My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 9


Chapter 9 – The First Follower


“Help me!”

The slums were characterized with a large number of people and narrow streets.

Everyone panicked and started to frantically run around like flies as soon as the city wall collapsed. Monsters densely poured into the city from the gap of the city wall, just like a black wave. They attacked the residents in no time.

The outer part of the city was no longer safe. Thus some smarter people fled to the inner city. At this time, only the inner city wall was still intact, and the guards there was far more superior. The inner city was indeed much safer, but Elaine had no plan to go there. Usually, only the nobles and wealthy merchants could enter the inner city on weekdays. In this crisis, it’s even harder for the poor to enter.

Finding a high ground and hold on was the best option she had.

Fortunately, Elaine was quite familiar with the slums and soon found a place suitable to hold up. It was surrounded by relatively strong houses and backed by the city walls. There was also quite some distance from the breached city wall. It’s the best place for now.

Countless monsters swarmed through the streets.

Elaine often heard it from her parent as a child, but this was her first time seeing the monsters directly. Their appearances were different from one monster to another, the only similarities were their ugliness, fierce, and exuding a terrifying aura. It was said that an evil god sent the dark creatures to invade the world.

A swarm of spiders passed through, they were baby-sized and covered in purple and black fur. As they hissed, corrosive liquid dripped from their mouth.

That was the lowest-rank demon spider, but they were still deadly for ordinary people. Its venom was strong and corrosive, and many guards would be poisoned if they’re not careful.

Some information flashed in Elaine’s head. She stretched out her hand and began to gather the surrounding ice element. For the first time since her awakening, she actually cast a spell.

The surrounding temperature dropped in an instant as sharp ice spike condensed on her palm.

Boom! Boom!

The ice spike penetrated the demon spider and then broke into ice shards, froze each demon spider on the surrounding area.

A mage like herself had an advantage in dealing with weak dark creatures that were moving in groups.

However, the numbers of the demon spider were endless, and the human’s screams echoed everywhere.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Five minutes later…

Backed up by the city wall, this place was relatively safe. She didn’t encounter any strong monsters from the black wave. However, Elain’s face became pale, she got exhausted from using her magic power just to deal with these demon spiders. The situation became even dire as she saw almost all of the soldiers on the city wall were killed.

How cruel!

Three years ago, she only knew that the black wave was terrible. But now, she realized her powerlessness.

In the distance, the inner city set ablaze, while the outer city had long been silent. Elaine didn’t know how many survivors left in the outer city. But she acknowledged that her magic power had depleted, she could no longer cast any spells, and that meant she’s as good as dead.

‘Am I gonna die like this?’

She should’ve been dead for a while if she hadn’t awakened three years ago, but…

A demon spider rushed towards her, the venom corrodes her cloak, seeped through her skin. The severe pain hit her nerves.

Rather than being in a panic, Elaine became calm instead.


There was a ripple in her calm eyes.

“Are you willing to be a follower of the Lord? Yes/No?”

A golden shining scroll appeared in front of her as if it was dispelling through the endless darkness.

She was traveling through space and time.

In a moment, Elaine’s eyes widened. The endless black wave was gone, the sound of battle and screaming disappeared. Instead, a pub appeared in front of her.


She was surprised she wasn’t in pain. Although her robe got ragged, her skin was smooth without any injuries. She realized her magic power was fully restored.

‘Am I dreaming? ‘

Elaine pinched herself only to be shocked that the pain was real. It’s not a dream, she was not dead. Just like the contract said, she had been summoned to another world.

She came here as a follower and would have a new start again.

The orange light glowed around her, the surrounding place was silent. Elaine raised her head, her eyes met with a young man smiling gently.

She froze. She finally stepped forward and knelt down on one knee.

The shadowy figure from the magic circle turned in to a human girl. Her clothes were ragged, her wide cloak shredded, and her blood-stained appearance.

Tang Yu realized the girl might still be in shock. He was about to step forward when his foot stopped midair…

As a lord, what should he say to his first follower?

Tang Yu felt a little distressed and regret that he didn’t prepare a speech in advance. He couldn’t address her as a woman, should he say hello comrades, or how are you comrades?

That’s not a good idea.

Suddenly, Tang Yu’s gaze fixed on the wine bottles behind the counter. His eyes brightened, he took a bottle and handed it to the girl.

“Do you want to drink?”

Just then, Elaine had just stepped forward and knelt on one knee.

The atmosphere was awkward…

After a few minutes.

Elaine followed behind the Lord and still feeling like she’s dreaming.

First, she escaped death and was summoned into this world. There was also information forcefully installed in her mind by the contract’s power. She felt comfortable as if the language and common sense of this world had already ingrained into her daily habits.

It’s the reason she was surprised, and now, she followed the Lord into the castle.

As a child who was raised in the slum area, this was the first time she saw such a place. The castle was magnificent, but she was dirty. By walking there, she felt like she just tainted beautiful scenery.

She froze at the door only to get dragged in by the Lord. Her footprints left a black trace on the floor all the way up through the halls until they got into a large and bright room on the second floor.

“This is the bathroom, the clothes are over there, but they might not suit your size, but you’ll have to make do and wear them. I will prepare some food, it will be ready when you are done bathing.”

The door closed with a soft click, but the Lord’s words echoed through her mind, she was mesmerized by the room’s beautiful scenery.

Her expression was still in a trance, she recalled her whole life. Since her parent’s demise, her whole life had turned upside down. She was bullied and rejected, surrounded by evil people. But today, she felt warm again.

Elaine blinked, couldn’t help with the tears swelling in her eyes. She took off her clothes and walked into the warm bath. Warm water submerged her knees, the gentle smile of the Lord lingered on her mind.

Elaine sat down carefully, soaking her shoulder with warm water and washed away the dirt on her body.

She closed her eyes. A new faith emerged in her heart.

Tang Yu was humming a tone while he was busy in the kitchen.

Unless for some instant noodles, he couldn’t cook. But thanks to the advanced kitchen tools and utensils, he could scrape up some ingredients and make a decent meal.

Back to the second floor, he stared intensely at the closed bathroom door. He listened to the sound of splashing water inside. Tang Yu was caught up in the moment.

Although Elaine’s cloak was in tatters, her whole body seems dirty, just like she just dipped in mud. She looked like she just escaped from a miserable situation. In fact, he hadn’t seen how she looked like. He only heard her clear and sweet voice.

He thought she would spend time longer in the bathroom, but the bathroom door suddenly opened with a click as a dense fog spread out from inside.

Tang Yu had some kind of expectation.

A white leg appeared in front of him as if it was made from the most pristine ivory. The figure approached him…

Tang Yu nervously swallowed his saliva.

Elaine looked like an elf walking out from a picturesque painting. Her long blue sky hair almost touched her waist, water droplets dripped from her hair as it’s not completely died yet. She blushed lightly, her skin’s fair and smooth, just like a glimmering ice crystal.

A large man’s coat covering her delicate body. Her pair of ivory thighs were almost exposed to thin air, they twisted uncomfortably.

Tang Yu’s blood tensed, he only needed to supply it with more nutrition.

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