My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 77


Chapter 77 – Chasing

On the rooftop of a building.

Luo Qio, the captain of the twelfth team from Scarlet Hand, was holding his hands. He quietly waited for the result.

This time he was lucky enough to hear the news about the three hunters.

The seventh team was killed by the enemy. Although the twelfth team’s overall strength was weaker, but Luo Qiu had no worry.

“The seventh team was too reckless and stupid. They didn’t use their power and resources, instead, they advanced forward on one-on-one combat. No wonder they died miserably. But I’m not stupid, I won’t directly fight these people. Nobody could survive a sniper bullet, no matter how strong they are.

Luo Qio glanced at the sniper, Simon, who was adjusting his aim.

Soon, gunshots were heard.

Luo Qiu was delighted. His status in the boss’s eye might improve after they killed the three survivors. If things went well, their team might be able to replace the seventh team and accessing more resources in the regiment.

Shortly after the first shot, the sniper fired two more shots.

Lu Qiu who was standing behind him counted the gunshots, “Is it over?”

Simon didn’t answer, he continued focusing on his aiming and quickly fire again.

This time, Luo Qiu knew something was wrong.

If he successfully hit the three people, then the fourth shot wasn’t necessary.

Or, he missed one shot.

He looked at Simon and noticed sweat dripped on his forehead.

“Simon, what’s going on?” Luo Qiu frowned, “Did you miss? You said you won’t miss within 2 kilometers?!”

Simon shivered. “No, it was blocked.”

“Blocked? Are you serious? No hunters could block a sniper bullet.”

Luo Qiu frowned. He walked to the edge of the roof and used his telescope to observe.

He heard the gunshots and the bullet was blocked by an ice blue shield floating mid-air.

It’s really blocked.

Luo Qiu muttered. Suddenly, he saw a nimble figure approaching the street under them.

He’s one of the three hunters. According to the investigation, this man was very fast and skilled in using dagger.

In a few jumps, the man jumped over the abandoned cars on the street and quickly approached to their direction.

Luo Qiu shouted, “Forget about them! Someone is coming toward our direction! Quick, kill him first!”

Simon adjusted the muzzle of his sniper rifle.


The bullet flew and broke through the air.

Luo Qiu carefully observed the approaching hunter below them.

The ice-shield ability was still in the distance. Did they kill him this time?

Shortly, his eyes widened in surprise.

Obviously, a few millisecond ago the man was still on the bullet’s trajectory path. But at the next moment, his whole figure disappeared like a ghost and appeared again nearby.

The bullet missed!

Simon held his breath, aimed, and shot again!

He vanished.

Shot again!

He vanished again.


If he could only avoid once, then their opponent might just be lucky. But he successfully dodged every bullets.

This time, Gray Blade had reached the bottom of the building.

He glanced up. He didn’t bother to use the stairs, instead, he stepped on the outer wall and ran towards the rooftop.

Obviously, he ran against the gravity.

Luo Qiu’s eyes widened again,

How could he defiy gravity! Or he had the ability to step on the wall?!

Luo Qiu was anxious.

The seventh team’s grave was still fresh, he already knew what’s coming for them.

“You said you’ve never missed?! Don’t call yourself a grim reaper, you can’t even—“

He scolded the sniper. He picked an automatic rifle and fired down to Gray Blade’s direction, “Die!!!”

Upon rain fire that was coming towards him, Gray Blade still maintained a calm expression.

He moved his wrist. The two daggers swung, blocking the bullets.


He quickly leaped and landed firmly on the rooftop. His cloak fluttered in the wind.

With a terrified expression, Simon tossed his sniper rifle and took out a modified pistol. He was about to fire.

But at the next moment, a flying dagger slashed his back.

All of this happened very fast.

The hunters of the twelfth team just realized what happened.

“Kill him!”

Luo Qiu shouted.

Most of the people in Scarlet Hands had ruthless trait, they didn’t flinch and immediately charged.

Or, they thought all of them together could handle this one opponent.

They swung their swords and attacked Gray Blade from every directions.

Gray Blade vanished like a ghost.

In a flash, he appeared behind one of the hunters. His dagger was ready to engage.

In a second, the blade cut across the throat. The hunter immediately fell down, dead.

Others saw the scene with a horrified expression. Someone shouted.

Gray Blade was always calm and silent. He harvested the opponent’s life with maximum efficiency.

That was his assassins’ ethic code.

Before long, there was only one person left from the Scarlet Hands’ twelfth squad.

Captain Luo Qiu.

He was extremely terrified and didn’t dare to confront him into a fight.

He shouted and jumped from the roof.

“What? He committed suicide?

Gray Blade frowned and jumped to the edge of the ten-story building. There’s no way the captain could’ve survived the fall.

Besides, his opponent was only at triple awakening stage.

Gray Blade looked below from the rooftop and saw the falling Luo Qio suddenly burst into lightning bolt.

The thunder sound lingered.

His falling speed drastically slowed down. His whole body suddenly leaped forward after using his strength.

He’s actually a hunter with ability!


Far away, on the street.

Tang Yu looked at Chen Yi’s body and sighed.

“I was going to ask something, but now…”

Elaine who was standing beside him felt a wave warning from her staff. She pointed at the distance, “My Lord, look over there.”

Zhou Jianhong and the other hunters also heard her words and said, “He committed suicide by jumping off the building.”

Someone thought silently and sighed.

The falling person was without a doubt, a member of the Scarlet Hands.

That meant…the entire Scarlet Hand team was wiped out by a single man? Making one of them committed suicide by jumping off the building?

How strong was he?

They looked at Tang Yu with a mixed feelings.

No wonder they didn’t care, turned out they were really confident with their power.

However, the next moment, someone’s eyes widened. “He’s…a hunter with ability? He escaped from the battle?”

Luo Qio was entangled in lightning. He leaped with the speed of a bullet train.

Gray Blade didn’t give up, he also quickly jumped off from the roof.

The spectating hunters’ gasped in surprise.

Gray Blade was falling down mid-air and it seemed like he had no intention to slow down his falling speed. He used the air like a stepping stone to leap in the air.

He was like walking in the air!

What a horrifying power!

The two soon dashed into the distance. Disappearing from the spectator’s view.

Tang Yu thought for a while and then said, “Elaine, let’s go after them.”

The two dashed.

Zhou Jianhong and other hunters were feeling rather melancholy.

They just fought the demonic beast, but suddenly the situation changed and became a life-and-death hunt.

“Should we go after them?” Someone asked.

“But it’s the Scarlet Hand. They wanted revenge so—” Someone replied in fear.

“Bullshit! Without Brother Tang, we’re still be chased by the wraiths, we didn’t even knew if we could survive. But the Scarlet Hands attacked other mercenaries during a mission, it can’t be forgiven! No matter what, I’ll go and chase them!”

Zhuo Jianhong’s tone was firm. Suddenly, he saw Chen Sheng had run away already.

He was confused and couldn’t help but shouted, “Captain Chen, where are you going?”


Chen Sheng replied lightly.

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