My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 65


Chapter 65 – Practice my skill

“What a shame, things would be better if they cooperate. But now…”

“I think the Scarlet Hands are too much…”

“Hey, keep it down. You want to die or something?” Someone replied.

“…I’ll just shut up.” The hunter whispered.

Shi Yanming’s face was dark with anger.

He was a hunter of the Big Four mercenary regiments. He wouldn’t sit still after being humiliated. If he did nothing, he would be a laughing stock by the people from the sixth team.

He let his guard down.

Shi Yanming was furious. But he wasn’t stupid. He already knew Tang Yu wasn’t just an ordinary person.

No matter how careless he was, it’s impossible for an ordinary person to kick him, a hunter.

His opponent wasn’t just an ordinary person.

Perhaps he hid his aura.

Shi Yanming smirked in his heart. Besides, that was the only possible explanation. Even if he successfully landed a sneak attack, he wasn’t hurt.

“I won’t give you another chance. After this, I’ll break all the bones in your body. One at a time.”

He looked gritty. He was ready to fight.

His team members behind him looked excited, “The captain is going to be serious. This will be my first time watching him fight for real ever since I joined the team.”

“Ah, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Captain is serious because he was angry. Those three people won’t stand a chance. Guess how many attack they can withstand, I bet three.”

“Three attack? Captain can finish this man in just one attack.”

“No, no… I think he will attack more than 10 times. You should know that captain loves a slow play.”

Behind the mask, Elaine gave off a cold gaze.

As soon as the Lord commanded, she would instantly freeze these imbeciles into ice statues.

Gray Blade flipped his dagger and asked in a low voice. “My Lord, I shall present their heads to you.”

Tang Yu lightly smiled and shook his head. He walked forward instead.

“I’ll do it with my own hand. I need to practice my skills”

“Practice your skill?” Shi Yanming angrily smirked. “What makes you so cocky? You think you can finish me just because you succeeded to kick me when I wasn’t ready?”

The spectators were also stunned.

That loud person was a team leader of Scarlet Hand mercenary regiment! He should’ve known that each of their members alone was strong enough to be comparable to a top mercenary team. Furthermore, he was a captain! Who would dare to face him just to ‘practice’ their skill?

The spectators said nothing. Taunting Shi Yanming wasn’t really a wise act.

However, their small minds limited their imaginations.

Tang Yu was at the level of a triple awakening hunter. He was indeed below Shi Yanming’s level. But he had killed so many demonic beast above his own strength in the spiritual space. Now he’s going to face a stronger person to test his own power.

Shi Yanming rushed forward. He slammed his fist. The surrounding air burst.

His punch was incredibly strong that its momentum swayed the air. The observing hunters felt a strong wind blew across their faces.

Many people had never witnessed such a powerful blow. Their facial expressions were complex. At the same time, they instinctively retreated, afraid of being hurt.

Tang Yu looked calm.

He just moved sideways, avoiding the punch.

He slightly sighed, “Your attack is too stiff.”

Shi Yanming swung his left foot and kicked with a powerful strength.

The kick alone could kill a tiger before the doomsday.

However, Tang Yu looked disappointed. “You have no effort, no flexibility.”

He just slightly leaned back, avoiding Shi Yanming’s kick. His hand stopped his opponent’s kick and slapped Shi Yanming’s face.


The loud sound echoed throughout the underground tunnel.

The spectators were completely dumbfounded.

They never thought the possibility of such a plot twist!

This mysterious man in black robe was stronger than the team captain from the Scarlet Hand?

Especially the slap in the face. They could feel pain on their cheeks just from listening to the sound.

They couldn’t help but stared at Shi Yanming. A side of his face was already swollen red.

With just a slap, Shi Yanming was stumbled back. He was stunned.

Shortly, he became even angrier.

“Die! You’ll die today!”

His eyes were bloodshot, his face was reddened with anger. He drew out combat knives from his back.

With two combat knives on each of his hands, Shi Yanming’s temperament completely changed. He was emitting a great killing intent.

The combat knife was his main weapon when facing a demonic beast. Calm and deadly.

“Crazy Shi Yanming!”

The hunters among the crowd were very nervous about the outcome.

Li Xiaoming couldn’t bear to watch the fight and prayed.

Shi Yanming moved fast like a cheetah. His movement was nimble. He aimed to kill Tang Yu with his knives.

To kill him!

He no longer held the desire to torture Tang Yu.

The menacing momentum swept across the air, making the spectators’ faces turned white and pale.

That was the fearsome strength of a captain-level hunter!

Even the army would be afraid!

“Die–“ Shi Yanming’s eyes were red. The movement of his knife was blurry.

“Scarlet Hand…” Tang Yu’s face remained calm. He could felt oppressive killing intent coming from his opponent. One mistake would result in his demise.

Just… why did he wanted him dead?

He withdrew the long sword from his waist. His hand firmly gripped the hilt.

Faced with Shi Yanming’s killing intent, Tang Yu couldn’t help it.

Combat Skill – Heavy Cut!


The blades clashed.

The dancing knives suddenly stopped.

Two knives fell on the ground. Neatly cut.

Immediately, Shi Yaming held his broken arm and knelt down on the ground. His whole body arched in pain.

He was angry and terrified. His voice trembled as he yelled, “Kill him! Kill him now! Shoot! Shoot him with a gun!!”

The members of the Scarlet Hand were well-equipped with a gun.

Upon their captain’s order, they immediately raised their gun and started to pull the trigger.

The face of the observing hunters drastically changed.

There’s no cover in such a narrow tunnel. They were surrounded by walls. They would be dead when a stray bullet hit them.

Even some powerful hunter masters ran for their life.

After all, a human body’s made of blood and flesh. They couldn’t possibly withstand bullets.


The Scarlet Hand team member scowled.

But at the next moment, screams were heard.

The spectators saw the screams weren’t coming from the mysterious trio. But the members of Scarlet Hand.

Half of them held their bloody arms.

The other half was frozen into ice statues.

At this time, the hunters with sharp eyes noticed.

The mysterious figure near the man who just kept quite the whole time was holding a dagger on each hand.

The other person’s hand was empty. But no one dared to underestimate them.

Most people didn’t see directly, but it wasn’t hard to guess what just happened judging from the surrounding situation.

It was at that moment that the two mysterious figures took the opportunity to attack the Scarlet Hand members. They were defeated in a single strike.

This trio was amazing!

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