My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 67


Chapter 67 – We should call it Runes

Tang Yu admired devoted people like him. Not to mention that Professor Sun had contributed many great things.

He was also very sincere. Although he badly wanted to know the long sword production method, he never pushed him with his power.

Instead, he made a promise.

The Academy of Sciences was undoubtedly the wealthiest place in the entire Lindong shelter. Even if Tang Yu didn’t need their equipment, props and other things from them, Professor Sun would be happy to provide spirit stone. Should Tang Yu propose for it?

Tang Yu told the heart-wrenching truth.

He didn’t mind to share the long sword production method.

The only problem was…. The long sword was manufactured by the workshop. So, Tang Yu didn’t know the exact method.

Tang Yu slightly shook his head and made an excuse, “I didn’t make this sword. An old friend of mine did. He was a master craftsmen, but he’s not in Lindong. I don’t know about the specific method.”

Sun Weiguo was deeply disappointed, but it didn’t break his spirit.

Tang Yu’s voice was young. He never looked down on younger people but Sun Weiguo understood the complexity.

He and several other researchers had studied the project of imbuing special power factor into a concrete material for a long time but still couldn’t figure it out.

Even if this item was crafted with a special ability, the person that imbued the special power factor must’ve had a deep understanding of this particular subject.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t succeed. Not to mention this Demon Slayer Sword was beautifully made. In his eyes, this sword was not mere weapon, but it’s also a perfect masterpiece.

But Tang Yu was too young and had little understanding of the matter.

It’s reasonable for a master craftsmen to use a special technique in order to achieve this goal.

A treasure box was placed in front of him but he couldn’t open the box.

Professor Sun who had devoted his life for scientific research was a bit discouraged.

But he heard Tang Yu said, “However, even though I don’t know the exact production method, I also understand you wanted to research the production method of this sword. Professor Sun, I can provide some basic information regarding the Demon Slayer Sword. Of course for a fee. I want spirit stones.”

“Spirit stones are not a problem. Xiaolin, fetch a box of spirit stones later.” Sun Weiguo’s wrinkled face smiled brightly like a blooming chrysanthemum.

“Young man, do you know why the power dissipated very quickly once the special power factor is extracted? In this case, it won’t work well even if we can successfully imbue it into a weapon. There’s not much improvement in its power.”

Tang Yu thought carefully.

Inscribed runes, isn’t it?

Some basic principles of runes were also described in the Basic Knowledge of Power Source.

He organized the words and replied, “The power dissipates very quickly because it lacks of a carrier. Just like spirit power, we can collect it with our body or a Spirit Power Container as a carrier. Otherwise, the spirit power will quickly dissipate.”

“We had considered that issue. But if we want to imbue the special power factor into an equipment, the first thing we need to do is to extract it. So how can we have the carrier?” Dean Sun replied.

“What if the carrier is not a physical material?”

“If it’s not a physical material? Right, why would you want a physical material? But if it’s not a physical material, how do we understand the carrier?” Sun Weiguo fell into deep thought.

“I think the carrier can be our body. First of all, if we want to prevent the power from escaping, we can start with the structure. The lapse of power can be understood as diffusion in essence. There should be a structure that will prevent the power from dissipating.”

Tang Yu said. The more he talked, the more he understood the knowledge he previously didn’t understand well. He was delighted.

“The essence of the power is spirit power. Which is a special force different from the past before the doomsday occurred. It’s intangible and shapeless, but it really exist. I think this special power factor is some kind of extension from the spirit power, so the structure of the special power factor is inseparable from it. I think we should put aside our 2D and 3D concept. Or better yet, don’t use it to analyze it at all. I think this is a non-steering in vitro structure. The result of its existence shouldn’t be just one. Maybe there are multiple, or even countless.”

“Each kind of power factor extended from the power source should have a corresponding structure. And we should call this structure…”


“It makes sense! Now everything makes sense! Your explanations made us researchers skipped a few research process!”

Sun Weiguo was excited. Words kept flowing out of his mouth. His eyes became brighter and brighter, his face smiled like a blooming chrysanthemum. “The two runes characteristics are also good. If each power factor corresponds to a different shaped structure, then it’s not like a text! Or perhaps it was some kind of special text. Well, that’s another topic for another discussion.”

“Anyway, we should call this special power factor as ‘rune’ in the future.”

Tang Yu and Professor Sun continued to communicate.

Science had no boundary and wouldn’t be changed by the system. Even if what humanity learned in the past became useless and they had to learn new things, the scientist tended to think far ahead from ordinary people.

Perhaps Professor Sun’s knowledge of power source was not as great as his, but Tang Yu felt enlightened by their conversation. Every time he mentioned something, Professor Sun’s thinking was wide enough to cover every aspects.

No wonder the geniuses viewed the world from a different angle from ordinary people.

Ordinary people only looked at the appearances, but some people saw through the essence.

However, Tang Yu had no idea that he was the real genius from Professor Sun’s view.

Beside them, Xiaolin who was both Professor Sun’s assistant and student listened to their conversation.

He thought hard and found that he understood every word clearly. But what was that exactly?!

As an assistant, he knew a lot about Professor Sun’s research. But he couldn’t understand why.

From his voice, this person in front of him must be very young.

Xiaolin felt like he had a fake doctorate title.


Lindong Shelter.

In a building in the town.

Several people was sitting in the conference table. The atmosphere was dignified.

A very dignified middle-aged man sat in the first seat.

His name was Lu, General Lu.

He was the real leader of the Lindong Shelter.

Lu Jianjun had the appearance of a 50 years old man with his gray hair. At the moment, he looked solemn. His gaze fixed on the picture projection.

It was a ruin covered with red mist. There was a dense wave of countless demonic beast.

“This picture was taken by the deceased investigator team in Maple Leaf Town. I’m sure you all understand what it means.”

“It’s the crack of the abyss!”

Most of the people sitting in the conference room were the powerful men of Lindong, along with some lucky high-ranked people who took part in the meeting. These people had their own source of information. Naturally, they already know there was a crack of abyss in Maple Leaf Town.

They also understood what it meant to their shelter.

For the time, the elders in the conference room were whispering with low voice.

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