng, he was still shocked.

This man’s strength was almost broke the first awakening stage. Although this person wasn’t as strong as himself, he would still be considered strong enough in any small shelter. Maybe the three people behind him were even weaker than this man.

Such a strong person was a mere soldier. Li Tao couldn’t believe it. Maybe they were just bluffing?

They moved forward to the villa area where Li Tao was familiar with. Along the way, he saw other survivors working. Some of them were transporting waste materials, some were cleaning the road, and some others were doing some construction works. The view was exactly like his imagination. Although the Tree Shade Shelter was severely damaged, the survivors who survived the attack were all in a good condition.

“We’re almost there.” The leading person said.

Li Tao responded absently. He already knew since he had been here several times. After passing this road and climbed a little bit, they could see the villa area.

Suddenly, he saw his team jaw-dropping. Their eyes were staring past him.

In front?

Li Tao was confused and also looked forward.

“It’s… It’s a city wall! How is that even possible? It wasn’t there before, how did the Tree Shade Shelter built this city wall in such a short time?!”

He saw the hunter leading them stopped and took out a cigarette from his pocket. He lit up the cigarette and wait for them, “I’ll wait here, we will continue after you finish. Calm down, what you’re about to see is not just city walls.”

Lu Xiaopeng waved his hand and exhaled the smoke from his mouth.

Li Tao and the others followed the hunter. As they walked through the gates, they were even more amazed to observe the city wall at a close range. With such a wall, they didn’t have to worry about demonic wave.

He couldn’t help but felt envious.

The numbers of survivors increased as they approached the villa area. Everyone was busy doing work. Li Tao saw several patrols in black combat uniforms and armed with guns.

He was forced to believe that it was indeed the standard equipment for soldiers.

Shortly, the leading man pointed to a villa, “We’re here.”

The villa had been repaired and the sign of damage was nowhere to be seen. It seemed like they used this place as the general office.

Following Lu Xiaopeng, Li Tao stepped into the villa and saw Chen Haiping was calculating the daily workload of the survivors. After greeting him, Li Tao called his men as Lu Xiaopeng said, “Mr. Chen, they said they are a team from the Creek Forest Shelter…”

Li Tao was impressed with Chen Haiping. They had met before when he visited the shelter last time. He was relieved to saw a familiar face as so many things had changed from the Tree Shade Shelter.

However, he was stunned again.

In his memory, Chen Haiping strength was ranked in the middle-high rank in the shelter. The Tree Shade and Creek Forest shelter’s strength was similar. His strength was somewhere near the peak, if he was lucky, he could break through the double awakening.

But now, Chen Haiping’s strength was even stronger than him. Maybe he was reaching the peak of the double awakening.

Was he this strong?

Li Tao was lost in the moment. He began to question his strength.

After a short pause, he took a deep breath and decided to put away all the things he had seen in this shelter. He would ask about it later when they finished exchanging.

He stated the purpose of his trip.

“Exchange? That’s fine.”

Chen Haiping nodded, he acted like a proper general manager of the shelter.

There was a time when he longed to be a warrior. But now as a clerical writer, his power also accelerated. This was probably the most comfortable option.

Li Tao put the backpack in the desk and took out a greenish-blue fruit with the appearance like an apple, “This is green fruit. It’s one of new variety of fruits that appeared after doomsday. It can be used as a staple food since it can satisfy hunger. The tree is quite common, as long as you could master the method of finding the fruit tree, you can relieve the food shortage of your shelter. We can tell you about the method if you bid well.”

Li Tao finished his words in one breath and waited for Chen Haiping’s answer.

Since his shelter found this green fruit was non-toxic and edible, their food shortage was somewhat relieved a lot. His people who didn’t want to believe in the Tree Shade Shelter were worried that they would refuse. But on the contrary, now that the Tree Shade Shelter was attacked by demonic wave, they could get enough food this way.

However, Chen Haiping was unimpressed.

Just calm down!

Li Tao thought about it. He decided to take out other goods such as demonic beast materials, some daily necessities, and medicines. These goods were rare in the doomsday. That’s the main reason why the Creek Forest and Tree Shade forest often exchanged materials. Generally, they would take out their surplus materials and exchange it for the materials they lacked in stock.

Medicine, for example. It was a rare item during the doomsday. It happened that Creek Forest shelter had surplus stock of medicine but lacked of other materials. So they brought their surplus materials and see what the Tree Shade Shelter had in stock. The same thing applied to Tree Shade Shelter, they’d sent a team to Creek Forest Shelter for exchange.


Chen Haiping pondered, “To be honest, we don’t lack any of these things. We can buy some medicines but we don’t need the others.”

Medicine and daily necessities were the things that couldn’t be produced in the territory. Previously, they indeed lacked of the 2 items. However, after they had the space backpack, it’s no longer the case. Every time Roger went out, he grabbed many of these things in the backpack.

Their medicine stock was secured.

Naturally, Li Tao didn’t understand why. But he accepted it anyway.

Chen Haiping said, “Although we don’t need your supplies, you can take a look at our stock.”

He got up and walked into another room.

Li Tao followed.

He was also curious about what items the Tree Shade Shelter had in stock.

When he entered the room, he noticed the room was already crowded. The hunter who just guided them in was among the crowds.

“I’m going to spend my contribution points for the training pass for the third and fourth floor. One points every two hours. I’m planning to go there tonight. Fatty Peng, why don’t you come with me?”

“Of course I’ll go. This time I’ll be able to hold it for five minutes and beat you!”

“What’s on the fifth floor anyway? 60 contribution points for half a day. The minimum charge is half of it. Which means…”

Lu Xiaopeng was curious. Every time Captain Roger wasn’t training on the third of fourth floor, he sneaked to the fifth floor to peek what’s inside. He knew it was an unusual training facility.

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