My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 86


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 86 – Levels and Strength

Winnie covered her mouth as if she would ruin the dreamlike scenery. Shortly after, she closed her eyes. She couldn’t hide her shock, “I think…the concentration of light elements in the air suddenly rising.”

Elaine was also a little surprised, “I also feel it. If we meditate here, we will improve a lot.”

“This must be the masterpiece of the Lord,” Winnie said.

“The concentration of the source gas in the air instantly rises. I heard it take a long time for runemaster mages to increase the source gas concentration before they could draw a rune array that could gather source gas.”

“And this concentration feels strong. I don’t know how the Lord did it.” Elaine stared blankly at the figure below. After a pause, she continued, “We better get used to it. Our Lord will come up to something unexpected from time to time. Compared with this, the fact that the Lord could summon us into this world is even more amazing. We’re fortunate to be here.”

Winnie nodded. She had heard rune array, but she never heard the method of summoning people from another world. Before today, she didn’t even think about the possibility of another world’s existence.

Recalling what happened a while ago before she was summoned, Winnie smiled. She was indeed, lucky to be here.


Survivors were pushing carts to transport materials within the resort’s range. They were all sweating under the scorching sun and the hot weather. They were grateful for the job, but the weather was just too bad! It’s getting hotter every day.

But suddenly, they felt the temperature dropped. They felt a little cooler; even their work fatigue seemed to be lifted up at this moment.


Employment center.

The hunters and the combatants were signing up for the patrols test for tomorrow. Suddenly, everyone froze.

“What is this?”

“Do you feel it?”

They were all puzzled. They felt something inexplicable at this moment. As if their body and mind felt refreshed. Their whole body was filled with spiritual energy and became more powerful.

Shay took a deep breath and walked out of the employment center. He looked surprised at the direction of the castle.

Many hunters also came out and looked around.

The Hammer Brothers slammed their thighs, “I feel something very comfortable coming from that direction.”

Other hunters looked at the pointed direction. The stronger their power was, the clearer they could feel it.

Finally, someone looked at the direction and realize, “I know it! Leader Tang has made something good again!”


Lord Tang, who made the ‘good’ thing, didn’t expect such a big noise from just a building, as expected of a building worth of 20,000 spirit stones. It clearly made a different special effect.

“Thank God I made this stuff in the castle garden. It would be a waste of spirit stone if I didn’t.”

After the construction was completed, he figured out how this energy patio worked. Basically, it absorbed source gas from the air and the earth and gathered it to supply energy to the territory. Naturally, the closer he was from the energy patio, the greater the source gas concentration was.

He stood aside, feeling fresh from the cool wave, “If I cultivate here, maybe my cultivation strength will be boosted like a rocket.”

Cultivation was a way to enhance one’s strength. Initially, Tang Yu didn’t care much about it. He thought, as long as he cultivated his spirit power, his strength would improve. That resulted in his slow cultivation improvement.

But he didn’t dare to think it that way again, now that he understood stuff like the power source, the cultivation system, etc.

Ordinary people would improve their physical strength through exercise. After reaching a certain level, it would be difficult to improve further as they had reached the limit.

The same thing also applied to cultivation. But it’s more efficient. When reaching a certain level, it could hit the limit and break its limits. Cultivation was a method to tap the body’s true potential first and used it to improve higher levels of life.

But refining the spirit power was the opposite. After the spirit power was refined, the level of life changed. In turn, it drove the improvement of physical changes. The improvement method was more essential and faster, with no side effects.

As long as a sufficient spirit power was provided, the hunter wouldn’t hit his limit when ascending at a small level. They could improve higher, unlike cultivation, in which ascension impacted the limits.

Tang Yu had already estimated that by refining his spirit power by using this method. He would encounter his limit when he reached fifth awakening, ninth awakening, and twelfth awakening.

However, although refining the spirit power was highly efficient in nature, the hunter’s potential wasn’t fully developed. In the final analysis, every level upgrade was mainly to improve the level of life and physical fitness, which was a trivial thing.

This was also the reason why Roger could surpass hunters on the same level as him. In addition to expert combat skills, all aspects of his physical qualities exceeded the hunters on his level.

It kind of made sense, level, and strength were not equal.

Tang Yu set a small goal for himself to reach the fifth awakening stage, which was the peak of the awakening foundation. With the spirit power container, this should be easy. He didn’t need to start leveling. He could just drink experience elixir. Reaching the fifth awakening stage would be relatively quick, but after that, he would be stuck there for a while.

Not that it mattered. Tang Yu had no plan to rush his awakening level. This groundbreaking situation was initially the most critical stage of the first awakening realm. He would waste his potential if he hadn’t developed his own potential and broke through the next realm instead.

Now that the level was not his main concern. The key lied in developing his potential, and improving it would be much faster than training. But…he had no idea what his potential was. That’s the problem.

Tang Yu counted his six summoned followers with his finger. They all had their own cultivation method. Winnie’s cultivation method was the most advanced compared with the others. But this method would need a particular affinity to the light element to get started, which Tang Yu barely had in the first place. Elaine’s basic meditation ritual was also the same. The requirements were relatively lower but still too high for Tang Yu.

After some research, Tang Yu chose Roger’s warrior cultivation method. This method was the most popular one which he could try. According to Roger, when he started training as a warrior, he was given an incomplete warrior cultivation method. The full method was given to him by the higher warrior after he reached a certain achievement. He was also needed to sign a contract to ensure the method’s secrecy.

This showed the scarcity of cultivation methods. Fortunately, after signing a follower contract with Roger, the system wiped out every other contract. He could also get the complete version of the warrior cultivation method.

“Hmm… there’s no cultivation method in this world. Although there were several martial arts hall in Lindong shelter, it only teaches the basic martial skills.”

He had visited once. As a result, he beat the master who boasted his own Kung Fu power.

Tang Yu shook his head. His priority now was to introduce the warrior cultivation method.

“This kind of cultivation method is said to be the most suitable one after high-intensity fighting. It’s easy to breakthrough. I usually fight in the spiritual space. But although the fighting intensity is high, it’s still an illusion, and it has no effect on my physique. Well now…”

He needed physical training.

Tang Yu went to the training camp. There’s no one on the ground floor of the training camp. It’s too early, and most of the member of the patrols were on duty or was escorting the survivors to transport supplies.

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