My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 97


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 97 – Leader Tang showed his strength again!

“This… this is the spirit stone mine?!” Someone recovered and spoke with a trembling voice.

The existence of the Source Crystal Mine had been officially announced at the beginning of the end times. But it’s different to hear the news from someone else and to see the shiny ore blocks all over the ground directly. This kind of shock was hard to calm down for a while.

Roger didn’t give the patrols enough time to be surprised, quickly instructed them to open the box, some of them set up the heavy machine gun. Some people set up land mine in the front of the pit. As soon as the instruction came, the patrol members moved quietly and light, they tried to make as little noise as possible.

Tang Yu stood at the edge of the pit and gaze at the giant tree in the distance, as well as the place where its roots and stem intersected. It looked like a four-entrance cave. He had no idea how many demonic beasts hidden under the tree.

The last time he came here, he saw only a small portion. But this time, he intended to mine all the spirit stones ore, he naturally had to clear the place off all the demonic beast. It was precisely for this reason that Tang Yu brought the entire patrol team with him, also the reason he made this many firearms, which could help them.

Tang Yu had no worried about the spirit stone mine would leak out to the public. The members of the patrol team had a strong sense of belonging and loyalty to the shelter. Although the spirit stones were highly valuable, people, in general, couldn’t make use of them properly. That’s why Tang Yu wasn’t worried even if the information leaked out.

His territory was now at level three. Once he mined the spirit stones, he could build the remaining buildings available in the third level that he hadn’t been built yet. So that when a colossal sized demonic beast siege on the shelter, he wouldn’t be defenseless.

Moreover, if he wanted to mine the spirit stone mine, he had to invest in manpower, in other words, survivor. If the population grew, there would be all sorts of people in the shelter. The news would eventually spread out sooner or later. But he should not stop mining over trivial things or delay the mining progress, right? There’s no time to think about that.

Anyway, the initial difficulties and unnecessary days had passed. While the patrols were busy setting up the equipment and weapons, Roger and Sky took care of the demonic beast that attacked. Tang Yu didn’t just standing idle. He closed his eyes and perceiving the territorial scope inside his mind. On the map, the territory area spread out with the Lord’s Castle as the center. He heads north over the mountain forest. The territory range reached exactly this pit, covering around one-fifth of the pit’s vicinity. It wasn’t large, but it’s good enough for Tang Yu.

Tang Yu also planned to deal with the demonic beast below the tree. The team was almost finished setting up traps and weapons, but they eventually attracted the demonic beast from the pit.

At first, there was a sporadic demonic beast that ran from the tree root cave. The patrols controlled their machine guns and quickly destroyed the demonic beast. But more and more demonic beast appeared and attacked them. The fresh newcomer’s face was pale and frightened. They weren’t used to dealing with this many demonic beasts. If it was one or two demonic beasts, they could handle it. Most survivors who had experienced encountering this many demonic beasts were either strong or already dead.

“Everyone retreat! Take guard here!” Roger shouted.

The patrols finally retreated back to the edge of the pit, manning the heavy machine guns. Its muzzle was continuously spitting out bullets. Wherever the bullets shot, the ground splattered with dust and partially wounded the demonic beast. But more and more demonic beast rushed forward towards the team.

There were also members of the patrols carrying a rocket launcher. Rockets were emerging and landed on the demonic beast. Instantly making a small gap within the black mass. But soon replaced by the other demonic beast. At this moment, they couldn’t be stopped.

These heavy weapons were already powerful. The ordinary demonic beast would immediately be torn to pieces from its devastating damage. But the number of the demonic beast was too many. And there was some powerful demonic beast among the wave. Those demonic beasts led the way forward. Even the heavy machine guns and rocket launcher had to aim their vital points to kill the powerful demonic beast.

In the meantime, the other demonic beast advanced forward. As the herd of demonic beast wave approached closer and closer, the patrols which could saw their hideous appearance turned even paler. No wonder the shelter had prepared so many firearms. But it seems like even their ferocious firearms couldn’t stop the raging demonic beast.



They heard such a sound. It wasn’t loud, but everyone could hear it under the ceasing sound of gunfire. There were a still calmness and confidence at the voice.

The earth rumbled, along with a loud sound. A tower-like building emerged from the ground. It was the Arrow Tower, and Tang Yu had built 10 of them at once. But it’s still not enough!

“Upgrade Arrow Tower *10, consuming 4.000 units of spirit stones, 6.000 units of wood, 2.000 units of iron…”

The arrow tower, which already had a height of 10 meters, violently raised higher. The black outer walls of the tower became thicker with sharp rune arrows, it shot from the top of the tower. This was a level 2 arrow tower that could only be built by level 3 territory.

The demonic beast instantly exploded in a red mist. The upgraded tower firing rate was faster and had more piercing damage. A single arrow could penetrate several demonic beasts at once. The arrow was even more powerful than heavy machine gun bullets.

But it’s still not enough.

Tang Yu looked down and saw the continuously charging demonic beast. It seemed like they were briefly stopped by the arrow, but soon, the demonic beast behind stepped on their fellow carcasses and rushed forwards.

“Constructing Cannon*8, consuming 8.000 units of spirit stones, 1.600 units of wood, 1.600 units of stone, and 4.000 units of iron.”

There were eight cannons with a black metallic body behind the arrow tower with a broad muzzle, enough to fit a basketball, and were instantly assembled. Energy power gradually condensed inside the cannon. A brilliant crimson light spewed out from the cannon’s muzzle, high in the sky, and smashed into the raging herd of the demonic beast.

It exploded with a loud bang.

The flames rolled in the ground, the wind wiped away the smoke and dust. On further inspection, the demonic beast on the center of the wave was incinerated into black ash. A small crater was formed on the ground.

This was the power of the cannon. The senior patrols who already seen it were thrilling. Ever since the demonic wave rushed the shelter, they had seen Leader Tang’s terrifying power. And now, once again, they witnessed Leader Tang’s display of power. But this time, he was even more terrifying. Everyone’s face was red with excitement.

Some people were acutely aware. The last time, Leader Tang needed to gather the material when he wanted to build something. But now, there was no material around, yet Leader Tang managed to build so many thin air buildings. Leader Tang’s strength had grown again!

The senior members who already seen it thought it. But the newly joined patrol members looked even more shocked. They had seen the Arrow Towers when they passed the city wall. But they haven’t witnessed its power since demonic beast rarely sighted at the shelter. They could only hear its power from the senior survivors’ stories. However, the reality was different from what they had expected.

They couldn’t imagine someone could build a tower with a single wave of a hand and rigidly stopped the advancing group of the demonic beast. The eight cannons started attacking continuously at the approaching demonic beast wave. Instantly destroying a portion of the wave into ashes.

One by one, the patrol members snapped back to reality. They excitedly controlled the heavy machine guns and fired it to the remaining demonic beast.

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