My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 87


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 87 – The Test Begin!

Instead of the fifth floor, Tang Yu went straight to the fourth floor. The third and fourth floors had the same facilities, like the rapid runway, strain space, and gravity chamber. There were two of them on each floor. He only permitted the patrol until the third floor. Tang Yu and several of his followers used the fourth floor.

When Tang Yu arrived, he saw one of the gravity chamber doors was closed. The display light above the door was on, meaning someone was inside. He didn’t think much about it; maybe Sky was inside the chamber. He walked to another chamber, and the door closed with voice control.

The gravity chamber was a medium-sized white room, only 30 or 40 square meters. The surrounding floor and ceiling were made with strong solid metal walls, which could effectively prevent damage caused by the users.

There were no control instruments inside. The gravity flow was controlled by voice. If it’s controlled with buttons, the user might accidentally press the wrong button when the user was in a pinch. It would be a problem. That’s the reason why voice control was better for this chamber.

If the gravity was too heavy for the user that the user couldn’t even open their mouth, there’s another option. Anyway, no one would die in this chamber, especially him.

“This gravity chamber also had a safety policy and protection measure. If it detects the user is in grave danger, it will automatically return the gravity to normal. It’s not like we can die in here, right?” Tang Yu shook his head to avoid thinking of death. He won’t be dead, but in the worst case, he might need medical attention and bed rest for several days.

“With my current physical fitness, I should have no problem withstanding five, six, seven, eight, or nine times of the gravity alteration. But I should probably increase it gradually.” Tang Yu vocally controlled the gravity alteration. He gradually added the level. Slowly, the gravity changed into two times more pressure. After all, an adaptation process was necessary.

As the gravity rises, he felt pressure on his chest. He felt every part of his body tried hard to withstand the heavy pressure. His brain dazed, his breathing rapidly increased. Tang Yu slowly adjusted his breath and began to adapt his body as the gravity changed.

He tried hard to maintain a stance from one of the warrior cultivation methods. At first, his movement was slow under such high-intensity pressure. But gradually, his movement smoothed out. He couldn’t help but attack using one of the heavy combat skills. Instead of using a sword, he condensed the power on his whole body and concentrated it on his fist. He punched the side walls.


Tang Yu looked surprised. His fist hurt, and he felt incredibly tired. Under normal circumstances, he could make at least three punches with his current physical strength. However, under the high-intensity pressure of the gravity chamber, he consumed more energy in one blow. This heavy blow completely extinguished his energy.

He halfway laid down on the ground; his back was leaning on the sidewall. He struggled to move his hand into his pocket. From there, he pulled out a crystalized spirit stones. Although wasteful, but it could also be used to restore physical strength. Tang Yu held the crystallized spirit stones in his hand. His body immediately absorbed the energy from the crystal, like water flowing into his body.

His strength gradually recovered. His hand no longer hurt, and he had no trouble breathing. His face brightened. This was the spirit stone cultivation method.

After a while, Tang Yu wasn’t sure if it was just an illusion or not, but he felt his fist were more powerful than before. His motivation to continue training immediately rose higher.


The next day, the weather was sunny.

Although sunny, thanks to the energy patio, the temperature dropped a few degrees from the usual. It’s not hot, a good day for the test.

There were nearly thirty people who signed up for the patrol test this time. The number of applicants was a bit too large, so Tang Yu arranged the test in the hotel, located in the middle area of the resort. Except for the villa area, the entire resort villa had been demolished. This hotel was one of the few preserved buildings from the original resort. It’s also the largest building outside the shelter’s system building.

Back then, he saw No. 1 and the Scarlet Demonic Beast’s fearsome battle. The traces of the battle disappeared after some repairs. Even the broken walls that were caused by the battle had been transformed into doors and windows. It’s not particularly high-quality repairs, but it looked decent enough.

Back to the topic, Tang Yu glanced at the applicants. Most of them were hunters. Nothing dangerous would happen, right?

The first test was a written test. The questions were mostly post-doomsday common sense questions. The patrols should have good strength, but their intelligence should be equally good too.

Tang Yu scratched his chin and pondered. He made some of these questions. As someone who made the questions, he found it funny to see the applicants’ desperate faces. Most of the questions were indeed common sense questions, but not all. There were some tricky questions, as well. He looked at the examination room with amusement.

At the moment, tables and chairs were placed in the hotel lobby. Roger, the lead examiner, stood in the front with a serious expression. His burly figure and solemn expression were enough to make the applicants afraid of cheating. Not that they could cheat, of course. The vice examiner, Chen Haiping, was the one reviewing the test paper.

When the test time started, people walked into the room after took their number plates. They had waited for some time outside the lobby.

Zhao Ming was very excited at this moment. He would be a member of the patrol team after this test! As he walked in, he glanced over the fellow applicant but couldn’t find the big brother yesterday.

So he didn’t participate in the test? He was a bit disappointed and felt sorry for the big brother. He was optimistic about that person. There were too many hunters on the room yesterday; they couldn’t sense each other’s specific aura unless they really concentrated.

Zhao Ming didn’t know the person’s exact strength, but he was confident in that big brother, just like he was confident in himself.

What a shame… he initially thought they could train together after they join the patrol team. According to some books he had read, as a new recruit, he had to be prepared to be bullied by the seniors in the patrol team.

It seemed like he would need to find someone else. Zhao Ming also saw the Hammer Brothers. Today and yesterday, he could recognize the two, not from their aura, which wasn’t particularly strong. Without their hammers, the combination of the tall and chubby men had no special features except for their figure. One was tall; one was short.

Zhao Ming shook his head and found his table.

He sat down.

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