My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 64


Chapter 64 – This will be viral!

After the auction ended, the black market had nothing to look at and became a little bit boring.

After meeting with Elaine who just finished window shopping, Tang Yu planned to return home.

Suddenly, he frowned and felt something’s wrong.

“Xiaoming, you should go first. Keep your distance from us.”

“Is something wrong?”

When Li Xiaoming asked the question, he saw Tang Yu’s solemn face. Knowing the seriousness of the matter, he was hesitant but finally separated from Tang Yu’s party.

He didn’t go far, just blended in with the crowd. A worry expression showed on his face.

At the corner of the tunnel, Tang Yu squinted at a skinny young man from the corner of his eyes.

The underground tunnel was not large, many people was planning to leave the market in the same direction. However, Tang Yu felt a bad intention coming from this man’s gaze.

In the spiritual space, countless demonic beasts had attacked him and his perception ability had never been the same again. His gaze was obvious in Tang Yu’s eyes. It would be strange if he hadn’t noticed it.

Tang Yu’s smirked, he slowed down his walk.

Suddenly, a group of people walked from the opposite direction. They didn’t hide their fierce faces. All the other survivors hurriedly avoided them and stood on the sides.

“It’s the Scarlet Hand, why are they here?”

“I always felt they’re scary. Who’s in trouble? A survivor?”

“Shuush, be quiet. You want to die?”

Shi Yanming led his team and approached Tang Yu.

The skinny young man stepped forward, whispered on Yanming’s ear and pointed at Tang Yu.

Shi Yanming glanced at Tang Yu. Even if he wore a black robe and hid his face, as long as the person was still at the market, he could find him.

He strode forward with a malicious look, “Someone reported you stole a bag of spirit stones. As the manager of the black market, I, Shi Yanming have an obligation and responsibility to clarify things. Now, please cooperate with us in the process of body search. If proven wrong, this Shi Yanming will immediately apologize for the false thief accusation. Of course, if the result is true and you’re not cooperating, well, I can only abide the rules. Hehehe…”

Behind him, his team members also laughed and staring with a malicious look.

After finished talking, Shi Yamning folded his arms in front of his chest as if he was generously waiting for Tang Yu’s anwer.

As a member of the Scarlet Hand, he didn’t really follow the rules. But he’s not worried anyway.

If his opponent didn’t cooperate, his actions would be justified and no one would say anything.

But if the three of them cooperate with the body search, Shi Yanming glanced at the Demon Slayer Sword in Tang Yu’s waist that would soon be his.

Shi Yanming looked at one of the three figures.

Although he couldn’t see the face clearly, but he heard her voice during the previous transaction. One of them was definitely a young woman. It would be fun to ‘search’ her.

He suddenly looked forward for it. If the other party refused to cooperate, he could also justify the search.

The result of the body search wasn’t his final decision.

If it wasn’t for the black market management rules and the people from other three mercenary regiments, he would already start.

What a shame…

He smirked.

The other people from the three mercenary regiments must’ve been greedy with this sword. But they were afraid of the consequences and didn’t dare to pull the trigger.

The other survivors in the tunnel stepped aside, but they didn’t leave. They were also curious of how the story unfolded.

“Those poor three men. They were spotted by the Scarlet Hand. They were known to be the most bold and unreasonable out of the Big Four mercenary regiments. These three men are finished.”

“Yeah, even the top mercenary team sometimes just ignore their bold actions. Not to mention those three look weak.”

“Look like it’s not the case.” Some people recognize Tang Yu as the one who had a lot of money in the auction venue. “A person who could get 1000 spirit stones is most likely a hidden member of a top mercenary team. Even if they’re not famous yet, a new member in that team is definitely not weak.”

“So what?” Someone immediately retorted, “Even a top mercenary will be done for if they were spotted by the Scarlet Hand. We’re talking about the Scarlet Hand. They had a steady position among the Big Four mercenary regiments. Only three other mercenary regiments could resist them.”

“What if these three people are under some big boss of this shelter?” A new question rose.

The veteran hunters immediately came with a logical thinking, “Do you think the Scarlet Hand are stupid? As one of the Big Four, they certainly have some kind of relationship with the upper class. They’ll know who can’t be messed with. If they dare to act this bold, it means they already know.”

The other person was disappointed, “Is there no justice in the black market?”

The senior hunter smirked, “Justice? Justice was enforced by the Big Four. Only between them justice can be obtained. Do you know what the Scarlet Hand did before the doomsday?”

The new person look stunned.

“The leader of the Scarlet Hand was once a mafia boss, then they slowly opened many establishments in Lincheng. They had many properties here. You might already heard one of the properties here. The members of Scarlet Hand were a former gangster, thugs, and criminal. You expected this kind of people to be just?”

“So we could only helplessly watch them do whatever they like? With them around, who would even dare to come to the black market?’

The veteran hunters sighed, “Helpless? Who’s helpless?! There’s so many things that we could only buy at the black market. That’s the only reason we came to the black market.”

Among the crowd, Li Xiaoming looked pale, his hand slightly trembled.

Zhou Jianhong was also worried. But he couldn’t do anything if it’s Scarlet Hand. He couldn’t help but sighed.

Xiao Lin from the Warhammer mercenary regiments took a look at both sides and shook his head.

Tang Yu frowned at the feeling of being stared by so many people.

Obviously the Scarlet Hand wanted to find something, but he couldn’t figure what it was.

He couldn’t explain the wave of hatred he received from his opponent.

Shi Yanming slowly stepped forward, a smile was seen on his malicious face.

Tang Yu slightly sighed.

It’s probably something petty.

He hated trouble and never wanted to cause a trouble. However, they picked the wrong person!

Tang Yu kicked Shi Yanming with his feet.

Shi Yanming who was smiling, being caught off guard, his body flew out and fell on the ground.

Shi Yanming’s teammates never thought that their opponent would dare to resist.

Other hunters were even shocked. Someone was brave enough to start a trouble with the Scarlet Hand by kicking a team leader of the Scarlet Hand.

Something bad was going to happen!

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