My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 80


Chapter 80 – One more thing before we left

In front of Tang Yu was Scarlet Hands’ stash of treasure. He opened a box, “Sharp weapons, not interesting.”

He opened another box, “Firearms. Hmm… Could be useful. But I’ll just skip it first.”

The third box…

The forth box…

Scarlet Hands’ wealth was actually packed in boxes. They had a lot of materials and spirit stones.

This completely changed Tang Yu’s perception about them. He originally thought the Scarlet Hands were poor. But it turned out they were unexpectedly wealthy.

They got handsome rewards from this robbery…no, this wasn’t exactly a robbery. It’s clearly a bountiful loot he deserved.

Tang Yu and Gray Blade was busy moving the valuable loot into the space backpack.

Elaine was not with them.

After clearing the Scarlet Hands’ headquarter, the three of them naturally inspected every corner of this place.

In addition to this stash of treasures, Scarlet Hands had another ‘treasure’ house.

The ‘treasure’ house was a place where they held the captured girls.

When he first saw it, the scene was unbearable.

There were a lot of special tools made to torture the girls.

Tang Yu was shocked. Even though he was mentally prepared to see things that symbolized the dark side of human nature, however, he still felt uncomfortable when he saw it with his own eyes.

Just like watching a horror movie. Many courageous people was completely unaffected by the movie. But once it happened to reality in front of their eyes, only a few people could maintain such calmness. Furthermore, this was the first time he saw it.

After the girls were rescued, some immediately committed suicide. Tang Yu asked Elaine to move the rest of the girls to other location.

Of course they couldn’t escort them back to Lindong shelter. There were a lot of girls so the journey would be slow. He didn’t know how long it would take to reach Lindong shelter.

Tang Yu wouldn’t hesitate to help people, but he’s running out of time. He couldn’t possibly rescue everyone. He couldn’t waste his time here. He had to search for more spirit stones.

Therefore, he asked Elaine to find a military team in the area. He ordered Elaine to stay anonymous. Not to let other people knew what they had done. Selflessly helping people like Lei Feng.

If he was being this generous, shouldn’t he become the Emperor the next time he summon an adventurer?

While thinking, he moved the materials into the backpack.

Some boxes were too big. He had to organize the boxes properly so they all would fit.

Finally, all the supplies were loaded in his backpack. Suddenly, he felt something shaking.

He took it out. The detection lens was vibrating. The vibration was some kind of alarm.

At the first glance, several small dots displayed on the lens. The dots were rushing towards him and there wasn’t much distance left.

“It’s Lin Wei’s team. He seemed to be in a hurry.”

Tang Yu didn’t understand.

If the military founds out mercenaries were fighting, they would certainly send someone to check. But instead of the military, why did Lin Wei come here? Did he have some kind of relationship with the Scarlet Hands?

He noticed Lin Wei and the leader of the Scarlet Hands shared the same family name. But there were countless others with the same family name.

Tang Yu carefully recalled Lin Wei and Lin Mingjie’s appearance. Their appearances indeed were really similar.

He smirked. He looked at the detection lens again. The small spots were gradually closer to the abandoned factory building.

Suddenly, a bold idea appeared in his head.


Lin Wei rode in an armored car. The First Corps’ was advancing in front of him, slaying the approaching demonic beast. They were his best and strongest subordinates. The team advanced quickly.

Lin Wei was a little restless.

He did have a connection with the Scarlet Hands.

To be exact, he had a very close relationship with their leader.

Because of an accident earlier that year, he found out he had an abandoned illegitimate child.

Compared to his spoiled elder son, he liked his illegitimate child better because they had the same character.

Lin Wei couldn’t publicly acknowledge him as his son due to certain circumstances. But he secretly funded Mingjie to help him with his career.

After the doomsday, his wife and son were far in Beijing. He didn’t care about their well-being. While his illegitimate son happened to be in Lindong.

He didn’t reveal himself to him. He let Mingjie established the infamous Scarlet Hands mercenary regiments.

This was also one of Lin Wei’s secret preparations.

No one could’ve possibly known about this. Even if Lu Laogui expected that he had some kind of deal with the Scarlet Hand, it’s impossible to know the details.

He was anxious. Particularly, one of his investigator said the battle seemed to be fierce.

Shortly, Lin Wei arrived at the abandoned factory.

It was silent.

The door was open, but because the building’s high ceiling, the internal room was dim and obscured. Like a monster’s mouth.

Lin Wei frowned. He raised his hand to call his men for investigation.

He moved with his guards into the factory. When one of his men turned on the light, everything was visible.

His expression changed.

Corpses scattered everywhere inside the factory. Some of them were frozen into ice, judging from the black scorch, some were blown to death. The rest of them was mutilated by a sharp objects.

The Scarlet Hands was destroyed?

No way! He didn’t see Lin Mingjie’s body.

“Find out what happened here. I want to know.”

A team of hunters was about to be dispatched when suddenly someone pointed to the distance, “Boss, there are something over there!”

Lin Wei looked down and saw two chubby puppet-like creatures standing deep in the factory. The puppets held a figure between them.

The figure was stained in blood but Lin Wei recognize him. It was his second son, Lin Mingjie.

“Quick! Save that person!”

The hunters of the First Corps rushed forward. Lin Wei felt insecure and sent out the guards around him.

They moved very fast. In a blink of an eye, they’ve already crossed half of the distance.

Suddenly, a few balls flew deep in the factory building.

The frontline team’s expression changed. They immediately ran to avoid it.

The balls fell to the ground, transformed into a big puppet but the hunters quickly destroyed it.

They quickly killed the puppets. Clearly, the puppets were not their equal opponent. But the delay made the puppets dragged Lin Mingjie deeper into the factory.

Lin Minjie looked even more miserable. His face was very pale, like a dead man.

The master hunters hurried to catch again, suddenly, a few more balls flew from within the factory.

“It’s no use…” having experienced the previous sneak attack, they no longer evaded. Two hunters withdrew their sword to cut the balls.


The energy bomb exploded. The two hunters were engulfed in the inferno flames.

Lin Wei’s expression darkened. He was furious.

“Third squad, fourth squad, fifth squad, go after them. Ambush from both sides. Don’t let the enemy escape.”

The hunters from the squads took the lead. Their enemy remained hidden for so long, they must’ve been weak that they conducted such a sneak attack.

Soon, the hunters finally caught up with the two puppets carrying Lin Minjie and released him from the two puppets’ grasp with a little action.

It was until then that a hunter noticed. His expression drastically changed and shouted, “…dead? He’s dead!”

Lin Wei staggered after he heard the news. His face was pale.

He suddenly thought something and shouter, “Retreat! Hurry up retreat!!”


A deafening explosion was head, surrounded by pillars of flames.

The brilliant light illuminated his pale face.

He could no longer care about the dispatched teams. He retreated outside under his guards’ protection.

No one dared to walk through the front door. Fearing there would be some kind of traps. He ordered someone to break the factory’s wall and rushed out.

Before he escaped, Lin Wei glanced back.

His eyes fell on Lin Mingjie’s body that was devoured by the flames.

He also saw several figures illuminated by the flames in the deeper part of the factory. They were waving their hands and smiling at him.

Blood rushed to his brain. He was enraged.

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