My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 76


Chapter 76 – Come, drink your water

Chen Yi approached Tang Yu and smiled, “Ah, big brother, thank you for saving us from the demonic beast. We would’ve died if it wasn’t for you. I had nothing on me but this bottle of water. You have been fighting for some time, you must be thirsty. Please accept this water as my gratitude.”

He reached out his hand to hand over the bottle. The water inside the bottle was sloshing, suddenly, he felt thirsty.

Chen Yi lowered his head and tried his best to keep calm.

He had no experience in doing such a thing. But he had no choice, the bounty was 500 spirit stones!

As for Tang Yu?

If he wanted to blame someone, blame yourself for offended the Scarlet Hand. Sooner or later he would die, better by Chen Yi’s hand.

He would always remember this man’s sacrifice for his 500 spirit stones later.

That’s what he thought when he handed the bottle. But the person in front of him didn’t receive it.

Chen Yi was anxious.

Tang Yu stared at the bottle of water. His eyes looked like he was thinking, but Chen Yi didn’t know what was on his mind.

Why didn’t he receive the bottle?


‘Drink it!’

After that, he saw Tang Yu took out a bottle of iced black tea and slurped it.

He already drank. With joy.

He didn’t drink the water from Chen Yi.

Chen Yi was stunned.

How could he get a bottle of iced black tea? He saw water drops from the bottle. It was a chilled drink!

He was envious.

Drinking a bottle of chilled drinks after a high-intensity exercise. He hadn’t tasted it for a long time!

Now, he felt even thirstier and more importantly… Chen Yi looked at the bottle in his hand and didn’t know what to do. He was confused.

Not just Chen Yi, the other hunters fixed their eyes on Tang Yu’s drink.

Someone swallowed their saliva with a loud gulp.

Tang Yu heard it, his eyes brightened.

He immediately opened his backpack, took out a bottle of iced black tea and said, “Take a look, I have chilled drinks. One spirit stone each. Buy it, you won’t regret. After you drink it, you will be more powerful when fighting the demonic beasts.”

His voice echoed among the tired hunters who were resting on the ground.

Chen Sheng looked at the bottle of iced black tea. Suddenly, he felt his throat dried.

He stood up, his mind was still on the cold drink, and approached Tang Yu. He hesitated, but with a solemn tone, “Can it be cheaper?”

Tang Yu was stunned.

This was really a business.

In that case…

“Two bottles for one spirit stone. That’s my best offer.”


Chen Sheng took out spirit stone and exchanged it for two bottles of chilled beverage. He turned around and left.

While walking, he felt something was wrong.

But never mind, it’s probably not something important.

He opened the cap and poured the drink into his mouth.

His whole body instantly felt refreshed.

A spirit stone for two cold drinks were worth it!

After Chen Sheng, there were two more hunters who bought a drink from Tang Yu.

A bottle of cold drink for a spirit stone.

Chen Sheng noticed his problem, his expression darkened.

He didn’t find a theory for Tang Yu’s case. And he didn’t lack of spirit stones. The most important thing was he wasn’t losing to that person.

He missed his deceased gym teacher.


Tang Yu was delighted after he earned some spirit stones.

He was wondering if someday he could open a convenience store. There’s a lot of rich people in the world.

Especially men like Chen Sheng. He wasn’t just rich, but his calculation was also great. A customer who could make him feel better was his favorite customer.

At this time, Tang Yu saw Chen Yi standing beside him.

He picked up the leftover iced black tea bottles. “Come, come. Drink your bottle of water. Water is better than wine. Come, drink your water!”

Chen Yi laughed nervously. His hand still stiffly hold the bottle of water, didn’t dare to move.

“I know you are thirsty too, come and drink the water, don’t be shy.”

Tang Yu looked at Chen Yi with a smile, suddenly, his tone became cold. “If you don’t drink the water, you left me with no choice.”

Behind Tang Yu, Gray Blade coldly stared at him. Chen Yi sweated, “No… I don’t want to waste this bottle…”

“If you don’t drink it, how should I know the effect of the white powder you diluted in the water?”

“What white power?”

Chen Yi acted confused.

Tang Yu no longer wasted time, he hinted Gray Blade with his glance.

Gray Blade grabbed the bottle of mineral water and prepared to pour it in Chen Yi’s mouth.

Chen Yi struggled with fear.

The ruckus attracted the surrounding hunters’ attention.

At first, some people frowned but didn’t said anything. They were afraid to face Tang Yu and his teammates’ strength.

But after they saw Chen Yi’s expression, the hunters were also puzzled.

Was something wrong with that bottle of mineral water?

As the bottle got closer to his mouth, Chen Yi shouted, “No, no! Please don’t make me drink it!”

Was the water drugged?

The hunters’ expression changed.

They were tired of fighting demonic beasts on the front line. But someone was going to play a dirty trick. Even if the target wasn’t them, they were very angry.

Someday, it could happen to them.

“Speak your purpose.”

Gray Blade smirked.

His right hand gripped Chen Yi’s shoulder. Chen Yi screamed in pain and couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Ouch! It hurts! I said it was a scarlet wanted order!”

“What?! Scarlet wanted order?!” Zhuo Jianhong’s expression turned pale. “Brother Tang, if Scarlet Hand had issued a wanted order, I’m afraid there will be mercenary teams after you.”

He was worried.

Tang Yu’s identity was exposed. Bu he didn’t expect that the Scarlet Hand would be this serious in getting a revenge.

Tang Yu didn’t care.

He had anticipated such a thing after he killed the Scarlet Hand team back then.

At that time, he had no other option. Besides, the seventh team was too weak.

Moreover, he was misunderstood. The seventh team was the one provoked them because he didn’t give them money.

He was thinking when suddenly…

Tang Yu sweated, a sense of extreme danger infiltrated his mind.

Without a second thought, he ducked.

Chen Yi who was standing right in front of him didn’t evade. His whole head burst.

Blood and pieces of his brains splattered on the ground.

Some hunters were shocked.


A gunshot was heard.

Soon, someone shouted, “It’s a sniper!”

Tang Yu was anxious, if he hadn’t experienced many life-and-death cycle in the spiritual space, he would be dead by now.

Even Elaine and Gray Blade couldn’t help him.

After all, the shot was aimed at him. Naturally, he would be the first one who sensed it.

He looked at the direction of the gunfire.

Far away, there was a figure on top of a building. A sniper rifle was in front of him.

Another bullet burst out from the barrel.

After his first attempt failed, he continued firing.

Elaine’s gaze was cold.

Her face was calm, but her eyes was burning with rage.

She extended the staff on her hands, instantly condensed a hexagonal ice shield.

Spells – Ice Shield!

This was a skill Elaine had learned back then.

The ice shield intercepted the bullet’s path.


The sniper rifle bullet contains a great kinetic energy, however, the ice shield remained intact. The impact area only left a small dent on the fragile ice shield.

The bullet was still a long way from breaking the ice shield. Far away.

The sniper looked through his telescope and his eyes widened in surprise.

An ice shield couldn’t possibly block the sniper rifle bullets.

Even a steel plate couldn’t block it.

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