My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 61


Chapter 61 – What’s the name?

The office was just a simple wooden house and hidden from plain sight.

The auction had started so no one was there.

Tang Yu walked into the house and saw a middle-aged man yawned in boredom.

“Do you want to get your item evaluated for the auction?” He raised his eyebrows, surprised. At that time, most people already had their items evaluated.

Most auction items had already been evaluated at least a day before the auction start. Even if some was late, they wouldn’t wait until the auction started.

Although he was quite surprised, he had no reason to refuse.

The rules allowed it. They could add extra items before the auction ended. That’s the only reason why he stayed in the office even though the auction had already started.

“Um…” Tang Yu pulled out a long sword.

The middle-aged man frowned, his tone was annoyed, “We are in the black market auction so that means not every items can go out to the venue. The minimum value must be at least 10 spirit stones. Don’t waste…”

Before he finished talking, he saw Tang Yu accidentally dropped the sword in his hand.


The long sword fell straight. Half of the body except for its handle was submerged into the ground.


The middle-aged man rose up from his chair, came towards to the sword and grabbed the hilt with his hand. He pulled out the sword with a light gesture and the entire long sword was lifted up.

He carefully inspected the sword, completely ignoring Tang Yu who was standing beside him.

After some time, he looked up, “This is a really good sword!”

Tang Yu was a little bit impatient, “Can you put this sword at the auction?”

The middle-aged man unconsciously nodded several times, “Most definitely. Such a good sword will certainly fetch for a high price.”

“If it’s all possible…” Tang Yu grabbed the backpack from his back and took out several long swords.


The middle-aged man was shocked.


Tang Yu walked into the auction venue after he paid the deposit.

In the end, this place was an abandoned fallout shelter. There was no such a thing like VIP room. They didn’t even have a seat for VIPs. Everyone who participated in the auction had to find their own seats.

There wasn’t any other option so Tang Yu found a comfortable corner and waited for the auction to start.

Soon, a young woman entered the stage. She was the auctioneer for tonight.

Her figure was voluptuous. She wore a tight and low-necked dress, showing her ample bosom.

All eyes were immediately attracted on her.

Tang Yu also stared at her for a while until a scene of Elaine coming out from the bathroom replayed in his head.

He immediately lost interest at the seductive mistress.

One by one, the auction items were presented.

The auctioneer woman was indeed capable of stirring up the atmosphere in the auction venue.

“The next item that will auctioned is a sword.” The woman displayed a long sword handed to her by a staff. At this time, the long sword was covered in a scabbard. The enchanting auctioneer grabbed the hilt and pulled it out from the scabbard.

The cold silver steel of the long sword flashed under the dim light of the venue.

The hunters attended the auction weren’t interested. Someone said, “Why is a long sword auctioned in the black market auction?”

“Exactly. Even the military standard war knife developed by the Academy of Sciences worth is just 2 spirit stones. Their latest invention isn’t even worth 10 spirit stones.”

Although nobody else spoke, everyone present in the venue thought the same way. They were waiting for the auctioneer’s explanation.

Most combatant present in the room had used the military sword to fight a demonic beast. It’s indeed better than an ordinary sharp weapon. But they would rather spent their money on other weapon that would certainly deal more damage to demonic beasts than spending more than 10 spirit stones for a sharp weapon.

The enchanting woman was prepared for such a situation. She wasn’t being offended, instead, “Watch this.”

The staff brought another weapon, she continued, “This is a military standard sword, please check carefully.”

The staff handed the sword to the hunters who were present in front of the stage for inspection.

“I believe you check it thoroughly. It’s an ordinary combat sword, now watch this carefully. Don’t blink even just for a second or you’ll miss it.”

The voluptuous woman held the military sword in her left hand and the long sword in her other hand. In an instant, her aura became cold.

She was a hunter with a double awakening strength. She swung hard and the long sword cut straight the military sword.


The hunters expected something would happen, but they still couldn’t believe it.

At the next moment, the military sword fell to the ground with a loud metal clatter. The incision was clean and neat. In contrast, the long sword was still sharp without any dent.

Except for Tang Yu, everyone else’s eyes were widened with surprise.

Every hunter who had fought in the wild immediately understood what it meant to have such a weapon.

A charming smile appeared on the woman’s face. But that’s just the beginning, “Don’t worry, the black market auction have prepared a more exciting test method to test the real value of this sword.”

Several burly men carrying a big iron cage entered the stage. After the curtain was opened, a fierce demonic beast was seen inside the cage.

The demonic beast hissed.

Some people who had never seen a demonic beast in real life was immediately startled.

No wonder the black market dared to charge 20% of the auction transaction fee. Tang Yu was a little surprised by such a generous preparation. Despite his surprise, Tang Yu was still heartbroken by the 20% loss of the transaction fee.

On the stage, the enchanting woman called an ordinary person to test the weapon.

The tester approached the iron cage while holding the long sword in his hand.

Inside the cage was a demonic beast with a double awakening strength. Even when bounded, it still managed to violently knock the iron cage.

Weak hunters were all afraid of the worst case if the beast broke free from the iron cage.

At the next moment, the tester stepped forward. He held the sword with both hands and stabbed it through the cage’s gap.


The demonic beast roared in pain.

The hunters that were present on the venue could see that the sword was deeply penetrated into its skin.

The tester put all of his strength to push the sword harder into the beast. Blood scattered as the blade sunk deeper. After a while, the fierce demonic beast that was originally a threat to many hunters in the wilderness was lying dead inside the cage.

The viewer held their breath at the scene.

An ordinary person with a long sword could kill a terrifying double awakening demonic beast. Even if the beast was bounded in cage and couldn’t evade or resist, as hunters, they already knew what it meant.

Even if a strong ordinary human were to try to stab a demonic beast with an ordinary weapon, it wouldn’t cause any harm.

But now…

The hard and thick fur of the demonic beast was sliced like a thin paper. If the hunters couldn’t feel the aura of the demonic beast, they would probably think that it was a weak demonic beast.

But this sword penetrated the demonic beast and killed it. Then…

All hunters were began to breathe heavily.

The voluptuous woman walked back into the stage. She chuckled softly, a soft voice was coming out from her mouth, “So let’s begin the auction of the…”

She was stunned for a while because the seller of the sword didn’t provide a name for it, “Demon Slayer Sword. Starting price is 20 spirit stones!”

The voluptuous woman had no idea that her spontaneous act was the beginning of the legendary swords’ names in the future.

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