My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 93


Chapter 93 – No problem. We’ll talk about it after the ‘work’ is done.

“I want you to work for me.”

The old man swung the bottle in his hand as if he didn’t care about Gray Blade’s words. He continued, “Just say it when you need something. We can do things for you. From finding people, missing things, or ‘dealing’ with someone you don’t like.”

“Just say what you want, leave money for the deposit, and I’ll talk to my higher up for you.”

Gray Blade gently tapped the table and gazed at the old man. “Old man Yan, there’s no need to pretend in front of me.”

The old man just raised his eyebrows. Still careless.

“I know you’re the real boss around here. You’re the one who runs all these businesses, including the bar.”

This time, old man Yan was a little surprised. Some people already knew his family name, Yan. But most of them thought he was just a mediator. He was working for someone else to inquire about the client’s need and talked to the real boss behind the scenes so they could decide whether to carry out the business or refuse. But only a few people knew the truth. That those thugs were his ‘employees.’

Old Man Yan’s eyebrows furrowed. He looked at Gray Blade. “Alright, kid. Since you know what this place is, I’m sure you know what happens if you mess around here.”

“Or maybe you think just because we never kill someone here, we have no guts to do it? In this refugee area, people die every day. If there’s a lot of people dying, we could be in trouble. But you’re nobody. You’re alone, and no one cares about you.”

He shook his head. “But we still got a deal, so I’ll give you one last chance. I’ll offer you a peaceful solution. Say what you want.”

“What I want?” Gray Blade laughed. “I want you. I want you and your men to work for me. Otherwise, why would I be here?”

Old Man Yan’s face grew dark. He slapped the bell under the table, and an alarm ringing sounded throughout the bar. The bartender turned pale and stopped what he was doing. Many big men ran out from the inside the bar. They carried weapons such as knives and guns. The customer immediately noticed something amiss. As soon as they saw the armed mobs, they immediately left the bar. They’re not fools, they understood that they had to leave soon if they still wanted to live.


The bar’s door was slammed close.

One by one, the big men looked at Gray Blade coldly. The strongest looking man among the crowd pointed at Gray Blade. “Daddy, is this man the troublemaker?! He’s way too skinny I could’ve just snapped his bones.”

Gray Blade squinted and smirked. Looking ignorant.

Gray Blade’s ignorance made Old Man Yan had goosebumps. This young man didn’t look strong, his aura was also weak. So why was he so confident?! What’s his hidden card?!

The big men surrounding Gray Blade wasn’t as cautious as Old Man Yan. The first man swept down his fighting stick but found Gray Blade was missing from his vision. In the next moment, his vision spun around as his whole body was thrown up. His body hit the floor on the far side of the room with a loud bang. The impact made the old building trembled as the dense dust spilled down from the ceiling.

The man was about to stand up when suddenly a big shadow was upon him. One of the big men was also thrown like him. The flying man hit him in the face. One by one, all of the strong looking big men were thrown across the room in the same place. Their body probably weighed twice more than Gray Blade. But one after another, his men were tossed like a toy by this skinny looking man!

The oldest man’s expression darkened. He was speechless and could only grunt. Yan Dazhuang, the most physically strongest person and also hunter, roared and rushed towards Gray Blade. He slammed his fist, but Gray Blade’s figure was gone. Instead, he broke the table where Gray Blade once stood.

The old man’s eyes flashed. He was distressed.

The hunter quickly turned around, “Gotcha.” His huge fist punched down, this time directly on Gray Blade. However, Yan Dazhuang was stunned. His right fist went right through him. It was an illusion! His fist hit the wall. With a loud bang, the wall cracked. The old man Yan was so distressed that he shattered the empty wine bottle in his hand.

A few minutes later, the bar was filled with a hill made of human bodies. The bottom man already passed out from the pressure of his fellow teammates above him. Yan Dhazuang was the last one to be thrown into the pile of human bodies. His condition was the most miserable. His nose was broken and swollen. If that wasn’t his son, old man Yan wouldn’t recognize him.

After finishing his ‘work’, Gray Blade clapped his hands and looked at old man Yan. “I’ll humbly reintroduce myself…well, actually, my identity is confidential. So now, can we talk about work?”


Academy of Sciences. Underground research lab.

Sun Weiguo was using a device to engrave the runes into equipment. Despite his age, his hands didn’t tremble as he controlled the device. That’s why he didn’t ask anyone to help him. He enjoyed the process of having the research result from his own hands.

After some time, the runes were finally inscribed in the equipment. Sun Weiguo carefully took the longsword to another table and placed it on a testing device. The red light on the instrument lighted up, and the result appeared. His assistant next to him, Xiao Lin, was too nervous to breathe. He waited for some time before carefully asking, “Professor, did it work?”

Sun Weiguo’s eyebrow furrowed. “I successfully inscribed the rune into the sword. However, the result was far below my expectations.”

Ever since he discussed runes with Tang Yu, Sun Weiguo was enlightened. Initially, he had long studied this specific research. But he got stuck at one point. After passing through the obstacle, Sun Weiguo immediately discussed it with several other experts. After a lengthy discussion and research, a systematic summary of this extraordinary rune power was made. They had anticipated that the most challenging part in crafting a rune inscribed weapon was in the step of inscribing the runes.

Right now, he had successfully inscribed the rune into the longsword. However, the effect was less than the Demon Slayer Sword.

“Where did I go wrong?”

Sun Weiguo’s brain was exhausted. For the sake of quality, he used the exact same material, style, and size, like the Demon Slayer Sword. Even if there’s some difference in size, it’s barely noticeable! But it’s still useless!

To inscribe this rune, he consumed thousands of spirit stones which must’ve been far beyond the regular consumption of ordinary rune inscribed weapons. If he were successful, then he wouldn’t regret it. But the newly rune inscribed longsword’s quality was far beneath the Demon Slayer Sword. Suddenly, a new idea popped in his mind.

“Xiaolin, fetch me another Demon Slayer Sword.”

The assistant, Xiaolin, was about to go when he noticed something wrong. “Professor, we just dismantled the last Demon Slayer Sword we have in this experiment.” He looked bitter.

Sun Weiguo’s face looked like he was almost going crazy. As if he was looking forward to doing something, but he was told he couldn’t do it today. Or even worse!

Now, his fingers were trembling with anger. He suddenly slapped his thigh, “Right! That young guy from the last time. Lin, I told you to keep an eye for him, right? Go find him, say, I’ll buy all the Demon Slayer Swords. Spirit stones aren’t a problem. Give everything he wants as long as it’s within our reach.”

Sun Weiguo was anxious that he couldn’t think clearly.

Xiao Lin panicked. “Professor, I found their residence in Lindong. But they’re not there!”

“Ah… so they went out for a mission? Well, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“No.” Xiao Lin thought about it. He finally spoke the harsh truth. “It seems like they haven’t returned to the shelter. I heard they were attacked by the Scarlet Hands on the battlefield.”

“The Scarlet Hand, you said?!” Sun Weiguo was furious. Although he had spent a lot of money for the young man, Sun Weiguo still felt the young man had contributed a great deal to Lindong Shelter. But unfortunately, they were attacked by the Scarlet Hand!

His eyes were hopeless, “It’s my fault. I must talk to Lu Jianjun to eliminate those rats!!!”

Sun Weiguo was about to leave when he heard Xiao Lin said, “No, Professor. The Scarlet Hands was exterminated. And they said those three-person did it.”

Sun Weiguo was speechless.

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