My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 63


Chapter 63 – Just because one single sword…

“Who was that?

“Increasing the price in one-go is too much!”

“It’s frustrating! Who could have that many spirit stones?!”

Everyone looked around and finally found him. A figure in a black robe, wearing a mask.

That man…

‘Who is that man?!’

Many captains of the top team didn’t even bother to hide their faces. When someone new appeared, the scene suddenly froze.


Some captain-level hunters felt his aura, “He’s not even a hunter. How did he get that many spirit stones? That’s fishy!”

Everyone else thought the same. A person who didn’t have the aura of a hunter couldn’t possibly possess more than 800 spirit stones.

‘Do something?’

No one would dare to cause trouble in the black market!

The black market was under the Big Four mercenary regiment’s surveillance. Even those captain-level hunters were honestly obeying the rules. They thought this newcomer knew nothing about it.

The enchanting woman also felt suspicious.

She didn’t say anything but hint the staff to verify whether Tang Yu had that many spirit stones in his hand or not.

All eyes were on him.

Some people felt disdain, some pity, and some people looked amused.

“If no one raised the price, I’ll take the item.”

They thought the newcomer was still confused about the current situation. But soon after, they saw the newcomer took out a bag full of spirit stones.

There were countless spirit stones packed in the small plastic bag. It made the whole plastic bag bulge. Some people worried that the bag would break.


Newcomer my ass!

How could a newcomer get that many spirit stones?!

Although they didn’t know the exact value of the spirit stones, but they already estimated that it’s worth more than a thousand just from a glance.

Raised the price?

Was that even possible?!

The staff took out a special device for measuring the spirit stones energy value and soon, the value of spirit stone displayed on the device was 1145.

Everyone held their breath after they saw the number.

The captain-level figure’s expression went darkened. There were still a few hunters who could raise the price, but no matter what, they couldn’t win the competition.

Thus, the auction ended.

However, the scene of a man in black robes and a shining bag of spirit stones lingered on their minds.

They also speculated which top mercenary teams this mysterious person belonged to.

Not every top teams participated the auction. Some already obtained the Spirit Power Container from other sources. While the rest of them probably didn’t feel the necessity to own the container as the spirit stones would be more profitable if it was spent in other aspects.

The thing was, no matter how hard they guessed, they would never know the answer.

Tang Yu’s voice didn’t belong to any of the top team members in their memory. Some people speculated the black robe somehow modified his voice. Some people with obsessive-compulsive felt like they were about to collapse after thinking of all the possibilities.


In secluded corner, inside the fallout shelter.

Only members of the Big Four mercenary regiments had access to this place.

In one of the originally quiet tunnels, an angry voice was heard.

“Trash! I tasked you to observe the auction. What did you do? Why you only get a little information about the sword? What did I tell you to do?!”

A shirtless man with thick chest hair and beard kicked the skinny young man in front of him.

The skinny young man wasn’t a weak hunter, but he didn’t have the guts to stand up for himself.

The bearded man wasn’t satisfied and threw a punch.

The skinny young man closed his eyes in despair.

At the next moment, the bearded man’s powerful punch hit the tunnel walls next to the skinny young man with a loud bang. A spider-web like crack spread and debris fell from the wall.

“Do you understand how much of my strength will increase if I had the Demon Slayer Sword?” The bearded man’s voice was full of hatred.

As the leader of the Scarlet Hand team, Shi Yanming had always been arrogant. It happened that their seventh team would be tasked on guarding the black market for the next two days. He wanted to get some good stuff from the auction so he sent one of his subordinate to get news about the auction. Previously, he had always done his job right. With his power, he could’ve got the Demon Slayer Sword, but he still had to obey the rules once he entered the auction.

That was the rule made by the Big Four mercenary regiments and he didn’t dare to violate it.

However, the more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He could afford 100 spirit stones. If only this trash just brought the news sooner. He could’ve rushed to the auction and got the damned sword. By then, his seventh team’s power would’ve passed the sixth team!

“Listen carefully you scum, go and find out who sell those sword. It’s certainly not a product from the Academy of Sciences. If that’s the case, the boss would’ve heard the news long ago and that sword wouldn’t be up for an auction. Now go!”

The skinny men nodded again and over again.

It was indeed his mistake. He didn’t expect someone would put the items for evaluation after the auction had started. Later, when he saw the sword on auction, he knew what he had missed and hurried to inform his boss. But it was too late!

This was his second chance for making up his mistake. He just needed to find the person that sold the sword, even if he were to hide his identity, he could tell who it was as long as the seller was still in the black market!


The ruckus caused by the Demon Slayer Sword wasn’t just limited to the Scarlet Hand team.

This weapon only slightly increased the team strength and performance. However, individually, it boosted a hunter’s strength!

Vice leader of the Warhammer Mercenary Regiment.

The vice leader looked like a middle-aged man in his 40s, but his real age was only in his 20s.

He took the Demon Slayer Sword and waved it a few times, “Yes, this is indeed a good weapon. With this weapon, I’m confident enough to kill a fifth awakening demonic beast alone. But this sword is suitable for the leader. I can only hold my envy.”

“Xiao Lin.” The vice leader patted the shoulder of the young man beside him. “Look closely at the person who sell this sword and see if we can buy another exalted sword.”


Academy of Sciences.

An old man with gray hair and glasses stroke tenderly the Demon Slayer Sword as if he was caressing his lover.

“As expected…”

“Teacher, what do you see?” The assistant next to him looked helpless.

He knew his teacher too well. Every time he found something new, he always talked and looked like that. It meant that the thing suited his taste.

He was going crazy.

The old man hesitantly put down the long sword. “This is something we tried to achieve. Some sword with extraordinary power factor.”

“What do you mean? Is that even possible?”

The young assistant couldn’t believe that thing. Mr. Sun and a group of scientist had worked hard for a long time and still couldn’t figure out the secret. How could someone apply it to weapons?

“Teacher, is this a material reason? Or it’s a product of a person’s ability?”

The old man patted the young man’s shoulder, “Xiaolin, I’m your teacher, is also confused. Our instrument data is wrong. As for it’s a product of an ability or not, I’m also not sure. But even if it’s a product of an ability, it’s not easy to involve extraordinary factors and attached it to weapons.”

“Xiao Lin, you should know there are a lot of amazing people outside in the world. Let’s go out with your teacher.”

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