My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 91


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 91 – Challenge?

The young hunter smiled with confidence. He wanted more than just a puppet. The test only required him to defeat the puppet, and he would pass. But he had carefully observed the puppets, he was determined to completely destroy it.

Will the strong and the weak gets the same recognition? Will the hunters that pass the test easily and those who barely pass the test get the same treatment? The young hunter was sure he would definitely get better treatment.

All he had to do was win this game, so the seniors in the patrol teams would recognize him. Perhaps by then, he will understand the patrol team’s secret, so he will get even stronger.

He smirked at the puppet in front of him, and the battle began. The puppet attacked in the same pattern he had predicted. He quickly struck a few times, making big damage on the puppet, almost piercing through its torso.

The puppets rushed again, he had memorized the puppet’s attack pattern. The young hunter’s gaze fixed on its movement, waiting for an opportunity to destroy the puppet in a single blow. He will score a record for the shortest battle length! Which will also lead him to get better treatment.

The young hunter determined to strike through the previous incision on the puppet’s torso. With this single blow, he would slice the puppet in half. Not long after, the young hunter prepared to strike. Suddenly, his right hand that was holding the sword was caught by the puppet.

He was caught.

His right hand was caught by the puppet. His eyes widened in surprise. The puppets moved in a different attack pattern?! Why didn’t it throw a punch instead of grabbing his hand? Could it be this pattern was new, and he hadn’t studied it thoroughly?

He couldn’t think clearly.

The puppet’s other arm hit with a deadly punch. This punch was the most frequent attack pattern, although strong, it lacked flexibility. As long as he could evade it, it wasn’t a big threat. Or so he thought. But he couldn’t avoid this blow.

The punch hit him on his face, sunken the bridge of his nose. His body flew out of the combat arena, and he lost consciousness. The spectating hunters glanced at him, he looked miserable but wasn’t in real danger.

They previously thought he would pass the test easily. The hunters that hadn’t been evaluated yet were nervous, soon, they forgot the young hunter’s miserable state.

The entire test almost came to an end, with only three people left. On one side was a duo of a tall and chubby man, and the other one was a handsome looking teenager. The older Ma brother patted the handsome young man’s shoulder. “Boy, if you’re not ready now, I will do it first.”

The patted person was surprised, his body trembled in nervous, “I…I’m going now.” He was hurriedly walking forward to the combat arena.

Chen Haiping looked at him and quickly stopped the young person. He pointed to a certain direction, “The weapon rack is there.” The boy shivered and quickly ran to the weapon rack. He hesitated but finally picked up a long sword.

“You can do it! Fighting!” he cheered himself up before the battle started.

As soon as the battle started, the puppet with a round body rushed towards the young boy at high speed. The puppet charged a fist as it approached its opponent. The young boy was terrified, his legs couldn’t stop trembling.

He wanted to avoid the punch, but his body couldn’t move. Finally, he dared to swing his sword. But then, when the puppet’s punch hit the sword, deflecting the sword and hit the chest of the handsome teenager.


With a crisp fracture sound, the teenager flew out of the arena from the puppet’s punch. Although the teenager didn’t faint, he looked even more miserable than the young man before. The front part of his chest was broken. He coughed out blood.

“Wah, he looks miserable.”

“He’s too confident with his power.”

“Although a hunter won’t be dead from such wound, but he still needs to bed rest for a while if he wanted to be fully recovered.

The teenager’s face turned pale, he tightly bit his lip, trying not to cry. It seemed like he thought too highly of himself and got the consequences. Suddenly, a ray of yellow-green light shone from the top of his head. The handsome teenager felt warm. It seemed like his wound was healing quickly as the pain on his chest gradually disappeared.

The spectating hunters were all shocked.

“What is that?” the man pointed at the teenager who was shrouded in a light yellow-green light. His sunken chest was gradually recovering.

“The wound is recovering! Is that…” someone exclaimed. The man’s gaze quickly swept over the crowds, and soon, his gaze landed on Winnie’s hand in the distance. At this time, Winnie’s hand was half folded, exuding a gleaming light on both of her hands. The brilliant light was exactly the same as the brilliance that shrouded the young boy’s body.

“Oh My God! It’s real! The legendary hunter with healing ability!”

The hunters quickly turned their eyes to Winnie. She was solemn and holy. Her pale blonde hair gently swayed in the air without any wind. The handsome young boy looked up to his savior, in his eyes, Winnie looked like the holiest angel. He was stunned; soon, his face turned red.


Outside the field, on the edge of the combat arena.

The young hunter who just got hit in the face was stunned. He was just awake. His body flinched in pain. His eyes were dazzled by the blinding light. He saw the injured teenager’s chest was quickly recovered by the brilliant light. He was going to stand up but noticed his face was swollen and broken. Suddenly, he fainted again.

The last two people were the Iron Hammer Brothers. After countless combat trials, the other candidates lost their interest. Most of them who failed already left the arena. Although some of them stayed to watch. The successful hunter also thought they should leave soon to prepare for their official appointment in joining the patrol team. They were excited.

The two brothers stepped up. The tall one suddenly said, “Captain Roger, I wish to challenge you in a duel.” Ma Jiafeng looked dead serious. He wasn’t joking.

The spectators were all stunned.

“Challenging Captain Roger?! Is he crazy?!”

However, some people weren’t surprised at all, “You don’t know who they are? They’re Iron Hammer Brothers. They’re very powerful.”

“So they’re the infamous Brothers of the Iron Hammer? No wonder. I heard they’re triple awakening strength. They said the strength of just the two of them combined is even stronger than the strength of most shelter.”

“Not just it! They said those two are fighting maniacs! They loved to challenge the strongest hunter. Once, they challenged a strong shelter leader. No wonder they wanted to challenge Captain Roger.”

“So, did they win?” The hunter next to him was curious.

“The result is…” the hunter shook his head. “The shelter leader refused the duel. In the end, they didn’t fight.”

The nearby hunters were all sighed in disappointment. Even if the duel took place, the leader would definitely lose. That’s probably the reason why he avoided it.

But if Captain Roger could easily defeat the Hammer Brothers, he wouldn’t refuse, right?

Absolutely not.

So, Captain Roger would accept this challenge, right?

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