My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 74


Chapter 74 – Formless

Da da da-

Gunshots were continuously fired.

It was chaotic.

A squad was holding machine guns and fired at several demonic beasts. Suddenly, the windows on both side side of the car crashed. A mantis-like demonic beast appeared.

Its sharp leg flashed like a knife, instantly killing the squad. The heavy machine guns were also cut into pieces.

In another place.

The muzzle of a tank roared, exploding a powerful demonic beast in front of it. At the next moment, a large lizard spitted flames. The flame burnt the entire tank.

The high temperature made the steel on the tank turned red. The big lizard continued spitting fire before it finally left.

Although the tank’s shape was still relatively intact, it’s clear that the person operating the tank was dead.

Such scene happened all over the battlefield.

Tang Yu penetrated the long sword into a demonic beast. His sword was covered in blood. His wrist slightly pushed deeper, the sword trembled as blood spattered.

In a blink of an eye, blood disappeared from the blade.

This should be a legendary sword. Killing demonic beast without spilling blood.

But something felt amiss.

There was a loud noise coming from the front line.

Was there another demonic beast?

Tang Yu raised the sword, his gaze fixed on the street in front of him. He was ready to slay another demonic beast.

But then, what’s coming towards him wasn’t demonic beast, but more than a dozen hunters running awkwardly.

Among them, Tang Yu saw a familiar face. That’s Captain Zhou!

So they were destined to meet again.

Zhou Jianhong shouted, “Run! There was an invincible monster behind us!”


Tang Yu was puzzled.

Zhou Jianhong was not weak. He even felt there were some stronger ones among those escaping hunters. All of them wasn’t embarrassed to escape. Was that mean the demonic beast that were chasing them was extremely powerful?

But if it’s really powerful, those people wouldn’t have the chance to escape.

Not long after, the chasing demonic beast appeared in his sight.

It was a grayish-black translucent…unknown object?

Tang Yu had never seen such a weird looking demonic beast. It was formless, walking lightly…or was it floating?

Most of these beasts’ strength was only double or triple awakening beast. They’re not particularly strong.

Shortly after these demonic beasts appeared, several other groups of these grayish-black wraiths also appeared from the other side of the street.

Zhou’s Jianhong’s expression changed.

“Shoot! Why are they coming from there?”

“It’s over.”

“Hurry, run to that direction! We still can survive!”

The wraiths appeared near Tang Yu’s team direction. Soon they floated towards him.

Tang Yu raised his sword, ready to slay it.

Zhou Jianhong was anxious, “Little brother, run! We can’t kill these demonic beast!”

A man with crooked nose next to him smirked, “Not on your own.”

A wraith floated towards him.

Tang Yu swing his sword, slicing the wraith into two pieces.

Nothing happened…

Tang Yu quickly concentrated, there was only a faint ripple on the wraith’s body in front of him.

Like a long sword penetrated lake water, it only caused the water rippled.

It couldn’t cause damage to the water.

This was a formless demonic beast!

Tang Yu’s attack failed, but the ghost didn’t stop. Its entire torso elongated, the formless body took shape of a hand.

The hand smashed Tang Yu.

The attack was sudden, it was difficult to evade it.

Zhou Jianhong shouted, “Look out!”

The hunter shook his head and sighed, “He’s doomed. This wraith’s attack patterns are weird. He couldn’t evade such a close ranged attack.” The man with crooked nose looked away, “If it was an ordinary double or triple demonic beast, we would easily defeated it. But unfortunately, this kind of demonic beast is formless. Even magical weapons are useless against them.”

What he held in his hand was a weapon once envied by every hunters. The Demon Slayer Sword. However, Chen Sheng was still helpless when dealing with these relatively weak but formless beast.

Sharp weapons were useless and so were firearms. They could only escape in embarrassment.

On the other side, Tang Yu wasn’t being careless. After seeing a group of relatively strong hunters fled in shame, he knew this kind of demonic beast weren’t just powerful from its raw strength alone.

He twisted his body to avoid the wraith’s attack.

He stepped back, held the sword with both of his hand and held his breath.

Suddenly, the long sword glowed.

Heavy cut!

Spirit power circulated in his body, condensed on his arm and enveloped the long sword.


The blow was violent.

The wraith was blown up and fell to the ground. Debris flew in the air.

The hunters were surprised, especially Chen Sheng who was the most powerful among them.

He originally thought Tang Yu and his team were not strong. He didn’t expect such a powerful blast from Tang Yu.

“That power would certainly killed an ordinary triple awakening demonic beast. But I’m afraid…” He would be sad if a strong hunter like Tang Yu perished here, “We better run away before the wraiths regained its power back. Otherwise, we’ll die here.”

Tang Yu sighed.

He looked at the fading ghost.

Heavy cut was effective. Condensing a blow from the spirit power in his body, it successfully damaged the ghost.

However, as a formless being, the wraith was still immune to most of the heavy cut’s damage. Tang Yu estimated he still needed to use the skill twice or three times more to completely kill the wraith.

It was just his speculation. He wasn’t sure that would be effective.

Tang Yu stepped back.

Other hunters thought Tang Yu finally retreated after realized the wraith was invincible. They would never judge him for retreating. In fact, they had tried attacking the wraiths and failed.

“Elaine, it’s your turn now.” Tang Yu said.

Zhou Jianhong and the other hunters were shocked again.

It’d be best if they escaped together. If they chose to confront the wraiths, they’d be dead if they’re not being careful.

Chen Sheng snorted again, “She can’t do it alone.”

They no longer cared, they were ready to escape again.

Among the three, the girl in black robe stepped forward.

Elaine grasped the staff in her hand. Immediately, one after another condensed ice spikes emerges.

With her strength growth, the number of ice spikes condensed at a time increased. The energy also increased.

The ice spikes flung.

Each one aimed at a wraith.

The hunters were stunned to know the girl was a hunter with elemental ability.

“Maybe we still had hope!” Someone exclaimed in joy.

“No, fire elemental might be able to finish these wraiths. But ice spike’s damage is physical, so it’s useless.” Chen Sheng was pessimistic.

The ice spikes penetrated the wraiths and rippled.

The spectating hunters were disappointed.

With a bang, the ice spikes burst.

A bright blue light bloomed in their field of vision.

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