My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 68


Chapter 68 – A storm is coming

Lu Jianjun’s face was solemn.

Information transmission was hard after the doomsday.

Especially near the red mist. Because drones couldn’t function properly, the photos that were taken in the site weren’t as clear as before the doomsday.

Most of the pictures on the screen were taken by the investigator who had risked their lives by approaching Maple Leaf Town vicinity. Many investigators sacrificed their lives just for taking some pictures.

“Look at these photos closely.”

Those photos were taken from multiple angles from the red mist area. Some of them were blurry, but they all had something in common, the view of crack of the abyss.

Lu Jianjun pointed to the screen and said, “According to the expert, this crack of the abyss has a length of more than 150 meters.”


“150 meters?!”

All the big bosses were shocked.

The crack of the abyss had different sizes. The larger the crack, the greater the number and strength of demonic beast emerged from it.

According to the size, the crack of the abyss was divided into categories such as 50, 100, 150, 200 meters, etc.

Normally, majority of crack of the abyss that was discovered so far were 50 meters. Sometimes they were longer than 50 meters, but never reached 100 meters. However, the crack of the abyss discovered this time was a 150 meters category.

Everyone in the room had a sullen look on their faces.

Firearm could only deal with weaker demonic beast.

Even a fourth awakening demonic beast could cause a huge damage to the army. How about the 150 meters long crack of the abyss…

They all shivered from the thought.

There’s a possibility a demonic beast stronger than fourth awakening might appear.

“What do you think about this crack of the abyss?”

Everyone exchanged glances. They were all silent.

Lu Jianjun was disappointed. He said, “This crack is too close to our shelter and it possess a huge threat. I say we should take the initiative to attack the demonic beast near the crack.”

“Attack first?”

“That’s too risky!”

“We can hide behind the walls.”

“The wall? This semi-finished city wall could block the attack of an ordinary demonic wave. But once the demonic beast from that crack swarm into the shelter, the walls won’t be able to stop them!”

Someone wanted to say they could stop it, but decided to stay silent.

The elders in the room were all aware that once the demonic wave erupts, it wouldn’t be an ordinary demonic wave. It might be a second-level, a third-level demonic wave or even higher.

“Our shelter is too close to the crack. Everyone here knows that the demonic beasts are attracted by human scent. The hundreds of thousands of people in our shelters were like a beacon in the dark night in the eyes of demonic beast. As we speaking, the crack of the abyss are still pouring out countless demonic beast. Once their number accumulates into a certain extent, with the distance between our shelter and the crack of the abyss, this large demonic wave will inevitably cause a violent impact on our shelter.”

“Indeed, if it can be blocked, we had defense advantage from the city wall. But who can guarantee this wall could block the demonic wave? Who can guarantee there will be no powerful demonic beast that can destroy the city walls?”

“Think about the hundreds of thousands human lives in our hands. Once we’re attacked, the loss is huge!”

“I would like to talk about another data. These hunters have three times casualties larger than the previous ones. But their source of income and mission completion rate are not even half of the previous ones. Why is this happening? I believe all of you know that if we can’t take precautions and destroy those demonic beast, the situation in our shelter will be even more dangerous!”

General Lu finished his speech.

The room was silent.

They weren’t stupid or invisible, it’s just…

Lin Wei who was sitting in the front suddenly spoke, “What about the loss? Don’t forget the team we sent to north, deep in the crack vicinity. The entire team was annihilated. I’m not sure General Lu still remembers this.”

Lu Jianjun glanced across the room, observing everyone’s reactions before finally focused on Lin Wei. “Of course I remember. But remember, this time the crack is very close. We don’t need to travel a long distance, or we need to stretch the front. As for the loss, it will be on my sole responsibility! In this attack, my troops will act as the main attack force. But I hope we can work together in this.”

“No one wants anything to happen to the shelter.”

He gave Lin Wei a very deep and meaningful look.

The real armored army in Lindong Shelter was only the troops under Lu Jianjun’s army.

However, before the doomsday, other bosses were also powerful men from various backgrounds. They already had their own men.

 After doomsday occurred, these gangsters had recruited personnel, followed the troop establishment and formed a strong team.

In terms of equipment and overall strength, Lu Jianjun’s army was undoubtedly the strongest.

However, the number of hunters in the army wasn’t that large.

The army recruited people with higher qualification, usually requiring various audits. But some elders refused to cooperate.

Everyone knew the strength of 150 meters length crack. Once the tremendous amount of demonic beast broke through the shelter’s wall, the loss of the shelter was bound to be great.

The elders didn’t want anything to happen to the shelter.

But at the same time, they were reluctant to loss their own troops.

Since General Lu was willing to be the main attack force, one after another elders expressed their supports in the plan.

Shortly after finished discussing the crack of the abyss attack plan, the meeting was over. Most of the elders had left.

The meeting room was empty.

Only the projector displayed the devastated and ruined picture of Maple Leaf Town.

“Cough, cough…”

Lu Jianjun couldn’t help but coughed. He wasn’t a hunter and his body condition was getting worse at his age.

He coughed every time he had huge mood swings. That was an old man’s problem.

The captain of the guard behind him hurried forward to pat the back of the old General. His expression softened, “General, you should drink your medicine first. You can’t be angry with these people.”

Lu Jianjun’s face softened. He looked at the direction of people leaving at the door, “I’m not angry. But disasters are upon us, but they all only cares about themselves. If it still continues, the shelter and humanity will be in a grave danger!”

“General, there are still a few people who understand. You don’t have to worry.”

At the previous meeting, there were also some elders who expressed their supports since the beginning. Such as Secretary Wang, the vice dean of the Academy of Sciences.

But similarly, some people who agreed with Lin Wei secretly engaged in small movements.

The captain of the guard knew the most. During that time, the General worked hard for the shelter’s survival. The amount of stress changed his hair into gray.

“General, should we…” He gestured.

“No.” Lu Jianjun decisively refused, “If we can solve the problem in a simple way, then it’s not a big problem.”

Lu Janjun was a decisive person.

If the problem could be solved by killing Lin Wei, he would do it without a doubt.


Even though it’s easy to kill Lin Wei, it’s hard to control the chaos that would erupt in the shelter.

As a criminal boss in Lincheng, Lin Wei had a large contribution in the establishment of the shelter.

Most of the food stocks in Lindong Shelter were also from his contribution.

From that part alone, he was not that bad.

The bad part was that he got extremely strong power after securing the food stock in the shelter.

Lu Jianjun once sent someone to try it out.

There was a strong hunter on Lin Wei’s side. His power was equal with the guard captain beside him.

He knew clearly that Lin Wei had many spies installed in various important departments in Lindong Shelter. This was…

Lu Jianjun stopped thinking about the matter and shifted his attention on the crack of the abyss.

No matter what, the shelter’s safety must be his top priority.

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