My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 98


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 98 – Raging Shay

Up ahead, inside the pit.

Demonic beast mutilated carcasses scattered everywhere on the ground. Some of them were unrecognizable. The severely injured demonic beast was still stubbornly charging forward—their stubbornness and vitality. They displayed no fear of death, sending chills towards most patrol members.

Good thing that Leader Tang was incredibly strong. They looked at the surrounding arrow towers and the cannons behind it, they felt safe. But they couldn’t relax yet.

They were preparing to go down the battlefield to collect materials and digging up spirit stones. That was the procedure of every patrol team outings. First, they wiped out the enemies, and then they collected the loot. In such missions, the loot had to be turned in to the shelter. But they had no complaints as they also got contribution points. With those points, each person could reap a large amount of contribution points every time they went out on a mission. Deep down they knew, they would never reach this far if they didn’t join the patrol team. They would be exactly the same as those struggling hunters.

Someone was about to leap down to the pit but suddenly heard Roger’s voice, “Wait! Everyone stay alert! Reload all the ammunition for the weapons and equipment first!”

Hearing Captain Roger’s voice and the other experts of the shelter looked vigilant, they all went pale. They knew something was wrong. Could it be that they haven’t wiped out all the demonic beast yet?

Suddenly, the ground beneath the pit was bulging. Like something was burrowing underground.

“Shoot that thing!”

Machine guns bullet hit the ground as dust flew in the air. But they didn’t hit it. The arrows from the arrow tower also shot the bulge, but nothing happened.

Tang Yu controlled the cannon, and a blazing red ball of energy blasted the bulging surface. But the creature underground acted as if it grown eyes and quickly moved to avoid the cannon.

“I’ll do it!” Shay shouted.

His muscles bulging, ripped out his outer suit to reveal the tight combat suit he wore underneath. He grabbed a car-sized rock nearby him and threw it violently. Mid-air, the rock shattered into even small pieces, rushed toward the bulging surface area.


It was as if a meteor shower was hitting the ground. Or as if bomber airplanes were dropping bombs from the sky. A hole was left open on the ground, dirt was blown up mixed with debris.

This was Shay’s special ability, any object he touch could be transformed into a bomb. A real explosive maniac!

This time, many of the territory’s advanced warriors were deployed. The newly joined three followers also requested to participate. They were also human, all of which wanted to show their worth to Tang Yu. Roger, as the captain of the team, was obviously indispensable. So he only left Elaine alone to guard the territory.

Under Shay’s raging bombardment, the underground creature was finally blasted out.

It was a worm-like monster with no eyes. Its mouth opened wide and closed, a few tentacles on the side of its mouth trembled as the mouth opened and closed. Even though the creature was blasted and forced to emerge above ground by Shai, this worm wasn’t hurt. Its mouth closed and opened, a thick pillar of fire spat out from its mouth.

“Look out! This guy had the strength of the sixth awakening stage!”

Roger drew his claymore and condensed it with thick crimson light. He slayed his sword, and the thick pillar of fire was split apart—the fire spitted on the surrounding ground, burning everything with a black scorched mark.

At this time, the arrow tower also began to attack. The arrow moved with light speed and pierced through the worm’s body. But before the patrol members could sigh in relief, they saw the worm looked like it was punctured with needles instead of arrows. The arrows couldn’t hurt the worm. Its mouth was opened and closed.

Tang Yu understood this worm had a special body. Unless they hit its weakness, the arrow attack could hardly cause any damage to the worms.

He also tried to control the arrow tower to attack its mouth or tentacles, but all for naught. The cannon attack was too slow, so the worms would immediately avoid it.

This worm demonic beast, Tang Yu felt it was much smarter than the ordinary demonic beast. If it were an ordinary beast, it would rush with fighting instinct. Even if it had the strength of a sixth awakening level, they would deal with it quickly. More demonic beast rushed from beneath the roots of the giant tree below.

“I’ll do it!”

Shay ripped his remaining black suit that was still hanging around his waist and stepped forward. He looked at the beast with excitement. His eyes were glowing with determination. After arriving in this world, he managed to break through the fifth awakening stage after being stuck in the stage for a long time. Right now, this worm could serve well as his opponent to verify his new strength.

Soon, he pulled out a metal rod with a size of half a meter long. The metal rod kept extending and transforming. In a short time, it turned into a multi-barrel rotating machine gun resting on his shoulder.

This machine gun looked somewhat similar to a Gatling gun. But with a much larger size. Shay, whose body was already burly looked dwarfed by the gigantic machine gun. No wonder Shay was so strong. Although his job wasn’t warrior, he had to carry rocks and such vast weapons. After long practice, it’s impossible not to grow some muscles.

Shay’s weapon expanded with a clattering sound. He aimed it at the worm.

Da da da da da!

The barrel spinning, bullets shout out like a torrent from its muzzle. A metallic curtain of bullets flew mid-air.

The worm demonic beast also felt the threat. It moved nimbly, still aimed to burrow underground to avoid the attack. However, Shay’s bullet exploded with a rumbling sound.

It was a skill that belonged exclusively to Shay alone, the Berserk Bombardment Stream.

A normal sniper used spirit power to empower the bullet. Thus, enhancing the bullet’s power and increased its range. However, the greater the power, the more spirit energy was consumed. Attaching spirit power to that many bullets was not impossible. The way it was, the imbued bullet power would be weak.

If someone wanted to achieve an insane flow of bullet like Shay, they needed to switch the bullets to more pricy rune bullets. It costed more money than an ordinary bullet. In his previous world, the sniper job was also called a noble job.

It’s on an entirely different level with the mage. The mage was considered noble for its heritage, often only a high noble could afford its education. But sniper was more straight forward, someone couldn’t be a sniper if they weren’t wealthy.

Shay was originally a mercenary, he wasn’t wealthy. He didn’t choose a wrong job, he had the ability to turn everything he touched into an explosion. He could extend his power through the bullets shot from his weapons. With both power and the absence of burning money by using rune bullets, he was an accomplished sniper.

Each of his bullets had an equivalent power of a grenade. The power of a single bullet might be not that great, but at this firing rate speed of ten thousand rounds per minute, the ground was filled with thousands of holes in just a few seconds.

The worm roared, trying to burrow underground again but failed. It was completely submerged in the burst of bullets. Even when it tried to open its mouth to spit fire, the bullet had already penetrated its mouth. The bullet exploded on impact, the worm fell down to the ground, dead.

But Shay didn’t stop. He still fired his bullets from the head of the worm to its tail before he reluctantly stopped.

The spinning barrel of the machine gun gradually stopped. Shay stood his vast weapon on the ground, he leaned his body on his weapon. He searched his pocket for a pack of cigarettes, took one out, and lit it with his ability. He held it in his mouth, exhaling the smoke, not even looked at the dead worm behind him.

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