My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 78


Chapter 78 – Overpowered?

At the forefront, Luo Qiu was surrounded by lightning. He moved very fast.

Obviously, his strength was only at a triple-awakening master. But his speed was faster than most of the high masters in Lindong shelter.

Behind him, Gray Blade had descended on the ground. His robe fluttered and following closely.

Behind them, the second group consisted of Tang Yu and Elaine was chasing close.

At first, Tang Yu felt he wasn’t fast enough. After seeing Luo Qio had almost disappeared from his view, he contemplated and used the one-time acceleration scroll.

A mysterious force blessed his body.

In an instant, his whole body felt light, like fluttering in the air.

He was delighted.

This was the benefit of being rich. Spirit stones were omnipotent.

The third group chased behind. Zhou Jianhong, Chen Sheng and other hunters also wanted to catch up and observe the situation.

Or maybe they could help. The worst case was they could only watch.

Suddenly, something felt amiss.

“Why do I feel like we’re getting farther behind?”

Zhou Jianhong shouted while running very hard.

Chen Sheng snorted. He suddenly blasted his force, advancing forward from Zhou Jianhong and the rest of the group.

Just when he thought he could be closer, in front of him, Luo Qiu and Gray Blade already disappeared from his view. Even the gap between him and Tangy Yu’s group wasn’t decreasing but instead he was left behind even farther. They also disappeared from his view.

Chen Sheng’s expression darkened.


“Hhaaaaa-“Luo Qiu gasped for breath. He felt his energy waning.

But when he looked back behind him, he still saw the figure was still chasing him.

Particularly, he already felt the spirit power in him was almost drained. He could no longer maintain his former speed, but the figure chasing him still maintained a high speed.

“How could he run so fast? I put all my strength into this run. Even the leader and vice leader couldn’t catch up with me, but how could that man run so fast?!”

“That’s impossible. Could he also have acceleration ability?”

“And why these people had such a high endurance?!”

He gritted his teeth.

Suddenly, an abandoned factory was seen in the horizon.

“I’m coming!” Luo Qiu still had hope. He squeezed what’s left of his spirit power and exploded again, dashed towards the factory.

“Boss, help me—“ Luo Qiu shouted, he felt relieved after he reached the Scarlet Hands’ headquarter.

He’s saved.

Now, Luo Qiu really wanted to see how his pursuer’s expression would be after discovering he was led straight into Scarlet Hands’ headquarter.

He was going to turn around when suddenly…

There was a sharp pain in his chest. He froze before he realized that a flying dagger was buried deep in him. The dagger stabbed his heart all the way from his back, piercing his chest. The tip of the blade was cold.

“But how…” Luo Qiu’s eyes widened. He found out his pursuer had finally got him. His pursuer still maintained the posture when he threw the flying dagger.

He was unwilling, but his whole body fell to the front. He gradually lost his consciousness.

The last thing he heard was an angry roar from above.


Lin Xiujie’s eye almost burst from anger.

His most precious member was killed in front of him!

He didn’t care about the seventh team’s demise, but he was distressed after Luo Qiu’s death.

Although Luo Qiu wasn’t the strongest among them, but he was unbelievably loyal and he possessed a useful ability. Under his wing, Luo Qiu could be the third leader, or even the vice leader. But he was killed by an unknown figure.

“Kill him!”

Lin Mingjie grabbed a machine gun beside him and stood. He fired wildly.

Gray Blade blinked, he hid behind an abandoned machine. The bullet hit the machine’s steel material. The gunfire’s sound clashed with metal echoed throughout the factory.

At that time, Tang Yu and Elain finally caught up.

Initially, Lin Mingjie didn’t recognize Gray Blade. But after he saw Tang Yu, he immediately recognized him. They were the three hunters whom they were looking for!

Hatred and angered rushed in his blood. Lin Mingjie went even angrier.

“Bring me their heads! Don’t let them escape!”

The Scarlet Hands members rushed out at the command. They held various firearms and began shooting.

Countless bullets kept coming towards Tang Yu’s direction. The gunshot sound echoed throughout the abandoned factory building.

Gray Blade used his dagger to block the bullets. But he couldn’t possibly block that many bullets.

“My Lord, what should we do? It seems like we just entered the demon’s lair.”

Several members of the Scarlet Hands approached slowly. Each of them was holding a gun.

They were trying to get to the other side of the machine.

In the other side, Tang Yu and his team were still suppressed by the constant rain of bullets.

“I’ll do it.”

Elaine held her staff and concentrated.

At the next moment, cold cloud storm rolled out among the approaching Scarlet Hands members. The falling snow turned into sharp ice blades.

Spell – Ice storm!

The people screamed as they were drowned in the ice storm.

Lin Mingjie frowned. Elaine’s ice storm made him anxious.

After contemplating, he yelled at his members below, “Her ability is limited in a certain area and they’re far from us now. Continue firing.”

The vice leader, Scar, stood beside him, “It seems like they’re not as weak as we thought, no wonder the seventh team perished. However, they made a huge mistake by coming here.”

“Hm… I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not, but I won’t control myself.”

Scar shook his head.

Below, the members of Scarlet Hand no longer dared to approach the three hunters. They continued firing and some others pulled a grenade and threw it to Tang Yu’s location.


Tang Yu and his team quickly moved to another machine. The grenade exploded with a loud bang in the place where they just stood.

He felt a headache.

There were too many of them and they had the terrain advantage. They occupied the high ground. Even though Tang Yu’s team could do some damage, their enemy still had the absolute advantage.

For now, they couldn’t win against the Scarlet Hand.

Even if they escaped, their opponent had already seen their faces.

Tang Yu looked at the open factory door behind him.

They could escape and the Scarlet Hands couldn’t stop them. Their best option was to retreat for now and came back later with a solution. They could find a way to lurk into the factory and take them down individually.

Tang Yu was stunned after a sudden realization.

He couldn’t stand this defeat!

Why should he retreat?

Tang Yu opened his space backpack in searching for an item that could be useful.

Small sealing scroll.


+Defensive blessing scroll.


Energy bomb.

That’s not what he was looking for.

Detection lens… he didn’t need it.

Tang Yu kept searching his backpack and suddenly his eyes brightened. His gaze fixed on a pile of small balls.

[Unopened Basic Warrior Puppet]

Tang Yu asked Elaine to condense an ice mirror. He observed for a while and threw the small ball at a certain directions.

Round balls flew out.

A member of Scarlet Hand noticed and panicked, “Look out! They threw grenades! Get down!”

Several people that were standing near the ball’s landing point wildly ran in panic. They lied down on the ground and waited for a while. But the awaited sound of explosion never happened.

“They tricked us?”

He thought in silent, but soon found out a shadow behind him.

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