My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 70


Chapter 70 – Mission Objective: Siege on the Demon’s Lair

“Have you heard yet? The mission center just released a large-scale mission. This is the first time they ever issued a big mission!”

“I already know that. They said the mission rewards handsomely. We get twice as much points from just killing an ordinary beast.”

“Stop talking and go enroll to the mission. It’s a shame if you miss it.”

“Why such a hurry? This is a big mission so there’s no limit on the participant. I heard the mission starts at 10 A.M. so it’s better if you prepare first, go buy equipment or something. Don’t you realize we could get huge points from this large-scale mission?”

He could heard such conversation along the way.

Tang Yu was a little puzzled. It seemed the task was obviously released this morning because he hadn’t heard about it last night when he was browsing through the forum.

The mission center was already packed with people when he arrived.

It could be said that most of the registered mercenaries in the shelter had already arrived as soon as the mission was issued.

The mission center was crowded with people.

Tang Yu frowned.

The crowd of a Spring Festival was nothing compared to these people. The survivors dealt with demonic beast all day long. No one knew how long they hadn’t taken a bath.

It smelled like a pig cage.

He still could bear the foul smell, however, he wasn’t very interested in the mission.

“My Lord, should I…”

Tang Yu shook his head at Elaine.

She was obviously not calm as she said she was. She’s still wary of this situation.

It’s not easy standing among such crowd full of big men. Even Tang Yu felt uneasy.

Shortly after that, female survivors’ angry screams were heard. Apparently, there were some disgusting pigs with naughty hands among the crowds.

Tang Yu wondered if there were some people who joined the crowd not to enroll in the mission, but just wanted to satisfy their desire to touch girls.

However, there were sometimes the male survivors’ angry scream. Which was a little bit odd.

“Let’s check it out.”

The mission center mainly operated on the first floor with transparent glass as the walls.

Tang Yu moved to the building’s side, even though he couldn’t enter, he still could see the mission content on the display panel in the center of the room.

It was written in a large red writings.

[Large-scale Mission Enrollment: Destroy the Demon’s Lair] [A crack of the abyss appeared in Maple Leaf Town which endanger the Lindong Shelter’s safety. Lindong Officials will take the initiative to attack the demonic beast around the crack. This operation requires the cooperation of large number of mercenaries.] [Objective: ] [Reward: ]

“No wonder, it’s all because the crack of the abyss.”

There were a handsome amount of reward points. The officials even opened up reward exchange list that previously wasn’t available.

A deadly seduction.

Many mercenaries were jealous.

But Tang Yu felt rather pessimist.

Although the main force of this operation was the army and the mercenaries only took part as the reinforcement, most people forgot that there would be a countless numbers of demonic beasts swarming towards them in this large-scale mission. Even some stronger demonic beasts might emerge.

This was indeed a good opportunity for a strong team. But for weaker mercenaries or even ordinary survivors who weren’t a hunter, they’d end up being cannon fodder.

“My Lord, are we going to participate?” Elaine asked.

Tang Yu shook his head, “Forget it, we won’t join.”

Now he already had the Spirit Power Container so participating in the mission was rather useless. But if he hadn’t got the container, he would probably join the mission to earn reward points.

“However, we should see the operation up close. The Lindong bosses’ army will participate. This way, we can observe Lin Wei’s real strength.”


The mission enrollment registration ended at 10 AM.

Mercenaries had gathered outside the city gate. Some people were equipped with armors made of demonic beast material and combat knives, while others wore tattered clothes and a rusty sword in their hands. Finally, there were some unarmed survivors. Probably the people in the mission center couldn’t select them all and decided to enroll everyone.

Tang Yu didn’t plan to stay with these people. He walked out the city gate, found a spot with Elaine and Gray Blade and waited patiently.


The steel city gates gradually opened from both sides, revealing the large main streets inside.

On weekdays, the city gate never opened all the way through, just wide enough to let two cars pass at the same time. But now, it was fully opened. The streets were empty, no pedestrian could be seen.

With rumbling noises, a torrent of steel gradually appeared in the horizon.


The mercenaries outside the gate already formed in small groups. But they were all staring at the magnificent view at the city gate.

Tang Yu was also mesmerized.

When they first arrived at the shelter, the Scarlet Hands convoy was already remarkable. But their convoy dwarfed when compared with this torrents of steel in front of him. The gap was like between ants and elephants.

At the front, a few armored vehicles slowly drove out the city gates.

Behind them, a phalanx of tanks followed. The muzzle was pointed upwards.

It was the true definition of steel and fire power.

There were also various vehicles and equipment that Tang Yu couldn’t recognize the names.

Smoke engulfed the steel torrents.

In the past, such a display of army vehicles could only be seen on televisions.

Outside the city gates.

The mercenaries felt excited. With such an armored force, they would definitely annihilate any demonic beast.

Soon, managers from the army assigned mission details to the mercenaries.

In this operation, the mercenaries would be tasked to deal the demonic beasts in order to protect the military vehicles.

Needless to say, their objective was fairly simple.

Ranged weapons have a wide and long range. There weren’t many demonic beast that could break through the defense line of ranged weapons.

So they only to protect the area that wasn’t covered by the ranged weapons.

In this mission, the points for killing demonic beast were two to three times higher than the usual. Many people were even looking forward for many demonic beasts swarming to the battlefield so they could earn more points in addition of the basic rewards.

That was the freelance mercenaries’ objectives.

Top-rank teams and members of the Big Four mercenary regiments had higher order.

They could move freely to hunt down demonic beast.

The members of the Scarlet Hands were very excited. Such a task equaled to more reward points in their eyes.

These people talked loudly, attracting the envy eyes of the freelance mercenaries.

The vice leader, Scar, was annoyed.

“What? There’s no news?!”

The reporter, Huang Mao, were also puzzled. With their strength, it’s easy to investigate several people.

They investigate things happened after Tang Yu arrived at Lindong.

Although not very detailed, they managed to get the general information and appearance of the three people. Two men and a women. They even knew the relationship between Li Xiaoming and Tang Yu. But the Scarlet Hands didn’t care about the ordinary survivor.

Huang Mao investigated the appearance and characteristic of those three and tell Director Jiang of the mission center. But they never received any valid news.

“How could there be no news? Did that Jiang man accepted so many spirit stones from us and dare to trick us?!”

Huang Mao shook his head, “No, Director Jiang had given the news. But the news is, those three people didn’t registered as mercenaries.”

Scar was speechless. He held his breath and sighed.

If they didn’t register as mercenaries, then it’s impossible to switch teams.

But were there still hunters who hadn’t registered as mercenaries now? Especially when those three people, even if he didn’t want to, but he admitted they were quite powerful.

Scar couldn’t figure out the reason.

His expression were very cold.

“We can’t let the clowns who trampled our pride to be free. Issue me a scarlet warrant…”

He looked at the horizon. A dangerous light flashed in his eyes.

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