Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 101


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In this way, Leiyin’s Susanoo and Kaido’s Haoshoku Haki clashed in the air, forming a powerful wind pressure. The force of the collision between the two directions shook the entire Impel Down!

This lasted for about ten minutes before the white ball of energy exploded, causing ripples of energy in the void. Kaido fell to the ground while Leiyin’s Susanoo disappeared.

“Wh…… what?!”

“How is this possible?”

The three of them had a shocked expression. An unknown Commodore, not to mention having Haoshoku Haki, could actually collide with Kaido’s Haoshoku Haki into a tie!

Who the hell was this kid?

“Leiyin, he really is not an ordinary kid?” Kuzan thought darkly.

It turned out that when Kaido rushed up from Level 6, he had consumed some of his energy to defeat the Head Jailer, Shiryu, of Impel Down. Then, the battle with the two Admirals and Magellan had almost consumed all of his energy. So, Leiyin’s Haoshoku Haki was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back and finally knocked it to the ground.

At this point, the two Admirals and Magellan came forward again and subdued him again.

This time, Kaido almost did not have the power to fight back.

Kuzan immediately dialled the Den Den Mushi to call Sengoku and reported the situation here.

Sengoku pondered for half a second and ordered: Kuzan and Borsalino, the two Admiral immediately lead the Marine Headquarters to escort Kaido back to the Marine Headquarters for public execution. Let Commodore Leiyin temporarily stationed in Impel Down as Vice Warden to assist Chief Warden Magellan’s work.

It turned out that after reporting about Kaido, Kuzan told Sengkou about Leiyin’s head-on victory over Jeff, who had a bounty of 375 million.

Sengoku thought that after Kaido made such a mess, it meant that there were still some security risks in Impel Down. In Kaido’s words, he invariably set an example for many pirates to break out of prison.

If they follow suit, Sengoku was afraid it would greatly increase Chief Warden Magellan’s pressure. Plus, the battle with Kaido more or less caused a certain amount of damage to Impel Down, making it was necessary to send a more powerful people to hold these people down.

As for Kaido, he was the second guy to make such a big noise in Impel Down since Shiki the Golden Lion broke out of prison. The only difference was that Shiki broke out of prison successfully, while Kaido failed.

Ultimately, because of the lesson learned from the first successful jailbreak in the Impel Down, Sengoku decisively took measures to send two Admirals to suppress; otherwise, he was afraid that Kaido would have become the second Shiki. Moreover, Sengoku might have somewhat underestimated Kaido’s power; he should have known that Kaido should remain in the Marine Headquarters from the beginning.

In this way, Leiyin stayed in Impel Down as Commodore and Vice Warden of the Underwater Prison, while Kuzan and Borsalino escorted Kaido to the Marine Headquarters.

This time, Kaido was sentenced to public execution. Such a guy, they absolutely couldn’t let him stay in this world.

Although Kaido was taken away, at this time, Impel Down was still very chaotic. The Jailer Beast of Level 1, the Blue Gorilla, Sphinx, and Jailer Beast of Level 2, Basilisk, were almost all defeated.

At this time, in addition to the Level 5 and Level 6 that Magellan had suppressed, the other levels had escaped criminals.


At this time, three of the four Jailer Beasts led by the Chief Guard Sadi were defeated when Kaido came up. The other Jailer Beast led by her was suppressing the escaped riot prisoners in Level 3.

The Vice Warden Hannyabal was in Level 4, Blazing Hell, to capture the prisoners.


On Level 1, Magellan said to Leiyin, “Vice Warden Leiyin, your strength is needed in Impel Down now.”

Leiyin nodded at Magellan to show that he understood.

“There will be weak character next, but with your strength, you can certainly defeat them. Then, I’ll leave it to you. I… have a little urgent matter.” Magellan covered his stomach, and his face became unattractive and said.

‘This guy, is he having diarrhea again?’

Leiyin was dumbfounded as he secretly thought.

Since Magellan was a poisonous man with the Doku Doku no Mi Devil Fruit ability, he was breathing poison gas every moment. Besides, he had just experienced a bitter battle, so his toxicity came immediately.

Doku Doku no Mi Devil Fruit ability was certainly strong, but its side effects were also obvious.

“It is said that this guy has diarrhea for nearly 10 hours every day. It seems to be correct.”

Leiyin thought then turned around and walked towards Level 1.


Since there was no one to show Leiyin the way, so, once Leiyin went down, he walked inside the Crimson Hell forest.

Crimson Hell was filled with bright red, and there was a large area like a forest. The trees were “Kenju” that could cut through anything like a blade, and the grass was “Haribariso” that pierced through the body like needles. The unlucky prisoners who mistakenly entered this place would run back and forth because of the poisonous spiders and guards in the Crimson Hell forest. They were constantly suffering from the pain of cutting and piercing, and finally, they would be cut by these leaves and grasses with blood flowing down their throats.


“Please let us out…”

“Rather than staying in this kind of place, it’s better to die…”

“Just kill me…”

Heartrending screams and wails were constantly heard from the Crimson Hell forest. It was a sound that made people shudder a little.

Looking at these tortured people, Leiyin’s face had no expression. He remembered that phrase again: Weakness is a sin.

Who made them so weak? If they were strong, they wouldn’t have to suffer such a sin.

Leiyin stepped on the [Geppo], in the sky above the Crimson Hell. He headed toward the vent leading to Level 2.

Because Leiyin remembered, in the original Impel Down Arc, when Luffy arrived here, he and [Joker] Buggy walked to the end, directly to the Level 2, Wild Beast Hell.

Later, it was proved that this thought was not wrong.


From the vent, Leiyin directly went down Level 2.

The Level 2 prisoners were almost all like the previous Mr. 3 with tens of millions of bounty. However, how could these people be Leiyin’s opponents? Leiyin immediately shut back the people who ran out, and some of the guys who resolutely resisted were directly executed by Leiyin on the spot.

If Level 1 was Crimson Hell, then Level 2 was Wild Beast Hell. At this time, it really couldn’t be called Hell because the Wild Beasts – just now – were taken out by that guy Kaido.

If there were more jailbreaks like Kaido’s, how happy the prisoners in the Level 2 would be.

Level 2 was quickly taken care of by Leiyin alone. Leiyin then directly took the stairway and headed to Level 3.


Level 3, Starvation Hell.

On this level, the prisoners basically wouldn’t be given any food, and they would suffer from hunger all year round…

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