My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 75


Chapter 75 – Feels like missing a 100 million

“Captain Chen is right, after all, it’s a puncture wound.” A hunter said, but his mouth suddenly opened.

Blue light bloomed as layers of ice crystals condensed.

The wraiths struggled but soon were frozen into ice statues.

The floating frozen wraiths fell to the ground with a loud clatter. They rolled several times before completely stopped.

Elaine extended her hand, closed her fingers and clenched her fist.

Immediately, the ice statues shattered with a loud snap into fine pieces.

“What were you saying again?” The hunter saw his companion suddenly stopped and looking confused.

He looked at the companion’s pointed direction.

The man saw ice fragments on the ground.

It’s just ice crystal fragments, what’s so strange about it? But he suddenly froze. There were so many wraiths surrounding them. But now, only ice fragments left.

“What about the wraiths?” he asked silly.

“Of course it’s dead. But there are no dead body.”

Chen Sheng was also shocked.

As a captain-level master, he knew it better than ordinary hunters.

The reason why he was initially pessimistic the ice couldn’t finish the wraiths was because ice puncture wound had the same effect as a bullet. That’s why he thought it would be useless. He had no idea the ice spikes could explode.

Or to be precise, he didn’t dare to think about it.

In Lindong, there were not many hunters with ability. Chen Sheng had talked to them and learned that it’s difficult to control the ability once it left the body.

Some people with abilities had already thought about it. For example people with fire ability. Their hit rate would be much higher if they could control the fireball movement.

However, they found out in the research that controlling the ability is extremely difficult. Even when the ability was still inside their body, controlling it was difficult like riding a wild horse. Once it left the body, the difficulties doubled.

Perhaps the ice elemental power was more stable than fire so it’s possible to control the ice spikes explosion.

But he was even more surprised when he saw she could shatter the ice statues after freezing the wraiths. The energy was long released but she hold a primer control above it.

The more he thought, the more Chen Sheng understood the difficulty,

It was only his theory, but today he had seen the possibilities.


After the wraiths died, its whole body dissipated. Leaving an unknown crystal along with spirit stone.

It felt like a game. The spirit stones had a certain drop rate, but this unknown crystal was like a trash loot dropped by every wraiths.

Based on years of gaming experience, Tang Yu guessed this drop must be some kind of materials.

It might be precious.

Originally, he planned to return home to the territory after his goal in Lindong was completed. But now after he discovered this crystal, he couldn’t help but wanted to slay some monsters.

Aside the wraiths, many demonic beasts usually dropped some important materials. Unfortunately, most people didn’t recognize its value.

That’s insane.

It felt like missing a 100 million worth of money.

Once he returned home to the territory, he shouldn’t waste all these information he had collected.

New varieties that emerged after the doomsday had to be recorded in an encyclopedia such as new variety of grass and trees, ores, special materials, etc.

By then, he could sell the encyclopedias to hunters so they could collect materials to sell, and then, the hunters would spend their money on the territory.

Tang Yu felt he was going to be rich. Money would continuously flowing into his pocket.

In the battlefield, the human side gradually stabilized.

The colossal and other demonic beasts hiding underground made the human suffer from a great loss. Much more than they expected it would be.

After the colossal demonic beast crisis was over, some hunters escaped the battlefield. But the soldier still stood on their ground, becoming the barrier between hell and humanity.

The stronger hunters stood up against the demonic beast. Teams such as Zhou Jianhong and Chen Sheng returned to the battlefield after the wraiths problem was solved.

Tang Yu stayed in the battlefield. He slayed the demonic beast for spirit stones and at the same time, made some contribution points.

If it’s within his power, he didn’t hesitate to help the others. Such as killing demonic beast and the wraiths.

Of course if it’s within his power and didn’t threat his life.

Like before the doomsday, Tang Yu didn’t dare to help an old man who fell on the road because it was beyond his ability. He had no power in case something happened.

He wanted to master the power so he could be free and do whatever he wanted.

Even if he had to kill someone to save others.

He would be free.


The hunters in their group were quite strong so they gradually advanced forward.

Soon, some hunters joined.

With their number, it’s relatively easy to deal with demonic beast.

The weaker hunters felt relieved.

Chen Yi came approaching the group in panic. He was the only one that still left alive in his team.

Originally, they advanced to the front line to get more spirit stones. They had no idea there would be a massacre.

“Fortunately, I survived. But I lost too many things.” Chen Yi frowned,

It was easy before, but why did it come to this mess?!

Didn’t the military swear to siege on the demon’s nest?

He lost most of his precious loots including spirit stones and rare materials because he ran too fast. He didn’t know where it fell.

Chen Yi never felt this miserable. Not since his debut as a hunter.

Obviously, he should be the protagonist of his story!

Suddenly, his gaze fixed on a long sword.

“That’s the Demon Slayer Sword!” He murmured in his heart.

If he had such weapons, he could easily slain demonic beast and improved. Maybe he could even break through the triple awakening stage and entered the master rank.

Chen Yi’s eyes were fiery with determination.

Someone told him the people that had the swords were all captain-level hunters.

Obviously, he couldn’t afford it.

He observed carefully and found there were two people who had the sword. One of them was Dragon Slayer Chen Sheng, the famous captain-level hunter in the shelter. The other one was a slightly handsome ordinary survivor.

No, not an ordinary survivor.

Chen Yi had seen this man kill a demonic beast. But he didn’t recognize him.

He was certainly not a captain. He could recognize the captains of top teams.

Since he wasn’t a captain, how could he possess the sword?

Chen Yi thought of a possibility.

He must be the Demon Slayer Sword seller. The mysterious person who offended the Scarlet Hand and was on their wanted list.

Instantly, his heart thumped in excitement.

He remembered the scene that happened this morning. As a mercenary who had deal with Scarlet Hand before, he received a message.

A scarlet wanted order.

For 500 spirit stones.

“It’s finally going to happen. I was blessed, I won’t die…”

Chen Yi stared at Tang Yu’s back.

He pressed a button of a compartment on his arm.

He thought for a while. Then he took out a bottle of water, opened the cap and poured some white powder into it.

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