My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 59


Chapter 59 – News on the Luoxia Shelter

Lindong, five-star residence.

These suits were originally a hotel suite. The environment was excellent, so it was used as a five-star housing after the doomsday.

Tang Yu didn’t know yet that Chen Haiping had helped him in business. He was browsing for some information in the computer on his room.

Elaine went shopping early in the morning. Gray Blade went to gather some more information after he observed each property in the house.

“No… Nope… That wasn’t what I was looking for.”

He had been using the computer to find some information ever since they arrived in this suite last night. His top priority was to find some information about the shelter where his parents were probably staying.

The network available in Lindong Shelter was a Local Area Network.

There weren’t many internet options, but two of them were the most important.

The first one was data bank. Many materials before the doomsday were entered on it. Whether they were useful or not, nonetheless, Tang Yu copied them all in a flash disk.

Knowledge was the essence of human civilization. In the doomsday, it could be useful if it’s maintained well.

Some blueprints that were now available were guns.

The blueprints weren’t that valuable, they could be found online before the doomsday. But having a blueprints and being able to manufacture guns from blueprints was a different thing.

Tang Yu had no worries. Through research, by spending some spirit stones, these blueprints could be transformed into the corresponding blueprints by the research institute and the workshop would manufacture the guns. Of course the research institute could also analyze the actual gun and develop the blueprints. But this method was more expensive.

He naturally chose the less expensive method.

Firearms were still considered good. Just by replacing the ordinary bullets into armor-piercing ammunition would greatly increase its destructive power against demonic beast. Even if it couldn’t finish a powerful demonic beast, it’d be good enough as a defensive weapon.

Tang Yu entered another function, the War Forum.

This was an exchange forum developed by Lindong officials. The UI was fairly simple, but it contained a whole lot of useful information.

Many survivors, especially the mission team exchanging and trading information with their fellow hunters there. Officials also sometimes posted some important news.

Tang Yu browsed, his eyes quickly skimming trough the information. However, there was too much information and it wasn’t properly organized.

[High-Ranked Demonic Beast Found in the Western Suburbs of Lincheng!] [A Demonic Beast Bigger Than a Truck Was Spotted!] [Want to Sell Demonic Beast Fur. Amount and Price is Negotiable] [A forest in east of Qingxi Town was identified with high-grade wood. Recruiting new team member to collect the woods. Our team ranked 87 in the mission center. Contact us ASAP if you’re interested in joining.] [(OFFICIAL) Academy of Sciences announced that they had achieved high stage in the study of demonic beast and had extracted power source from it. It’s expected to be used in future equipment.]

Dazzling array of posts appeared in front of him. Even it wasn’t the information he was looking for, they’re indeed a mind-blowing information.

This trip to Lindong was indeed worth the risk. In terms of personnel or resources, large shelters couldn’t be compared with small shelter.

Only powerful hunters could survived the wilderness to Lindong. That was the reason why there were so many powerful hunters in Lindong Shelter and only weak hunters in small shelters.

If it wasn’t for the system and territory, he’d prefer to set up a mercenary regiment in Lindong.

Tang Yu swiped page after page.

A post came into his view.

[Summary of surrounding provinces and cities.]

It was posted three days ago.

Official didn’t post this, but an ID called BaiXiaosheng10086. From the numbers behind the ID, Tang Yu estimated that the ID BaiXiaosheng was already taken, so the person added numbers behind it.

That person was very famous in the forum. The post contained a map and summary of all aspects of the map. Tang Yu read it carefully.

Basically, every capital city of the province had a large shelter, there were also some number of two cities that merged into one shelter. In addition, some small and medium shelter were also marked in the post.

Not only that, there were countless small shelters. Some of them was hiding their location in order to survive from demonic beast.

Tang Yu’s eyes fell on a point of the map.

The Tree Shade Shelter was marked with a ‘destroyed’ commentary.

This man was well informed.

Tang Yu was also surprised. This BaiXiaosheng10086 did have real skills on finding information.

He found the neighboring provinces on the map. There were less information on it, but some large shelters were marked.

“I found it! Luoxia Shelter!”

When communication was still available, he received news from his parents that the military was building a shelter.

That was the Luoxia Shelter, located in the suburb of Luoxia.

There was a summary.

Luoxia Shelter was very large shelter with more than two million survivors resided inside. The shelter was built by the combined forces of three nearby military divisions.

Tang Yu was relieved to read the summary.

Their military strength was even stronger than the one in Lindong. Theoretically speaking, the security was guaranteed.

He hadn’t heard news of large shelters being destroyed by demonic beast.

Although he was a little bit relieved, Tang Yu was still anxious. His parents were safe and sound, but that didn’t mean they lived comfortably.

He was once an ordinary survivor.

But he also understood that worrying over things was useless.

The distance between him and Luoxia Shelter was thousands of kilometers apart. With countless dangers along the way, it would be very difficult to reach the Luoxia Shelter.

Especially after he saw a city-level demonic beast above the awakening order in Maple Leaf Town.

He understood that currently it’s impossible to cross the distance. He had to prepare so many things such as vehicles with both good defense and speed just to get to Lindong Shelter.

Along the way to Lindong, even off-road vehicles didn’t help much. Sometimes the road was jammed and they had to take care of the obstacle on the road.

In that case, if he wanted to go to Luoxia Shelter from the territory, he had to spend countless days in the wilderness. It’s simply too dangerous.

After some consideration, Tang Yu sighed and downloaded the map.

This map was very informative. It didn’t just contain information about the shelters, but also marked some cracks of the abyss.

In other word, this map was very valuable.

At the end of the post, Tang Yu read the line.

[For more detailed information, please consult BaiXiaosheng Office in Dongyuan Street No.25. There’s a 20% discount for new customers/]

Tang Yu was speechless.

He wrote down the address and continued to read other content.

All day long until the night fell.

After dinner, Tang Yu, Elaine and Gray Blade came to the appointed place.

Li Xiaoming was already there. He wore black suit equipped with a hat, black sunglasses and mask.

He cautiously hid behind a utility pole.

Tang Yu was speechless and sneaked on his back. He gently patted his friend’s shoulder.

Li Xiaoming jumped in surprise, “Damn you, Tang. Are you ready? We’re going to the black market. We should maintain a low profile and hide our faces so we don’t attract other people’s attention.”

He started talking and raised his eyebrows. He noticed there were two other people behind Tang Yu. Probably the teammates he had mentioned before.

All three of them were wearing black robes with hoods and mask on their face. He wouldn’t have recognize them if it wasn’t for Tang Yu’s voice.

“…well, aren’t you well prepared?”

Tang Yu shrugged, “I just did what you asked me to do.”

They followed Li Xiaoming and finally came to a hut.

Tang Yu had no idea how Li Xiaoming knew about this place even though he’d never been there before.

Tang Yu tried to remember the road he had just walked. His direction-blind ‘ability’ got the best of him. His mind was busy recalling.

…so the black market was well hidden.

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