My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 73


Chapter 73 – One Shot

Everyone in the battlefield was shocked and panicked.

Originally, this battle was going well. Most of the demonic beast was already died in the missile explosion. The hunters only needed to cooperate with the army to destroy the remaining demonic beasts.

666 of them, at maximum.

It wasn’t difficult.

Or so everyone thought.

Until the colossal demonic beast’s appeared, they didn’t despair. They had the peak of human technology with them. What demonic beast could withstand the destructive force of tanks, artillery and missiles?

However, reality was cruel.

Their moods went down from hopeful to despair.

Chen Yi’s squad was at the front line. Originally, he was very happy because he had the chance to kill demonic beast and loot its carcasses. But now, he just wanted to go home.

He was just standing there, feeling hopeless.

Anything touched by the red tentacles will be crushed to pieces.

“What rank is that demonic beast?” Some hunters couldn’t help but wonder.

“I don’t know for sure. But I’m afraid its power is beyond our imagination. We don’t even know how many stages the whole awakening stages had.” Someone answered.

The beast’s exact awakening stage was unclear.

But one thing for sure, the colossal demonic beast’s aura was too strong.

Its aura was like a tsunami violently crashed the tiny helpless humans.

Its tremendous oppression sense still made them breathless even from several kilometers distance.

They were trembling. Foul smell came from every direction.

Even running away was a luxury they couldn’t afford.


Temporary Command Center.

Everyone was stunned.

The colossal beast became more brutal and violent after being injured. It moved forward step by step.

The movement seemed slow, but with its huge size, every step was about 10 meters wide.

It was unstoppable.

Seeing the colossal demonic beast approached closer, someone realize, “Quick, escort the General to safety!”

Lu Jianjun slammed the table, “Stop joking! If we escaped from such crisis, what about the shelter? What about the hundreds of thousands of survivors in the shelter?”

His subordinate were anxious, “General! Our second artillery battalion is still willing to fight back. But you sir, you are the core of the shelter, we can’t afford to lose you!”

“Nonsense! You want me to be a deserter?!”

The colossal monster approached closer.

The ground trembled from every step the monster took. The vibration could be felt from the temporary command center.

Lu Jianjun looked at the distance.

The sand vortex didn’t just emerge the colossal monster. It was continuously pouring out demonic beast.

They were all hidden underground and evaded the missile bombardment. But now, they all came out.

Lu Jianjun couldn’t help but wondered, was the beast a sentient being?

If that wasn’t the case, why did they hide underground?

He shook his head and stopped thinking.

The situation was worse right now. The shelter side that had the upper hand suddenly turned upside down.

Everyone in the command center was nervous and scared, but nobody chose to run away.

They still held on even if they were scared.

This was their duty and responsibility as a soldier.

Lu Jianjun closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “We can’t give up. Not for ourselves, not for the hundreds of survivors behind us. Let the analysis staff observe the giant beetle’s weakness as soon as possible. In the meantime, get the Special Forces personnel prepare the experimental prototype 1 energy charging gun.


In the rooftop.

Tang Yu watched the colossal demonic beast’s full power in silent.

The strength above the awakening stages was beyond his expectation.

Previously, he thought this demonic beast was very powerful. He didn’t expect the beast could block a missile attack.

Even though it was severely injured, but its aura was still as strong as before.

Was that all Lindong shelter got?

Tang Yu wasn’t sure.

He had no method to deal with such a strong demonic beast. If it were to attack the territory, he would have fled.

He had upgraded the territory’s defensive structure to the highest level. But could it stop this kind of demonic beast?

Tang Yu felt restless.

Lack of spirit stones limited his strength.

After they went back, he needed to go to the Lindong black market as soon as possible to earn spirit stones.

Besides, if he could upgrade the territory by one level, he could try to use the defensive buildings to wipe out the demonic beast that guarding the spirit stone mine.

That was also profitable.

He was still thinking about it when he saw a team of military hunters approached the colossal beast.

The tank gun continuously fired, surrounded by the military master hunters. Opening a path by eliminating the demonic beast.

In the middle of the team, a heavy weapon was mounted on top of a large flatbed truck.

