My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 66


Chapter 66 – From the Academy of Sciences

Tang Yu stepped forward, he squatted down on Shi Yanming that was lying on the ground.

The crowds wondered what he was doing.

Elaine’s face was helpless. She aimed her staff at the team members, freezing them even more.

Gray Blade looked excited, he wanted to try something at the man.

But then Tang Yu crossed his hand and sighed in disappointment.

Gray Blade saw it too and his face was very disappointed.

The curious spectators extended their necks, trying to see what would happen next. But quickly sighed and disappointed.

Tang Yu only found several spirit stones from Shi Yanming.

Just a little bit.

“Hey, isn’t Scarlet Hand one of the Big Four mercenary regiments? And aren’t you a captain? Why are you so poor?”

The man on the ground looked miserable.

Shi Yanming felt anxious.

All of the teeth in his mouth was broken. He glared at Tang Yu. His speech was a little leaky.

“The Scarlet Hand won’t let this pass, no, we won’t let you get away with this!”

“You monkey. Scarlet Hand is powerful. Don’t you dare go against Li!”

There were only 12 teams within the Scarlet Hand.

He was in the seventh team. They were only mid-ranked. The powerful team led by the leader and vice leader was the first and second team.

That was the pride of Scarlet Hand. It was their undaunted confidence.


Tang Yu felt helpless.

Was he mentally handicapped that he couldn’t communicate well?

He originally thought he could loot tens of thousands spirit stones from the Scarlet Hand. Turned out it was impossible after all.

Tang Yu penetrated his long sword.

Shi Yanming’s eyes widened. He still couldn’t believe Tang Yu’s boldness and simplicity.

He gradually lost his consciousness, he could only heard a low sigh, “It’s a pity that you were too poor.”

He was unwilling, but he finally fell on his back. He’s gone.

Tang Yu wasn’t able to loot many spirit stones from the rest of the Scarlet Hand team members. Maybe these people anticipated for street robbery or something.

It’s only natural that unreasonable people had such a short life.

Tang Yu felt he had a new enlightenment of life.

“Just kill them all, they’re all poor anyway.”

The Scarlet Hands team members’ eyes were widened. They were scared.

Some of them begged for mercy, some cursed, and hoping to delay the time until a backup team arrive. But obviously Tang Yu didn’t want to give them another chance.

Why didn’t those three people kill immediately them all from the beginning? Why did they only wound them and giving them an illusion that they would be saved?

They all looked unwilling as they fell down and died.

If Tang Yu could see the negative sentiment value, it must had been +999.

The faces of the spectating hunters were all complex.

They still froze on the scene. No matter how crazy the Scarlet Hands were, the black market was jointly managed by Big Four mercenary regiments. And they’re still in the shelter…

The spectators were innocent!

However, they felt that the shelter would be raged by a storm.

Some hunters had already decided that they would take a leave from missions and stayed in the shelter. Otherwise, no one knew what would happen if they found the Scarlet Hands outside the shelter!

When Tang Yu’s party walked out of the iron gate, the hunters around them were quickly evading.

The people in front of them moved aside, leaving an open path.

Tang Yu felt like he was a viper among white mice.

He touched his face. No wonder, he still had his mask on.

Straight from this tunnel, there were some exits. Tang Yu decided to find a spacious one. The entrance path they previously came from was too small and uncomfortable.

Suddenly, a clomping sound was coming from the front.

It was the sound of heavy footsteps. Judging from the sound, there were a number of people coming towards this direction.

Was it the Scarlet Hand?

Tang Yu walked slowly. He wanted to see if he could get something from them.

Among the crowd, a member of the Scarlet Hands’ seventh team who left for a toilet break was overjoyed. The reinforcement finally arrived!

The other hunters looked dignified. The people from the Big Four mercenary group acted swiftly. But they were also worried that the Scarlet Hands would be enraged because of this.

However, at the next moment, everyone was shocked. The people coming to their direction wasn’t the Scarlet Hands.

These group of people wore uniforms and walked in strict discipline. They were walking in silent, but it could be seen from their posture that they were protecting a middle-aged man.

“Shoot! The army is here!”

“Why is the army here?”

“Did they want to ban the black market? I don’t think so, the black market was established for so long and the army never did anything about it. So why haven’t they noticed before?”

Tang Yu was also confused. He was busy thinking why the army was here.

Although the shelter didn’t explicitly allow the existence of the black market, it’s not wise to walk into the market with an army uniform. It’s not a good idea to publicly open the black market, they had to be discreet about it. Otherwise, newcomers like him would find it difficult to enter the black market.

While he thought about it, a gray-haired middle aged man that were protected by the army stepped forward and said, “Boy, are you the one selling this sword?”

The middle-aged man was holding the Demon Slayer Sword in his hand.

Tang Yu was stunned for a while but soon realize the army’s excellent ability to found out information.

“Wonderful!” The old man exclaimed in excitement. “How did you imbue the special power factor into the long sword?”

Special power factor?


Tang Yu guessed, but was left confused, “Sorry old man, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Behind the old man, a young man gasped and chased him. Although the man was powerful and young, he couldn’t catch up with his teacher because he’s not a hunter.

After assistant Xiaolin gasped for a few breath, he looked at Tang Yu’s cold expression. “Why would you do that? The professor rushed here in his busy schedule to ask you some question but you were confused.”

Tang Yu ignored the young man’s words.

Xiaolin was about to speak when the old man raised his hand to stop him. He looked at Tang Yu again, “Young man, I know what you’re worrying about. I, Sun Weiguo guarantee you on my own reputation that this matter won’t cause you any trouble at all. You will only be asked for production methods so it could improve the Academy of Sciences’ current research progress. You can get whatever you want from our technology and equipment, or you can mention other conditions as you like.”

The old man made a generous offer. His offers were big enough to make everyone in the entire Lindong shelter jealous, even the high-ranking bosses.

Tang Yu knew that wasn’t just an empty word.

Because he had heard the name of Professor Sun Weiguo, the dean of Academy of Sciences. He had achieved many significant research results in just over a month during the doomsday.

As the dean, Sun Weiguo was naturally one of the big bosses in Lindong Shelter. But he was obsessed with his research so he almost never went out of the Academy of Sciences because of it. Today was an exception.

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