My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 94


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 94 – Careful with what you wish for

Under the red mist, the sound of gunfire continuously ringing. Lin Wei stood on top of an armored vehicle. He looked at the crack of the abyss at a distance. Wondering what’s inside.

They were near the crack of the abyss. The red mist was dense, even the ground looked dark red from the mist and covered in dense black cracks. According to research, those cracks were formed from the escaping energy generated by the crack of the abyss. It completely changed the environment in the area.

With the military troops at the frontline, the high ranks of Lindong Shelter formed a line of defense surrounding the entire crack of the abyss. Once a sign of demonic beast emerging, various weapons set on the area would immediately fire the beast.

Suddenly, one of his subordinates came running from the distance.

“How’s it going?” Lin Wei asked.

“We resisted the third demonic beast wave today. Everything was under control. Maybe in two days, this line of defense will be more stabilized.”

The crack of the abyss’ existence was far beyond human knowledge. The simplest theory was that the abyss’ crack was a space tunnel that connected Earth with another world. At the beginning of the doomsday, some military brigade took control of a crack of the abyss and sent a special force to enter the crack for investigation. But once the men were sent in, no one came back. After several attempts, the high-rank general stopped trying. They immediately understood, whatever was on the other side was bound to be extremely dangerous.

The crack of the abyss couldn’t be destroyed, nor was there any way to stop the demonic beast from pouring out. Humanity could only form a line of defense to firmly keep the demonic beast from attacking. That was until they realized that modern firearms were useless against a massive demonic beast wave.

The reason why the defensive line wasn’t stable yet was also because the Lindong Shelter officials and high-ranks were worried that a powerful demonic beast would suddenly emerged like the last time. But after two days, they had set weapons on the perimeter. Even if a massive-sized demonic beast emerged again, they had set up the energy gathering cannon that would immediately destroy the beast.

By then, there would be no threat from the crack of the abyss. Instead, it would bring a steady income of Lindong Shelter resources such as spirit stones or precious materials from a demonic beast.

“That old man Lu was indeed brave. But what a shame…”

Lin Wei didn’t really want to overthrow Lu Jianjun. He wasn’t stupid, The demonic beast was their real enemy. If humans were fighting among themselves, it would weaken the Lindong Shelter’s power. In conclusion, humanity would go extinct.

All he wanted to do was build up his strength and gather enough power to do whatever he wanted without anyone dared to restraint him. And Lu Jianjun wasn’t a real threat to him, even though he could be a nuisance sometimes. On the contrary, while Lu Jianjun was still on his position, there’s a lot of things he would need to do. For example, this time, Lu Jianjun bore the main responsibility to form an allied force from the Lindong Shelter high-ranks and officials.

Lin Wei stroked his chin and smiled. “This is all of Lu Jianjun’s responsibility. As long as I have my share, It’s enough.”

“It just so happens that last time Dr. Zheng sent word, he said that the Beast Warrior Project had reached its final stages. But lacked experimental resources. But now it’s no longer a problem since we’ve controlled the crack of the abyss.” Lin Wei turned around and gazed at the horizon.

In a couple of days after the defense line was stable, he could sneak away with some of his subordinates to exterminate the Tree Shade Shelter that was bothering him. Then he could gain control of their spirit stones. When the time came, he wouldn’t be lacking spirit stones nor demonic beast material. The Beast-Warrior Project finishing stage was just around the corner.


Tree Shade Shelter.

The patrol recruitment test was completed. Roger led the new patrol members to the back valley. It was the patrol team’s training ground and also the daily resting place. The senior patrol members were heading there too. The patrol members, senior and new, would meet soon.

The Hammer Brothers followed closely behind the group. The chubby brother leaned and whispered, “Big bro, big bro. Why did we end up joining the patrol team?”

The tall one looked up at the Sky with a pensive face. It’s true, he never thought of joining any patrols. He thought the only way to get stronger was to stay in the wilderness and face constant danger. Or so he thought. It was also why the two of them could come to this stage and become a master. However, after they couldn’t defeat Roger…no, they’re still too far from defeating him. Ma Jiafeng couldn’t even guess how keen Roger really was.

He was the Captain of the patrol team. But people said the shelter had someone with ice ability that was extremely strong. There’s also someone with healing ability that they just witnessed earlier that day. Just because Winnie was a healer, Ma Jiafeng felt she was strong. Her aura threatened him.

In conclusion, their level was far beyond him. Not to mention the shelter’s mysterious Leader, Mr. Tang, who fabricated buildings and puppets out of thin air. His strength was already too high.

That’s the reason he didn’t refuse to join the patrol team. Although he could no longer roam the wilderness freely, as long as he could become stronger, no matter what it would, he would do it!

They walked into the valley, their field of vision suddenly brightened. On the right side of the valley, there was a vast sea of golden wheat and all kinds of crops such as corn, potatoes, even fruits and vegetables grown from cultivated lands. The crops were growing happily. Most of the new recruits were surprised when they saw the large field. Food was extremely precious in the doomsday. These soon to be mature growing crops representing hope. As members of the patrol team, and part of the shelter, these people naturally wanted the shelter to grow so they would have more benefits.

The next moment, they saw the patrol team members on the side of the valley, relaxing.

“Call the landlord, rob the landlord!”

“Four sixes!”

“King Bomb! Hahahaaaa, I won again!”

TL note: they were actually playing a popular Chinese card game called Dou dhizu (Fighting the Landlord).

The Hammer Brother followed the new recruits in and saw such a scene. A burly man with a big back, a young man, and a fat man were fighting! Their sound could be heard from afar.

They saw the burly man thrown his cards and laughed loudly. The other two looked depressed. The Hammer Brothers looked at each other. They felt this scene was rather odd, or were they in the wrong place.

Shortly after, they shifted their attention to another side and saw one man with his eyes closed. His entire body upside down, supported by only one finger. Which wasn’t even on the ground, but on an upright bamboo pole.

Finally! A normal scene…but what the hell?! Either they looked too serious or too lousy. Was this really the patrol team? At this time, Roger coughed. And the three-person playing Landlords stopped.

There was no special ceremony. The newcomers joining the patrols were nothing more than just getting acquainted first. Roger highlighted two of them.

“These two, Shay and Sky. Are the Vice Captains of the Patrol Team. They’re the ones you should all obey in my absence. And of course, they’re very strong. You can try sparring with them if you’re interested.”

There was little reaction from the senior patrol members as they already knew each other first. Some people looked forward in a happy mood, although the result was clear. The new members, especially those like Iron Hammer Brothers and Lan Qingya was a little excited. They looked forward to learning from the expert.

Among the crowd, Zhao Ming cringed. He had a hard time in the previous test. He barely made it through the patrol and found out the tall man and the chubby man who didn’t look too promising was the infamous Iron Hammer Brothers. He was surprised.

But he wasn’t discouraged. After joining the patrol, he was confident that he would become a master like the Hammer Brothers in the future. It was just after seeing Shay, Zhao Ming couldn’t hold it anymore.

Wasn’t that the big brother he was fond of? What did Captain Roger just say? Shay was the Vice-Captain, and he was strong? How strong would he be to have someone like Captain Roger to openly praise his power? He must be at least near Captain Roger’s level!

Zhao Ming looked bitter. He boasted on this big brother back then in the office. What should he do? Online class, it’s urgent!

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