That was the energy charge canon, a black technology weapon developed by the Academy of Sciences.

Tang Yu heard about it when he was talking to Professor Sun.

The concept was fairly simple, the cannon extracted the energy from spirit stones, condensed it and exuded the energy.

The attack area was not large, but it had sufficient penetrating power. That was the Academy of Sciences’ research goal.

Before the doomsday, ranged weapons were originally used to kill human beings. So they’re not suitable for dealing with sturdier demonic beast. Missiles, for example, was originally designed to accurately hit long-distance targets. But it would be difficult if the weapon lacked of power.

After they moved to a certain area, several operators began to operate the cannon.

Energy from spirit stones were begun to be extracted. The scale indicator on the energy charge cannon began to lit up.

“10% charged…”

“20% charged…”

The colossal demonic beast noticed a new threat and turned around to walk towards the cannon’s direction.

At the same time, more demonic beasts around the cannon swarmed the military team.

The demonic beasts were out of control.

Some hunters died from the fierce battle.

The colossal demonic beast was getting closer and closer.

In the distance, howitzers roared. The fire burst on the beasts’ carapace, but the beast was unstoppable.

“How many charge?!”

“Fifty percent.”

“Hurry up!”

“This is already the fastest limit, soon the whole charge cannon will explode.”

At this time, gravel floated from the ground around the colossal demonic beast. The gravel condensed into huge stones and flung towards the energy cannon’s direction like a cannonball.

The captain of the Special Forces roared. Wings were growing out behind his back. He flew into the sky.

The wings sliced the stones like a knife. The huge stones were cut in half and crashed on the ground.

Other hunters with ability also showed all they’ve got to stop the flying stones.

Several armed helicopters flew, missiles were shot towards the stones and the stones shattered on impact.

“80% charged”

“90% charged…”

The whole cannon rattled with a loud noise.

At this moment, the colossal demonic beast was getting closer and closer. Its red tentacles reached out but suddenly fell.

The captain of the Special Forces took a deep breath and flew alone. His wings sliced one of the tentacle.

Suddenly, the tentacles whipped out the captain and he flung like a cannonball. Smashed into the ground.

The other tentacle reached out, ready to sweep down everything on its path.

A helicopter with a mounted missile flew over and shot the missiles. But the tentacles whipped the helicopter directly.


The tentacles was hit by a helicopter. The blown pieces deviated and fell not far from the energy cannon.

The ground trembled. Flying debris blocked the entire team’s view.

Hunters and the operator’s faces were all scared and desperate. However, no one dared to escape.

This was their only chance. They couldn’t afford to fail at the last moment!

In the distance, on the rooftop.

Tang Yu took a deep breath.

“Come on, let’s go kill some demonic beast.”

He felt he had to do something, even if it wasn’t much.

He had to do something.

Because he’s still alive.

Suddenly, some powerful and injured hunter teams also intercepted the demonic beast, lifting off the pressure from the military Special Forces. They could buy some time until the cannon was ready.

Both the hunters and the Special Forces were gravely injured, even some died in the battle. But the cannon finally fully charged.

A thick beam of light emerged from the cannon. It shone bright like a falling meteorites.

It hit the colossal demonic beast. The beast roared in agony.

And the light dissipated.

Tang Yu saw the colossal demonic beast was pierced from its lower jaw through its back. Hollowing the demonic beast.

The terrifying aura was quickly disappeared.

Tang Yu sighed in relief.

After firing a shot, black smoke was coming out from the cannon. The cannon was severely damaged and became a massive junk.

It only had one shot.

So the cannon was just an experimental prototype. It’s far from stable.

Moreover, Tang Yu saw the weakness of this energy charged cannon.

It’s expensive and the range was not far. But that wasn’t its only weakness. The most important thing was the cannon’s charging process was too long and it had to be faced directly before the colossal demonic beast to be used effectively.

It would be even more difficult to shot if the shape were changed into a smaller and flexible model. 

The crisis was solved.

But the danger continued. The demonic beasts were still too many.

Most mercenaries had already fled from seeing the colossal demonic beast.

They had abandoned the mission.

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