My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 58


Chapter 58 – Is there any bulk discount?

He clearly understood every words coming out from Chen Haipings’s mouth. But he couldn’t understand all the words combined.

He looked at the most noticeable part in the whole room. It was a large exchange list with many items available for exchange.

Most of them were foods.

Canned beef, canned pork, canned fruits, canned vegetables…

Chocolate, spicy strips, cookies…

Even fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, duck, goose, fish, pig, beef and mutton were available on the list. Li Tao looked at the exchange price on the list. He wasn’t familiar with contribution points but there were also price list for spirit stone currency. It was a good price, not particularly expensive or anything.

“We can exchange these things? You can even open a supermarket with this rich variety of foods!”

“That’s entirely possible. But what’s the point?” Peng Bo felt this person was noisy. He looked at the staff of the exchange office and thought carefully, “I want to exchange for a box of Snickers, two bottles of Red Bull, a pack of Qiaqia Sunflower Seeds, and some packages of Happy Potato Chips. Hmm… it seems like I choose too many.”

Peng Bo grinned, “Xiao Chen, can you give me a discount?”

The clerk called Xiao Chen saw Peng Bo’s fierce expression, he smiled bitterly. “Brother Peng, please don’t be silly. Everything here is already counted. I would be blamed if something’s missing.”

Peng Bo also acknowledge the truth. He was only joking and greedy. He finally chose fewer things.

A bypassing Xiaopeng showed a mocking face, “Look at all the stuff you just redeemed. There won’t be enough points to redeem the training pass.”

The clerk took out a special small book and wrote down the exchanges contribution made. Manual recording was troublesome.

Fortunately, there weren’t many people in the shelter at the moment. Besides, the contribution points were currently available to patrols and some working managers.

Tang Yu understood this recording method was out-of-date. It’s not just troublesome but also prone to problems. However, the territory currently had no network and programmer. It’s impossible to get a modern exchange method in the moment.

Xiao Chen recorded Peng Bo’s contribution exchange and opened a drawer.

There was cabinets with many drawers behind the counter.

Items was classified and placed in marked drawers. He opened them one by one, took out the things Peng Bo wished to exchange and handed them over.

Li Tao observed from the side and saw clearly.

All these drawers are filled with food! Food!

Nearby, he saw a fully working freezer with running electricity. He saw a glimpse of red thing inside the freezer. Was that raw meat?

Lu Xiaopeng patted his shoulder, “Take it easy, your eyeballs looks like they’re about to pop out.”

Li Tao was speechless.

Lu Xiaopeng pointed at the exchange list. “Well, you are from the river… uh, what was your shelter again?”

“Creek Forest”

“Ah yes, Creek Forest. Let me give you a suggestion, don’t buy useless snacks like Fatty Peng. Do exchange your money for some equipment. It’s worth your money.”

Li Tao looked at the equipment exchange list.

Compared to the rich variety of foods, the equipment list seemed a bit pale.

Standard Long Sword (Normal). Price: 15 contribution points / 30 spirit stones.

Standard Long Sword (Enhanced 1). Price: 30 contribution points.

Standard Long Sword (Enhanced 2). Price: 50 contribution points.

Standard Combat Uniform (Normal). Price: 15 contribution points/30 spirit stones.

Li Tao froze at the equipment price list.

Compared to the relatively cheap foods, these equipment were ridiculously expensive.

These weapons and equipment were most likely the ones worn by the Tree Shade hunters. He admitted that they looked good, but the price was outrageous.

Lu Xiaopeng saw his doubts and gently dragged Li Tao outside.

He saw a survivor was pushing a cart full of scrap metal, he called him and picked up a piece of discarded steel bar. “Watch this!” He held the steel bar on his left hand and the long sword on his other hand, he swung the sword at the steel bar. The steel bar was sliced in two pieces and fell to the ground.

“Hmm… It’s not enough.”

Lu Xiaopeng stacked two steel bars and swung his sword again. The steel bar broke into four parts.

“Look again.”

He continued to stack the steel bar again. This time on the ground.



He was absorbed in the scene.

Li Tao thought carefully.

He was a hunter who had faced demonic beast. Naturally, he understood how hard it was to kill a demonic beast.

The sharp weapons before the doomsday were useless against the demonic beast.

Even the best sword was dulled in just a few battles.

That wasn’t the main problem. The most important thing in a battle against the demonic beast was, it’s hard to severely wound the demonic beast.

But with such a sharp weapon, Li Tao could imagine.

The demonic beast fur that previously was hard to penetrate would be penetrated easily with such a sharp blade. Killing a demonic beast would be easier.

This way, the whole battle outcome will be safer.

In a flash, he thought of all the benefits of having such a sharp weapon.

They went back to the exchange room again.

Li Tao took a closer look at the exchange list, “Why do some equipment exchange prices only available in contribution points, not in spirit stones currency?”

“That’s because… uh I forgot.” Lu Xiaopeng thought hard.

Chen Haiping was busy with something but decided to interfere. “It’s only available in contribution points because it’s not available to public. Only our internal staff can exchange the equipment with contribution point. Basically, using contribution points is cheaper than spirit stones. Our internal staff can exchange one contribution points with one spirit stones.”

“How about that? Are you interested in joining our shelter’s patrol team?”

That hit the spot.

Li Tao felt bitter.

When he first saw the condition of Tree Shade Shelter, he thought he could recruits some hunters from here. But now it was the other way around.”

He envied the hunters in this shelter, but he still had high moral and dignity. He didn’t forget the purpose of this trip.

Li Tao said, “Then I’ll buy a Normal Standard Sword first.”

He searched through his bag and found 20 spirit stones, “Some of them was extracted from a double awakening demonic beast. It should be enough.”

Chen Haiping received the spirit stones and inspected it, “Indeed, it’s enough. The Standard Sword is not here. Wait here, I’ll fetch it.”

Shortly after, Chen Haiping brought a standard long sword. Li Tao swung it around several times, it was very light. He felt his spirit stones was well spent.

The teammates around him were envious.

They also wanted to own the long sword. But they couldn’t afford the price.

“Oh, by the way. You can get a set of equipment for free just from joining our patrol. Including normal standard long sword, standard combat suits, also rifles, pistols and other equipment” Chen Haiping suddenly thought of something and said, “Of course, these items will be available for a long time. Maybe we even got new items in stock in the future. So if you still wants to buy them, just hand over your spirit stones.”

The other team members were even more envious.

If it wasn’t for their high morals, they would probably join the shelter.

Li Tao felt he shouldn’t stay here for any longer.

Otherwise, his moral defense would be shattered.

There was some accidents when they first arrived at the Tree Shade Shelter, but they finally reached their goals. Even though he couldn’t exchange many things…

He saw the long sword on his hands and felt this trip was worth it.

“Tree Shade Shelter people, we bid you farewell. After we get back to our shelter, we will tell our leader about the details. We might visit again next time.”

He stopped at the city gates, Li Tao finally thought about something, “I was just wondering, is there any bulk discounts?”

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