Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 10


Only later did Leiyin learn that the name of the girl who had spoken harshly to him earlier was Verdan.

She was the village chief’s daughter from another island, and at fifteen years old, she was a real beauty.

Although she was only fifteen years old, her doll-like face and exquisite figure were outlined to the fullest, making men felt that their blood was flowing.

Later, she also had some stories with Leiyin. However, that was a story for another time.

Leiyin learned about the bounty of pirates from an old ladyꟷshe was about seventy years old, seemingly kind, and approachable.

This made Leiyin felt very close to her. Also, she was the only person who didn’t oppress Leiyin since he came to the island.

The old lady told Leiyin that there were three islands in the vicinity, two of which were villages inhabited by civilians. The other island was where the pirates were entrenched.

The village where he was now was West Village, and the village on the island only six miles away was East Village.

A year ago, a group of pirates invaded the village, and the people of the two islands joined forces to resist. Farmer and Miller led the resistance. A farmer was the mayor of East Village and Verdan’s father.

Miller, on the other hand, was nearly forty years old. He was a retired lieutenant commander from the marine, who knew some martial arts. He was known as the “guardian” of the two villages of East and West.

The pirate group was called the “Bad Wolf Pirates,” with two leaders who were brothers. The younger brother, Andrin, was the group’s co-captain, holding a bounty of five million Bellys. He was more than two and a half meters tall with immense strength.

His brother Anderson was even more remarkable, with a bounty of ten million Bellys and the Devil Fruit’s ability.

A year ago, the “Bad Wolf Pirates” invaded the village. With the power of Mayor Farmer and Miller’s strength, they led the villagers to fight, and the battle was fierce.

Although the village was destroyed to some extent, neither side did anything about it. At first, the two sides were at a stalemate, but later on, as the Bad Wolf Pirates grew in power, Anderson’s actions became increasingly outrageous.

In the beginning, the two sides reached a “non-aggression” treaty, but as Anderson’s group grew, he demanded protection money from the two villages, or else they would be slaughtered.

After all, the villagers were peaceful inhabitants. Even if they resisted as they did a year ago, the village would be devastated again. If they fought again, with Anderson’s current strength, the villagers might not have much luck.

The villagers had no choice but to pay protection money to Anderson, 10,000 Bellys per month per person. If anyone dared to refuse to pay the protection money or resist, they would be mercilessly executed.

The so-called “guardian,” Miller, was also helpless.

However, the villagers also said that Anderson didn’t dare to be too arrogant because of Miller’s existence. Even if they had to pay protection money, it would be better than destroying the village. So, everyone relied on Miller and respected him very much.

After listening to the old woman’s speech, Leiyin was a bit puzzled, “If Anderson and the others are so arrogant, why would the marine just sit back and do nothing?”

According to the world, Leiyin guessed that there were still several years before Luffy went to sea.

This meant that ten million should be a very high bounty in the East Blue. It must be known that the bounty on Buggy the Star Clown was only six million at this time.

The old woman suddenly smiled, “They have colluded with the marine. This is a well-known thing, but no one dares to say it.”

In this way, Leiyin understood that this was similar to Arlong’s situation in Cocoyasi Village. At that time, Arlong was rampaging through more than twenty villages.

He was collecting ransom and claiming to had the highest bounty in the East Blue, with a bounty of twenty million Bellys.

He was such an arrogant figure that the marine turned a deaf ear to him.

Of course, this was a story for another time.

The old lady told him a lot of information, and Leiyin listened carefully.

It’s understandable that when he asked about the bounty on the island, the villagers were all sullen.

Even a master like Miller couldn’t do anything to the pirates, so who were you to come out of nowhere and ask?

Why didn’t you go back and take a piss to look at yourself…

After figuring out a few things about the island and thanking the old lady, Leiyin left.


After some time on the sea and fighting with sea kings, his stomach had already started to growl.

However, he couldn’t even get half a Belly out of his body, so what could he do?

With that, a great plan was born in his mind.

Let’s eat a big meal.

And so, he found a nice looking restaurant. He went in and started ordering, “Boss, one extra-large portion of fried rice with eggs!”

A few customers recognized him because Leiyin had just asked them where he could find a bounty of pirates.

When the fried rice with eggs was served, Leiyin gobbled it up.

Leiyin sat there, attracting many more people’s attention.

“This is the guy who was just asking around about the bounty.”

“It’s ridiculous. This guy really doesn’t know the sky.”

A beautiful young girl, who was staring at Leiyin, especially when she saw his messy eating face, was full of disdain.

The young girl was the same Verdan who had just spoken harshly to Leiyin.

She looked at Leiyin and said to her father, Farmer, who was sitting opposite her, “Father, this guy just asked me whether there are pirates. I think he’s probably out of his mind.”

Hearing his daughter said this, Farmer also couldn’t help but look at Leiyin, who was eating in front of the bar.

Leiyin’s appearance was quite handsome. His face was a little white, and he was a little thin.

He looked like a harmless scholar; how could he compete with the pirates who were always adding blood to their knives?

Looking at Leiyin eating like a glutton in front of the bar drew even more contemptuous gazes from everyone.

“Really, not only is there something wrong with his brain, but he is also uneducated. He eats so badly.”

However, Leiyin turned a deaf ear to the people’s ridicule and continued to eat his food.

Suddenly, there was a loud banging sound, and a colossal figure came in at the restaurant’s entrance. Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but turn away from Leiyin.

It was the co-captain of the “Bad Wolf Bandits,” Anderson’s brother, Andrin!

He was two and a half feet tall and was fat. He stood up like a small mountain, with a fleshy face and nostril hairs showing more than half a foot in length.

He walked in with his head held high, carrying a decapitated sword, followed by two skinny crews.

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