My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 99


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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 99 – Battle Royale

On the side, Lu Xiaopeng and the rest of the patrol team looked at Shay’s figure. Their eyes were glowing of admiration. That was how a real man kills a demonic beast. No wonder Vice-Captain Shay always said that gunfire was a man’s romance. In those few moments, Vice-captain Shay’s power was even more powerful than the entire patrol team combined together.

They were all ashamed. Especially the senior member of the patrol team. They thought that they had become much stronger, although they were nowhere near Captain Roger’s level. Still, their strength was considered an expert when placed in other small shelters. They were careless. But now that they looked at it, they were not a match for an expert like Captain Roger of Vice-captain Shay. No, they weren’t just no match, they were far below them! If they didn’t work hard enough, they would never catch up. Someone had already decided to spend the rest of their day in the training camp for a hell training session tonight.

This worm monster was just an appetizer. Soon, more demonic beast swarmed from beneath the giant white tree. As they approached the edge of the pit, the demonic beast wave’s number dwindled against the gunfire.

Suddenly, a strong demonic beast among the wave broke away from the herd. The beast rushed towards Tang Yu and the others above the pit with light speed. The demonic beast was actually hiding among the demonic beast, waiting for an opportunity. If the wave wasn’t bombarded by the gunfire, this high-leveled demonic beast probably wouldn’t show up now.

Since when did demonic beast have such a high intelligence? Tang Yu was a bit confused. The worm they faced before was also flexible enough to avoid the gunfire. The beast knew how to use its own advantage and never attacked directly or approached. But now, this demonic beast was even more intelligent. It knew how to use its companions as a cover.

In general, the demonic beast had little to no intelligence, they only had a battle instinct. Tang Yu had encountered some powerful demonic beast before. As his strength increased, his knowledge of demonic beast grew too, but it seemed like he just found something new. Obviously, in Tang Yu’s opinion, this Demonic Beast that knew how to use its companions to cover itself. Apart from being unable to manipulate low-level demonic beasts, it was already as intelligent as that colossal demonic beast. And it was clearly below the colossus demonic beast in terms of awakening level.

“Then why did these demonic beasts gained intelligence? Is it a common phenomenon, or because there’s some kind of trigger?”

Tang Yu looked up, and his gaze locked at the giant white tree in the distance. Its branches and leaves gleamed like white crystals. Maybe, this was the reason why the demonic beast grow its intelligence?

In a flash, the high-level demonic beast avoided two arrows and stepped on the slope. Approaching fast. There were land mines laid out in the area. However, they were useless as this demonic beast moved too fast. Even if the mine exploded, the beast would’ve rushed at a safe distance. With one stomp, it leaped over the pit. Its speed was so fast that even Tang Yu couldn’t see it. He could only saw a blurry figure that approached them. Its aura was fierce, like a cold wind piercing through the bones.

A human figure greeted the approaching beast. The two figures intersected in midair clashed with the sound of iron.

Tang Yu clearly saw it this time. The blue creature was a humanoid demonic beast. Its entire body was almost like made up of blue ice crystal armor. Its head was long and narrow with spikes. Instead of fingers, its hand was filled with sharp blades. The other figure than landed on the ground was Sky. One of his swords already unsheathed.

Both of their auras were menacing, clashing with each other. The spectating patrol members found it difficult to breathe. Yet again, they encountered two powerful demonic beasts in a single day! Their knowledge grew. Even though they could feel its terrifying aura, they couldn’t figure its awakening stage. They had never met such a strong demonic beast before!

The ice crystal demonic beast stared at Sky. It rushed to the side, targeting the arrow towers and cannons instead. Tang Yu was speechless. This time, he was almost sure that this demonic beast had some kind of intelligence rather than a fierce fighting instinct.

The blue figure swept across the ground, leaving a trail of ice everywhere it passed, freezing the surrounding grass and trees. It was about to swing its blade to destroy a cannon when suddenly Sky struck again.

Sky’s expression became focused and solemn. He unsheathed another sword. Holding swords in both hands, his whole figure became a shadow. Not only Tang Yu, but Roger and Shay couldn’t see Sky’s fast movement.

The ice crystal demonic beast was late to notice. In the blink of an eye, Sky sliced its ice crystal armor. Leaving a crack. With fear in its eyes, the ice humanoid turned around and attempted to flee. Trying to take cover among the demonic beast. It leaped into the air, but behind, a sword light flashed.

Sky’s sword slashed midair, a white flash was seen, slicing through the ice crystal demonic beast’s body. Its armor cracked with a loud bang. The entire armor shattered, and the ice humanoid demonic beast died.

Sky was relieved, but suddenly he saw another strong demonic beast among the wave. Its mouth was opened wide. Raising its head, it spewed a dark green venom. The venom splashed towards Tang Yu’s group like a raindrop. He couldn’t care less if he was hit by this attack, but the rest wouldn’t survive. Yet, he had no compatible skill to intercept the venom. So were Roger and Shay. Their specialty was offensive attack, not protecting others.

The patrol team members were petrified at the coming rain venom. Block it? How were you supposed to block venom?! The venom started to pour down like dark green arrows.

Suddenly, a golden shield made of light rose up in front of the crowd. The shield was wide that it could cover more than twenty people inside it. In the next moment, the venom landed on the light shield and instantly melted away. But it wasn’t the venom that melted the light. Instead, the brilliant light melted the venom.

“Guys! Look over there!”

A patrol member pointed to a nearby place that wasn’t covered by the shield. The venom landed on the ground, burning the ground and nearby plants with a hissing sound with a white smoke cloud. Everyone looked in horror as the venom corroded the ground. Most of them trembled, imagining the consequences if their flesh was directly hit by the venom. They would die for sure. But it would be a painful death. The female hunters were especially terrified.

And yet, such a corrosive venom was blocked by this light shield. Even melted the venom away.

They looked at Winnie, whom they always perceived as a gentle priest. Only when she showed her strength that she looked truly holy. Their eyes were filled with envy and admiration. She could be the role model for the female hunters.

The battle continued, each follower showed their mighty strength, letting the patrol members witness their real power. Shay was the berserk explosive maniac, Sky was an ultimate swordsman. Winnie was not only good at protective skills, but her combat skill was also couldn’t be underestimated. And there’s Captain Roger whose strength was phenomenal.

Each of them was a super master. Such a person would be praised in a large shelter like Lindong. Yet, these people gathered around Leader Tang, even displayed such a respectful attitude. People said that masters were unruly, regular law couldn’t bind them.

Like the Hammer Brothers, before they joined the patrol team, they were not arrogant. But they had some pride in their power. However, after they joined, they saw those masters whose strength towers above them. Yet they never show the slightest arrogance in front of Leader Tang.

Especially the senior patrol members. They knew from the very beginning. Shay, Sky, and Winnie suddenly appeared after Leader Tang disappeared for a few days. They gradually came to understand that Leader Tang would probably show a shocking power again.

It was as if a thick veil enveloped Leader Tang and the masters around him.

A timeless mystery.

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