My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 95


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 95 – The Mission

Research Institute.

Tang Yu hummed a little song as he walked to the territory. He felt pleased that he almost slack off like a canned mackerel. Fortunately, his lack of money gave him the motivation to move forward. He took out a flash disk that contained a lot of information that he downloaded from Lindong, including firearms blueprints.

Firearms could deal with the ordinary demonic beast but were practically useless against the stronger demonic beast. But the most important thing is, it’s cheap. To craft a basic rune weapon, although cheap, it still required 10 spirit stones. Five for making the rune, five other for inscribing the rune into the weapon. In contrast, firearms are much cheaper as long as iron material is available. With sufficient iron, they can be manufactured continuously.

Tang Yu entered the information on the USB stick into the Research Institute’s database. Most of the gun blueprints aren’t detailed and lack the most critical dimensional data. But for Tang Yu, it’s all the same. Even if there’s no blueprint, as long as he had the gun in physical form, he could derive the relevant blueprints using the Research Institute. Once these drawings were perfected and converted into the appropriate format, they can be manufactured in a workshop. This was specifically sought out only to reduce the production cost.

Tang Yu was operating the control panel beside him and transformed these drawings into an appropriate format for the workshop.

“Ding! Consume 1.5 unit of spirit stone to generate a Barrett Sniper Rifle blueprint.”

“Ding! Consume 50 units of spirit stones to derive an Enhanced Type-1 Barret Sniper Rifle blueprint.”

“Ding! Consume 2 units of spirit stones to generate Gatling gun blueprint.”

“Ding! Consume 80 units of spirit stones to derive Enhanced Type-1 Gatling gun blueprint.”


Tang Yu smiled with satisfaction at the newly generated blueprints.


The next day, everything was ready for combat. The member of the patrol who received the news of a big mission today were already excited and couldn’t help themselves. As requested, they had assembled at the side gate of the resort.

Ma Jiafeng held a two-handed war hammer studded with spikes. He looked like a tiger ready to pounce. His younger brother held two small hammers in his hands. He was also excited. It’s a custom weapon they requested at the cost of not receiving the basic weapon distributed by the shelter for the patrol team. In other words, they owed their contribution point to the shelter. However, the Hammer Brothers were satisfied.

This war hammer was a lot lighter to wield. Especially the spikes on it was incredibly sharp. If he were to hit it in the enemy’s face, it’s guaranteed to look like a honeycomb. With this war hammer, his strength could improve a lot. He was confident enough to face an ordinary triple awakening demonic beast one-on-one! Ma Jiafeng was looking forward to the mission. He wanted to earn enough contribution points from the mission. They already owed the shelter their contribution points in exchange for weapons.

Not long after, a massive truck drove up and pulled up beside them. The car door swung opened, showing Roger, donned in black armor, jumped down from the driver’s seat. The ground trembled as he descended. Ma Jiafeng secretly glanced into the driver seat to see if the driver’s seat was crushed.

Roger pointed to the back of the truck, “There’s some stuff in there. You guys go and unload it.”

The patrols did as they were told. When Ma Jiafeng peeked into the truck, he saw there were metal boxes inside. He picked up one of the boxes with both hands out of the car and placed it on the ground. He felt the box was heavy. After looking at other people, only the hunters could carry the box. So it was indeed heavy.

“Captain Roger, what’s in the box? Why is it so heavy?”

“Just open it up and see. It’s nothing, really. Just some firearms.” Roger said.

Firearms? Ma Jiafeng was puzzled. For them, firearms aren’t uncommon. When they joined the patrol team, each member was distributed with an automatic rifle. But he and his brother were not used to it. This kind of rifle is indeed useful in dealing with humans, but when facing a triple or fourth awakening demonic beast, they’re practically useless. The war hammer in his hands was far more useful. A huge-ass weapon is the best way to show off a man’s charm.

Ma Jiafeng opened one of the boxes with doubts. Suddenly, his eyes widened. In the box, it was indeed firearms, but not the assault rifle he had imagined. The box was filled with a heavy machine gun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, a box of ammunition, and a box of hand-grenades. They could literally go to a battle with these supplies.

Where did the shelter get all of this ammunition?!

Both of the Hammer Brothers couldn’t help but gulp. Ordinary guns were indeed useless in dealing with demonic beast. But weapons like bazookas and heavy machine guns which could hit a large area at the same time were useful! Even against a triple of fourth awakening demonic beast, they could inflict severe damage!

Forget about heavy weapons like this. In other shelters, even bullets for ordinary guns had to be used sparingly. In those shelters, most of the members of a defensive force, like the patrol team, didn’t even have guns. In Tree Shade Shelter, an automatic rifle for each member was considered a luxury, let alone these heavy weapons! It’s like a Christmas present! Ma Jiafeng observed, all of these weapons looked brand new, so it’s indeed a Christmas present!

Roger glanced indifferently at the weapons. For him, guns were mere toys. Heavy weapons like this were merely at best, advanced toys in Roger’s eyes. He who had broken through the seventh awakening stage and started the body shaping stage, these weapons couldn’t hit him. Even if they did, it would only slightly injure him, at most. In short, these weapons weren’t a big threat to him.

“These weapons are for today’s mission. And they will be taken out later when we need them.” Roger said, closing the boxes.

Everyone in the patrol team became even more curious about their mission today. It seemed that these hot weapons were specially prepared for today’s mission. But…

They looked around. All of the patrol members were here, why didn’t they move?

“Leader Tang is here!” Suddenly they heard Roger said.

When they turned around, they saw a few figures slowly walking out from the resort area. The leading figure was a young man who didn’t look strong or powerful. Most of the new patrol members who never saw Tang Yu was confused. In their imagination, Leader Tang was a mysterious, powerful person with a powerful aura who could stare people to death just from one look. But he looked quite ordinary.

Aside from Leader Tang, two more people wore blue and white armor whose face couldn’t be seen following closely behind. They looked even more mysterious than Leader Tang. In addition to that, there was Winnie whose hair was in billowing curls. She wore a full robe that couldn’t conceal her ample bosom.

All the patrol members stared as the three figures approached slowly.

Even Leader Tang had to go with us on this mission?!

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