My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 82


Chapter 82 – 10 Heads Size

Tang Yu was lying on his bed. His eyes were looking at the ceiling empty.

He had upgraded the territory. The next thing he should consider was to determine which building he should choose.

After the castle reached level 3, there were several new unlocked buildings such as energy patio, spell factory, altar, spell tower, etc.

He had to build the energy patio to preserve the spirit stones. Otherwise, spirit stones would be consumed every time the cannon fires. That’s a waste of spirit stones.

In other words, his investment would protect him from further loss.

“Anyway, I have to build a warehouse…”

The warehouse was unlocked in the level 2 castle.

Every time he wanted to construct a building without the warehouse, he had to command the survivors to transport materials into the building site. It’s not just troublesome. It’s also time-consuming.

Now, as long as there’s enough construction material in the warehouse, he could construct a system to build at his own will.

“As for the core building…” Tang Yu calmly thought about it and decided he would upgrade the pub first.

He quickly left the castle. His first destination would be the small square in front of the city gate.

Along the way, Tang Yu noticed there were some new faces among the survivors. The shelter’s population seemed to be increased while he was away.

The new survivors didn’t recognize Tang Yu, but the older survivors recognized his face at once and enthusiastically introduced him to the new survivors as the leader of the shelter.

He then enjoyed the admiring gaze from the new survivors, although he didn’t want that.

“Mr. Chen, tell the workers to transport all the materials into the warehouse. The sooner, the better.”

After some finished business, Tang Yu went to the pub.

He could remotely control the pub from inside the castle. But Tang Yu felt more eased if he came to the actual place.

The level 2 pub still had an ordinary appearance. It occupied a small area behind the castle.

After he upgraded the castle, both the castle area and his territory expanded. He initially thought that the core buildings such as the pub would be changed too, but it seemed like that wasn’t the case.

“First, I will upgrade it to level 3 pub to increase the summon rate. With good luck, I hope I could summon a decent adventurer.”

“Ding! The pub has been upgraded to level 3.”

[The summon rate for high-ranked adventurer had increased, adventurers at the peak of the awakening stages can be summoned.] [The number of follower contract limit had increased to 9.] [Unlock new function: store the daily summon attempt to increase the summon rate of a high-ranked adventurer by combining the summon attempt.]

Tang Yu was stunned to discover the new function.

In the game, there were no new features after upgrading the pub into level three.

And this combined function… instead of wasting spirit stones in normal summoning, he could combine the attempt to increase the summon rate.

“Combine 3 summons will increase the chance to summon a C-rank adventurer.”

“Combining 20 summon attempts will increase the chance to summon a B-rank adventurer.”

“Combine…” Tang Yu sighed.

Tang Yu calculated that even if he combined 60 attempts, the exact summon rate for an A-rank adventurer is still now shown.

Maybe, the A-rank adventurer could no longer be summoned just from mere spirit crystals. The bloodline and the character were the keys.

He lacked of these two points.

“If the summon rate increased by 99%, then statistically, it’s profitable. If I don’t use the combine function, I need to summon 8 or 9 times in order to summon a C-Rank adventurer. With the level 3 pub summon rate increased, I probably need to summon more than 3 times.”

Tang Yu didn’t care with a C rank adventurer, but it’s different with B rank adventurer.

In reality, the followers couldn’t refuse the contract. Tang Yu hoped to sign a contract with a potential adventurer for long-term development.

B rank adventurer met his requirements.

However, Tang Yu was confused. Why didn’t he just get 100% summon rate? That would be great.

From 50 summon, he would get 1 low ranked adventurer. Even if the chance was low, he didn’t want to summon a low-ranked adventurer!

In order to combine the attempts, he invested spirit stones for 60 attempts with a total of 30000 spirit stones. He couldn’t spare any spirit stones again.

These 60 summon attempts would be divided into three and merged into 20 attempts each. This way, the summon chance would be somewhat better.

Tang Yu didn’t summon immediately. Instead, he went back to the castle, took a bath, and burnt incense. After the patrols continuously went out to the wilderness to search for materials, incense and other spiritual supplies were now available within the territory. This time it came in handy.

Tang Yu entered the pub and prepared the ritual.


The summoning circle formed by combined 20 attempts, looked gorgeous and mysterious. Just like high-quality spirit stones, the summoning circles also looked different.

For the first attempt, a blue light shone.

A burly figure with a broad back appeared from the summoning circle.

The second attempt, another B-rank blue light shone.

A figure in black clothing wearing a samurai straw hat appeared from the circle.

The third attempt…


After three consecutive summon attempts, Tang Yu felt his whole body swayed. Although he got all good summons, but spending 30 thousand spirit stones in one-go made his heart ached. He hadn’t experienced such a feeling before.

After summoning the three new followers, Tang Yu asked Elaine to Roger to take them to clean up and put on some new clothes.

After all, most of the adventurers summoned by him, no matter what the rank was, they were summoned in a very miserable situation.

Elaine was almost drowned in the black wave.

Roger was disabled after fighting against the black wave.

Gray Blade also fell into a bad situation for some reason.

These three new adventurers were all the same.

Soon, Tang Yu held a simple welcome ceremony in the castle, officially welcoming the three new followers to be a member of his territory.

He looked at the first person with a burly figure and wide back. His name was Shay. This time, he wore a black suit. Tang Yu thought that if he wore sunglasses, he’d look like a professional bodyguard. But on the contrary, his job was not a warrior like Roger, but a sniper.

Shay must initially be a warrior but was excellent at shooting.

The second person was a young man who wore a hat when he was first summoned. Now he had put down his straw hat. His name was only one word, Sky.

His job was a warrior. But in contrast with Roger, his build wasn’t burly at all. If he stood beside Shay, he would look relatively petite.

He carried three swords with him, all of which had different lengths. He must be a master swordsman—especially kendo.

The third follower, also with a B-rank qualification, finally proved his emperor’s bloodline.

Her job was priest. Specialize in healing.

Among the five jobs, mages and priests were extremely rare. Most of the priests were also good in combat.

Fortunately, this time he had summoned a healer.

Priest Juliet.

Seeing the size of her chest, Tang Yu immediately knew that her breast size must be good.

Absolutely fantastic.

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