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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 72 Are You…


Chapter 72 – Are you dead?

Chen Yi killed a demonic beast with a knife. He ordered someone else to crack the demonic beast’s head. A source crystal appeared before him.

His eyes couldn’t help hiding his excitement.

“Haha! The third one!”

“Here you go, captain.” The youth handed the spirit stones to the captain, and asked with embarrassment, “Captain, are we…”

Chen Yi laughed, “Let’s work hard. We should collect all the spirit stones first. We will distribute them back at the shelter. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of demonic beast here. We will get more spirit stones.”

He was in a good mood so he became more generous.

The mission this time was a sub-mission from his view.

They encountered a lot of demonic beast. But most of them were already wounded by gunfire. Many of them were dying.

They could kill these demonic beast with ease.

Naturally, they took the loots.

Chen Yi was excited to find such situation in his first mission. It’s indeed his destiny.

He always felt like he was a protagonist in some kind of story.

Both of his parents died, leaving him with only a sister.

Even his sister’s weighted 180 kilograms.

His house was just a small space of more than a dozen square meters. It wouldn’t stop the fact that he was the protagonist.

Three days ago, he was just a bottom survivor. Although his house condition was better than the relief room, he couldn’t get a job because he was weak.

But he didn’t give up. Chen Yi stepped out of the shelter and became a scavenger.

Little did he know that he would meet his destiny.

It was indeed a destiny.

That fateful day, he searched through the wilderness. He was lost. He went further and further into the wilderness and happened to see two scary monsters fought with each other.

He didn’t knew much about demonic beast. But he knew demonic beast usually weren’t aggressive with their own kind.

This was a battle between a demonic beast and a strange monster.

The two of them fought violently. They could easily overturn a car. The ground where their feet trampled was cracked.

The two monsters’ power were even. And in the end, they both were gravely injured and dying.

Chen Yi was stunned. The dreamlike plot like in a novel happened to him.

He awakened in an instant. Chen Yi was too excited. Even the awakening headband couldn’t awake him, but he was awakened now.

He became a glorious hunter.

After his awakening, Chen Yi was more gallant.

After hesitated, he decided that the two monsters were dying. He boldly stepped forward and killed the two strong monsters.

Huge spirit power were escaping from their carcasses. He could break through the first awakening stage with ease just from cultivating the spirit power.

He easily passed the early hard stage.

Chen Yi collected the materials from the carcasses, especially the monster. The materials were usable and had a higher value above the demonic beast.

He earned a lot of spirit stones from selling the materials. He even bought equipment.

Flexible combat suit made from animal fur and standard combat knives were commonly used by the military.

His fighting power sharply rose. For the next two days, he went out to hunt the demonic beast and successfully broke through the double awakening stage.

In Lindong, he was regarded as a small master.

Chen Yi felt even more proud. No one could match his speed in Lindong.

Shortly after, he formed a mercenary team with his brother.

“In the future, I will become the master in Lindong.”

Chen Yi had no doubt. His face brightened to find a demonic beast nearby.

The beast’s leg was broken. Its aura wasn’t strong.

He shouted, “Leave it to me!”

Holding the combat knife, he was about to attack the demonic beast when suddenly the ground trembled.

Chen Yi struggled to keep his balance.

In front of them, several damaged buildings collapse. His eyes widened as he looked at the horror in the distance.

In the horizon, the dirt on the ground ground sunk down layer by layer, forming a vortex of sand. In the center of it, two red flesh emerged.

The two flesh twisted as it moved. They looked like a long tentacles whip the sky. Under the tentacles, the ground crumbled and broke into a rift. Dust raised high, about the height of a four or five-story building.

“What the hell is that?!”

Countless people exclaimed in panic.

After the two tentacles, they saw a huge figure emerged from inside the vortex.

Its body was bigger than a tall building. The terrifying demonic beast coldly overlooked them.

From their eyes, humans were like ants.

They were tiny.

“Captain… What is that thing? Is that a demonic beast?”

One of the team members spoke, his voice trembled and his teeth chattered.

Chen Yi was also panicked. But to maintain his image as a captain, he tightened his face and tried to keep calm as possible.

“What are you afraid of? The army’s here. That monster will be smashed in no time!”

As if to confirm his words, several armed helicopters flew from the distance.

Anti-tank missiles that were mounted on both sides was fired.

With a smoky white tail, it directly hit the colossal monster.

It exploded in impact.

“Great! It hit the beast!”

“It should be dead!”

Someone exclaimed in joy.

The other one was nervous.

They gazed at the colossal monster’s direction.



Two tentacles were coming out from the slowly dissipating smoke.

The tentacles whipped the sky like it was flapping flies.


In the sky, two armed helicopters exploded into a fire blaze. The pieces scattered in the air.

The remaining helicopters immediately retreated.

But their speed wasn’t a match for the giant tentacles.

In the air, two red tentacles whipped the sky.

The remaining helicopters were bursting into fire.

Everyone looked at the scene in horror.


Maple Leaf Town, Temporary Command Center.

Lu Jianjun frowned.

They had send investigation team, but none of them expected that a demonic beast was hiding under the sand. And unexpectedly, its size was gigantic.

Once the demonic beast attacked forward, the loss was bound to be great.

“Is the result out? What’s the energy intensity?” He asked to the man next to him.

A middle-aged man who was busy with a device was sweating heavily, “High, incredibly high.”

“How high is it?”

“I don’t know, it’s undetectable. Its strength was far exceeded our detection limit.”

This device was a product developed by the Academy of Sciences to detect the energy intensity from powerful demonic beast.

Now it’s rather useless…

Lu Jianjun knew this was the worst case.

“Contact the base and fire the remaining missiles.”

“Yes, sir!”

The liaison immediately responded.

A few moments later, several black dots rose into the air and flew over the Maple Leaf Town sky in no time.


The field of vision was bright with explosions. The explosion sound was deafening.

Compared to before, hunters who stood on the east side of Lindong shelter and watched the scenery from afar was shocked.

Now that they had arrived in Maple Leaf Town, the explosion was closer. The power of the explosion was even more visible to them.

It was catastrophic and terrorizing!

If they were closer, they all would be annihilated.

The demonic beast hit on impact were certainly dead. No matter how powerful they were.

Chen Yi laughed and seemed to vent his panic, “Look, I said the army is here. What are you afraid of? As long as we pick up the loots, we can earn enough reward points. I believe in the future we would be promoted to elite teams, or even top teams.”


One by one they were petrified by the scenery behind their captain.

Chen Yi sweated heavily, he stiffly turned back and saw…

In the distance, amidst the smoke.

The colossal monster’s carapace was pitted and scorched with black marks in so many places. Viscous liquids were flowing from its body. Although the monster was directly hit by the missiles and looked miserable, however…

The beast was still alive!!!

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