My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 62


Chapter 62 – 888!


“I’ll bid twenty-five!”

“Thirty spirit stones. No one should argue with a Laozi!”

“Not in your dream! 30 spirit stones for such a magical weapon? Forty from me!”

As soon as the Demon Slayer Sword auction was started, the atmosphere in the venue was immediately heating up.

Before long, the price for the sword had reached 80 spirit stones, after that, the shouting began to slow down.

Tang Yu was shocked.

He already knew the basic long sword could sell well in Lindong, but he had underestimated the Lindong hunters’ wealth.

The first-awakening hunters were still relatively poor. They could barely handle the weakest demonic beasts.

The double-awakening hunters’ wealth was higher with two or three spirit stones for their daily income.

The triple-awakening hunters had entered the master rank and ordinary demonic beast wasn’t a threat to them.

Lindong shelter had plenty firearms in stock. If it’s used correctly, even an ordinary person could finish a demonic beast. Unlike small shelters, they had abundant ammunition in stock.

What’s more…

Hunters didn’t work alone, most of them moved in small teams like Zhou Jianhong who was a captain of an elite mercenary squad. Naturally, he controlled most of their team’s income. Even if the money wasn’t entirely his, no one would be angry if it was used to buy such a weapon that could improve their entire team’s performance.

They wouldn’t hesitate to spend their spirit stones!

In the end, the first Demon Slayer Sword was sold at a high price of 115 spirit stones.

That amount of spirit stones was only a dream for most hunters that were present in the venue.

Tang Yu smirked.

Not just because of the high price, but because he saw a business opportunity from this single sale.

And that was just a basic long sword. What if it was strengthened with runes to the first and second type?

More hunters would be willing to spend all of their spirit stones.

Of course, Tang Yu wasn’t planning on selling the stronger basic sword for now. Maybe later when a higher-ranked blueprints was available in the future.

The hunters who didn’t get the Demon Slayer Sword was annoyed.

Some of them was hesitating and the bidding was already closed.

Some people thought it was overpriced, and some was reluctant to let go of the spirit stones in their pocket.

At this time, the voluptuous woman took the next auction item from the staff, “The next item for auction is… the second Demon Slayer Sword!”

The atmosphere immediately heated up again. People were starting to shout their biddings before the woman could finish her sentence.

Finally, the second sword was sold to a hunter at the price of 110 spirit stones.

Shortly after, the third and fourth Demon Slayer Sword were sold but it wasn’t as high as their predecessor. But the two swords were also sold for more than a 100 spirit stones.

The last Demon Slayer Sword was sold at the highest price of 130 spirit stones.

Before today, no one would ever thought that a sharp weapon could sell with such a high price.

The auction continued without any obstacle.

Tang Yu also bought something.

Some Awakening Elixir.

The elixirs that passed the evaluation stage were basically awakening elixir of the highest grade.

He bought a set of three bottles of awakening elixirs for 45 spirit stones.

That was considered very expensive as ordinary people who couldn’t awaken yet couldn’t possibly afford the price.

Tang Yu intended to give one of his elixir for Li Xiaoming.

He had drunk a low-grade elixir but couldn’t awaken yet. Theoretically speaking, his awakening chance would be higher if he drank a higher grade elixir. Even if the awakening success chance was still relatively low.

Lots of items was out for auctioning. Before long, the auction finally reached the climax.

“The auction tonight is about to come to an end, the final item that will close the auction tonight is… the Spirit Power Container!”

A round crystal with a size of a palm was laid in the auction stand. It looked like a carved exquisite pure white crystal.

That was the Spirit Power Container which could absorb the spirit power escaping from a dead demonic beast carcass.

After a hunter killed demonic beast, he couldn’t absorb all the escaping spirit power. In other words, if this were a game, it meant he could get extra experience from using this Spirit Power Container. That was the main purpose of the container.

In addition, they could also sell the filled Spirit Power Container to rich hunters who were almost breakthrough the bottleneck. They could cultivate the spirit power from the container to improve the chance of breakthrough to the next stage of awakening.

The only flaw of this Spirit Power Container was its slow accumulated amount of spirit power that would consume time. Even so, it deserved to be the highlighted item of the auction!

It’s even more valuable than the previous long sword. This was the second time it ever went up to the auction since the black market first established.

The hunters who were present in the venue were breathing wildly as they glanced coldly at their fellow hunters. Observing who could be their competitors.

“Now let’s start the auction of the Spirit Power Contained. The starting price is 200 spirit stones!”

“I have two hundred and one!”

“Two hundred and five!”

“Two hundred and eight!”

The price was rising, the scene was a complete chaos that the auctioneer couldn’t tell who was calling the price.

“Stop wasting time. I’ll give you five hundreds!”

A man with a crooked nose like a hawk coldly glanced across the audience. His eyes filled with disdain.

That person didn’t even bother to hide his identity and soon was recognized by other hunters.

‘It’s Chen Sheng, the leader of a top mercenary squad. He’s ranked top 20 in the mission center. Although his team was small, they’re all masters. Especially Chen Sheng himself who single handedly slain a terrifying dragon demonic beast. Hence the name Dragon Slayer Chen Sheng!”

“Dragon demonic beast? Is there a real dragon in this world?” A newly awakened hunters questioned.

“Of course not. It’s a big lizard as big as a tank. Not only it was a fourth awakening demonic beast, but it can also spit fire like a dragon in a Western myth. But Chen Sheng single handedly beheaded the beast. Based on this record alone, he is among the best hunter in the entire shelter!”

The veteran hunter said everything he knew and sighed. The new innocent hunter was mesmerized, “Wow, you must be a strong hunter to know so much information! What was your record?”

His old face stiffened. He waved his hand, “Forget it, I’m nobody.”

With Chen Sheng rose up the price, many hunters could no longer participate in the bidding.

Of course they still wanted to bid, but the price of 500 spirit stones were beyond their reach.

At this time, captains of top mercenary teams began increasing their price.

“Five hundred and five!”

“Six hundred! Everyone, behold the Blazing Inferno mercenary squad!”

“Go to hell you and your Blazing Infernope squad, Wang Wu! My Kamikaze team won’t accept it. Six hundred and sixty!”

The price soared and gradually approached the threshold of 800 spirit stones.

The captains of these top mercenary teams had already known that there would be a spirit power container up for the auction tonight. Even though they had accumulated a lot of spirit stones, they felt the pressure and the price increase gradually slowed down.

This price was beyond the imagination of the new hunter.

The veteran hunter was also felt dumbfounded compared to the money he had in his pocket.

Even a strong hunter like Zhou Jianhong who was a captain of an elite team fully understood the gap between himself and the top team.

At this moment, the price had reached 820 spirit stones. The captains among the crowd only increased the price by one or two spirit stones.

They were almost on their limit.

At the same time, they were testing their opponent’s limit as well.

At that level, they understood the gap between them wasn’t big. However, the final result might change if someone had more spirit stones.

The captains of the top teams clenched their fists as they focused their gaze at the Spirit Power Container at the stage.

There were also captain-leveled hunters who watched the price rose even higher. Sweats dripped from their foreheads.

When suddenly…

“I have 888 spirit stones!”

The voice was not loud, but it immediately echoed through the audience.

Zhou Jianhong immediately looked around for the source of the voice only to found the bidder was the little brother who previously chatted with him in front of his stall!

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