Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 102


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When he came to Level 3, the Starvation Hell, he felt a wave of heat coming over him.

This layer was hot due to the heat transfer from Level 4, the Blazing Hell, and not the heat of this level itself. This layer wouldn’t provide any water or food to the prisoners. The prisoners suffered from the multiple tortures of hunger, scorching thirst, and heat. There were even many white bones in some prisons, and the living criminals were starving to death with only skin and bones left.

These tens of millions of bounty criminals were some captains or officers of small pirate groups, or bullies, or something else. If they were not arrested, they would cause trouble outside.

Now it had become like this. Indeed the mountains and waters had met each other, thirty years of the river east and thirty years of river west.

Leiyin walked in Level 3 with a messy thought, when suddenly not far away came the sound of fighting.

Leiyin followed the sound and ran faster…


When he arrived at the scene, a woman dressed in sexy clothes, leading a standing cow, and some jailers surrounded a bald man with a blank face, fighting.

The standing milk cow, called Minotaurus (Holstein Cow). He was originally the Jailer Beast of Level 4, the Blazing Hell. Magellan called it “Mother Cow.” He was holding a huge spiked club. Minotaurus was a bloodless and tearless monster that treats humans like garbage. Its strength was relatively strong.

The bald head men being surrounded was a prisoner who ran up from Level 4. Speaking of which, Leiyin bestowed his imprisonment; he was the Officer Agent of the Baroque Works, Mr. 1 that Leiyin defeated in Alabasta.

With curly blonde hair and bangs covering her eyes, the woman wearing white earrings in the shape of candles and an extremely revealing tight hot pink leather jacket was named Sadi.

The [one who loved to torture others] Little Sadi was the Chief Guard of the four Jailer Beasts in Level 4, the Blazing Hell of Impel Down. She became quite excited whenever she heard the prisoners’ moans and screams, and she was carrying a pitchfork.

Well~ this guy, he’s really misbehaving. Please hurry up and catch him. I want to torture him properly. Hmm~” Sadi pointed to Mr. 1 and urged his men to attack with all their might.

Mr. 1 was superhuman with Supa Supa no Mi Devil Fruit ability. According to the level of danger, he was a Level 4 prisoner with a 50 million bounty. Due to the Devil Fruit’s ability, his whole body was as hard as steel; he was definitely not an idle person.

The jailers dressed in chemical protection suits could barely get into his body before they were all put down. The only one who could fight with him was the jailer beast, Minotaurus.

Before Leiyin came, they had been fighting for more than half an hour.

Minotaurus waved the spiked club and smashed at Mr. 1 without mercy. Mr. 1 let out a cry, and his arm turned into a high-speed spinning blade and attacked the Minotaurus.


The spinning blade directly bounced off Minotaurus’ spiked club, cutting uneven wounds on its body. Along with the Spiral Hollow, Minotaurus fell to the ground.

“Little cow… mmm~ don’t!” Sadi cried out in shock, already powerless to fight back.

The next moment, Mr. 1 turned to Sadi, and the cold blade came at it.


In the nick of time, Leiyin’s hand suddenly gathered a spinning blue ball of energy. He bypassed Sadi, directly struck towards Mr. 1 blatantly!


This blow, as if synonymous with destruction, directly blasted Mr. 1. Mr. 1’s eyes turned white; he was spitting blood and fainted.

When Sadi was stunned, a big hole appeared on the floor of Level 3 and collapsed down.

The power seemed a little too strong.

“You…what are you? The marine? Why did you appear here?” Sadi looked at Leiyin, wearing a Commodore’s uniform, and couldn’t help but ask.

“I am your boss now. Look after this guy; I have some business to take care of.” Leiyin said indifferently, already flying and stepping with [Geppo]. He went through the hole that was just pierced straight down to Level 4, leaving only a dumbfounded Sadi, unaccountably looking at Leiyin’s distant back…


Level 4, the Blazing Hell.

When Leiyin came to this level, he was sweating.

Chief Warden Magellan’s office was at this level. This level was very high in temperature, like a huge iron pot, full of boiling fire and blood pools. The prisoners had to be disinfected with the high temperature at this level before they were sent to prison, and the process was excruciating.

‘Compared with this level, how could the Level 3’s heat be called hot?’ Leiyin secretly thought.

“Hey, who are you? “

At this time, a guy holding a pitchfork, looking like a devil, wearing the Egyptian pharaoh, with a big belly, pointed at Leiyin and asked.

There was no need to ask; he was the Vice Warden of Impel Down, Hannyabal.

“I am the newly transferred Vice Warden of the Marine Headquarters, Leiyin,” Leiyin said.

Since Leiyin had just arrived, Magellan simply did not have time to notice the crowd (because he had diarrhoea). Therefore, Hannyabal and Sadi did not know him.

“Vice Warden? Haha, are you kidding me? I’m the Vice Warden… No, it’s not right to expose ambition. I’m the Vice Warden!” Hannyabal said.

Leiyin smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, the Headquarters did not remove you from your position but let you and I together to assist the Chief Warden, Magellan, on his work. That is, there are now two Vice Warden on Impel Down.”

“Are… are you kidding?!” Hannyabal thought for a moment and pointed the pitchfork in his hand at Leiyin, “You don’t have to come here to deceive people. You must be a prisoner who ran away from here and impersonated the marine!”

With that, Hannyabal waved his polearm and struck at Leiyin.

Upon seeing this, Leiyin pulled out his Sword of Kusanagi behind him and met the attack. The Sword of Kusanagi was placed on the twig of the pitchfork. With that, the chakra in Leiyin’s body surged and suddenly fired, “WHITE BLADE!”

A white light appeared, and Hannyabal had no time to react; the corner of his coat was directly cut off.

Hannyabal saw this and immediately counterattacked.





Before Hannyabal could strike, a loud shout stopped the two.

They fixed their eyes to see, and it was Magellan.

Hannyabal said, “Chief… Warden…”

Magellan said to Hannyabal, “This is the Vice Warden personally appointed by the Fleet Admiral. Hannyabal, don’t be rude.”

Hannyabal suddenly put his pitchfork on the ground, “Really… do you really want to be the Warden…”

Magellan said, “What did you say?!”

Hannyabal immediately changed his words, “No…no, really. I was an accidentally revealing ambition.”

Magellan said, “You… how are the prisoners doing?”

Hannyabal replied, “The Level 4 has all been arrested.”

Leiyin said, “The first three levellevels are also free of problems.”

Magellan turned to Leiyin, “Well done, worthy of being a Commodore of the marine.”

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