My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 71


Chapter 71 – The Power of Ranged Weapons

Outside the city.

Tang Yu held a telescope and observed the city gate from the roof of a small building.

The mercenaries were placed and mixed with the army’s infantry phalanx. The armored phalanx was slowly advancing forward.

A shrieking sound was heard from the distance.

Tang Yu froze and looked at the source.

A few small black spot appeared in the sky.

The black spot moved very fast, a flame trail dragged from its tail. He just saw it rising from the shelter, in the blink of an eye, the black spot reached above Maple Leaf Town.




A brilliant fire blooms.

Smoke and dust rose into the sky.

Houses collapsed as the ground trembled.

A smoke cloud rose up in the sky like a blooming flower. The smoke enveloped the entire Maple Leaf Town area.

Tang Yu held his breath.

That was the power of the ranged weapons. The damage was devastating like a nuclear bomb.

No matter how tenacious they were, most demonic beast couldn’t survive from such a devastating explosion.

Especially in the densely populated area like the area around the crack of the abyss, the explosion cleared off a huge amount of demonic beasts.

On the walls, the mercenaries were stunned.

Even the people who had seen great scene during the last day was stunned. For most people, this was the first time they saw such a scene.

Shortly after, their expression changed from shock into ecstasy.

This wave of missiles must’ve wiped out most of the demonic beast. Maybe now there’s not many demonic beast left around the crack. So, they only needed to clean out the leftover demonic beast.

Getting point rewards was too easy.

General Lu Jianjun looked at the screen. It showed the vehicles movement.

The picture wasn’t clear because the signal lost from time to times. The screen showed the explosions in Maple Leaf Town.

Compared to the delighted mercenaries, his face was solemn.

It was hard to locate the missile due to the signal jamming after the doomsday. But because the close distance between the shelter and Maple Leaf Town and the dense amount of demonic beasts, they didn’t really need accuracy.

As the missiles continued firing, General Lu Jiajun was felt distressed.

Their inventory was running low.

It’s impossible to manufacture the missiles. Not just technical issues, but the materials needed were also scarce. Before the doomsday, raw materials and part came from all over the world to produce a high-tech product. But now, even communication was impossible. Not to mention getting materials.

Aside missiles, even Lindong currently couldn’t produce tanks and helicopters.

At least they still could do some repair.

“General, should we enter Maple Leaf Town?”

An officer asked.

Lu Jianjun hesitated. “We shouldn’t underestimate demonic beast. First, send an investigation team to Maple Leaf Town.”

The officer saluted and turned to leave.

Lu Jianjun’s word stopped the officer, “Tell them to be careful and return alive.”


A single word.

But the weight was very heavy.

They lacked of investigation method after the doomsday so they had to send an investigation team. That’s why the scouts fighting on the front line were often the most severely injured.

Lu Jianjun already knew.

But he had no choice.

He had to get the bigger image of the scene.

It would be great if the Academy of Sciences could develop a new methods for remote investigations.

After their sacrifices, news soon came back to the shelter.

As expected, most of the demonic beast in Maple Leaf Town died in the explosion, leaving only a small part. Although the leftover demonic beast was still a lot, but they had at least reduced the threat.

Or so they thought.

“Prepare to enter Maple Leaf Town. Proceed cautiously. Do not hesitate to open fire on demonic beast.”

The rumbling steel torrent moved forward. Crushing everything on its path.

The loud movement attracted the leftover demonic beast. The muzzle of the tank aimed forward and fired, destroying the demonic beast in front of them. They needed to eliminate everything, even if it was a fourth of fifth awakened demonic beast.

On the outskirt of Maple Leaf Town.

Buildings around here weren’t destroyed by the explosion. Most of them remained intact but moss covered the walls, leaving quite a historical scenery.

From time to time, demonic beast swarmed from the buildings to the street.

Da da da!

Gunshots sound kept ringing.

Some demonic beasts that rushed towards the steel torrent were quickly slained by the mercenaries.

Human and demonic beasts, fought for survival.

Occasionally, some mercenaries were injured and died from the attack. That was expected. The convoy slowly advanced forward to the crack of the abyss.


Maple Leaf Town, on top of a building.

Tang Yu held a telescope in his hand. He was observing silently.

He wasn’t looking at the battle, instead, he was looking for some time.

The official team of Lindong, with the Chinese military as the main force and other top-rank teams on their side.

Tang Yu was looking for Lin Wei’s team.

“Found him!”

He found the most suitable team met the requirements from the information gathered by Gray Blade.

That team was strong, most of them were hunters. They could easily push away the obstacles that were blocking the road. Even they could easily kill some powerful demonic beasts with their teamwork.

After thinking for a while, Tang Yu took out a mirror-like item from the space backpack.

[Detection Lens: It can detect an enemy’s strength from a long distance and mark the enemy. The marking duration is one week]

This was one of the items Tang Yu bought after refreshing the market items.

This consumable item suits his need right now.

It’s effective and cheap. Well, the later point was the most important.

In addition to investigation, this item also had a mark function.

Tang Yu guessed that after solving the crack of the abyss, Lin Wei would eventually find the territory.

Most likely he would arrive at the doorstep.

But hey, he could monitor him.

“Elaine, your senses are the most highest among us. Do it.”

Elaine nodded and took the lens.

Her eyes turned ice blue. Her long mage robe moved without any wind. Her hood fell, showing her sky-blue hair fluttered in the air.

The lens in her hand shone bright.

Tang Yu stood beside her, looking downward just to see her delicate collarbone under her neck. In front of her chest, she held the detection lens on her hands.

On the mirror surface of the lens, a picture slowly appeared.

The lens zoomed to the distance, as if they were looking from a camera from above. Lin Wei’s team was visible in the mirror.

Although they were not an army, they had heavy weapons and equipment such as tanks and artillery. There also a second-rate teams equipped with armored vehicle and heavy machine guns.

Most of them are well-equipped hunters. One by one, their strength was recorded by the lens.

From the bird’s eye view, the lens finally fixed on a middle-aged man.

Tang Yu was almost sure that man was Lin Wei himself.

At this moment, Lin Wei wasn’t on the armored car. But instead, he walked slowly, surrounded by several guards.

The guards’ strength shown on the lens were incredibly high.

And Lin Wei was hidden among them.

He observed closely.

The team was advancing slowly not because the demonic beast attacks, but Lin Wei intentionally maintained a slow speed.

From this alone, Tang Yu could see Lin Wei’s selfishness.

However, that’s not important. His point was to observe Lin Wei’s strength.

It’s a pity they didn’t have an ultra-long-range attack method. Otherwise, discreet assassination also great.

Direct attack definitely wouldn’t work.

No matter how confident Tang Yu was, he was certain the three of them couldn’t win against Lin Wei’s team.

For now, it’s better to observe quietly.

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