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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 103


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With that said, everyone looked at Magellan in unison when they heard the sound of a grumbling stomach.

Magellan covered his stomach, “Sorry, I have something….”

The crowd’s head became large, and their teeth became sharp as they said in unison, “Another diarrhea?!”


After a short time, Sadi came down from Level 3, looked at Leiyin, and asked Hannyabal, “Who is this marine guy?”

Hannyabal had a teasing look on his face, “A Commodore, and the Vice Warden appointed by the Fleet Admiral.”

Sadi turned to Leiyin, “Ah, finally a handsome man in the prison. Well~ the new Vice Warden, hello, ah, I am the Chief Guard of Level 4, who ‘love to torture people’ Little Sadi. Well~

Leiyin said, “Please tell me more, Sadi.”

Sadi replied, “Can you call me Little Sadi? Hmmm~

Leiyin: “….”


At this point, Magellan came out of the office with his stomach covered, and his face was a little ugly (diarrhoea plus constipation).

The prisoners were captured, so Impel Down began to carry out reconstruction work for the next few days. Because of Kaido’s jailbreak, many places were damaged, such as the big hole made by Kuzan, Borsalino, and Kaido on the floor of Level 1. While Leiyin captured Mr. 1, he made a big hole with the [Big Ball Rasengan] on Level 3.

However, it must be said that Impel Down was still quite strong. If it were a general place that suffered the attack of the world’s top fighters, it would have been on the verge of collapse.

Nevertheless, before a day had passed, Impel Down got jaw-dropping news.

Kaido had escaped!

What happened? Didn’t the two Admiral, Kuzan and Borsalino, escort him? How could he escape?

As the saying went: There was no weak soldier under a strong general. Kaido was so strong, and his men were also naturally outstanding. Just as Kuzan and Borsalino came out of the Gates of Justice with Kaido, in less than an hour, the All-Stars [the Three Disasters] of the Beasts Pirates were coming to rescue Kaido.

Especially, Jack the Drought among the three disasters, who never knew what the word fear meant. Not to mention Admiral, even if it was Fleet Admiral or the World Nobles of the Holy Land when they encountered the Three Disasters, it unknown whether they could win the battle or not.

Such a tough character, when their boss was caught, of course, they would not sit idly by. They were dozens of nautical miles outside the Gates of Justice, ready to infiltrate Impel Down, forcibly robbed the prison to save Kaido.

Coincidentally, the marine was bringing Kaido out, and they happened to meet. If the marine didn’t come out, the Three Disasters led by Jack the Drought would force to smash the “Gates of Justice” to enter Impel Down.

With the Three Disasters plus Kaido and Beasts Pirates’ crew, the marine’s two Admirals were defeated and disarmed. The two Admirals could only protect themselves and return to the Marine Headquarters.

It wasn’t that Kuzan and Borsalino were weak, but there were too many enemies, plus Kaido.

It could only be said that this time the marine was humiliated by accident. If they didn’t meet outside the Gates of Justice, the Three Disasters would enter Impel Down forcefully, which might be a different result.

It showed that Kaido couldn’t be killed even by heaven (He couldn’t die no matter what).

However, Kaido’s escape couldn’t be said to be a successful jailbreak. At best, it could only be said that the marine was a bit unlucky. After all, he didn’t run away from Impel Down.

For Impel Down, as long as the powerful prisoners didn’t dare to make trouble, it was the moment of happiness for the guards and jailers.

As the saying went: A little Jailer was more powerful than the Warden who commanded a thousand armies. This was true; Leiyin had deeply experienced it.


Within a few days, those damaged places were repaired. Leiyin’s daily work was a really idle bubble, either with people patrolling or down to inspect. Jailers, Guards, and prisoners look at him with awe because Leiyin didn’t seem to be interested in such things as torture during interrogation.

On the contrary, for a specific sexy woman.

These two days could be happy days for Sadi, who likes to torture people. Almost everywhere in prison, the sound of moans, screams, and pleas could be heard. Those prisoners who ran away and were caught back constantly receiving brutal and incomparable torture. Surrounded by a group of jailers with all kinds of torture instruments, making them wish they were never born.

At Level 4, Blazing Hell, new prisoners were tortured by being thrown into the gigantic pot of boiling blood. 

In Level 1, Crimson Hell forest was bright red. It was impossible to tell whether it was the prisoners’ blood or the colour of the forest.

In Level 2, Wild Beast Hell, the prisoners were hunted by brutal beasts every day. They wailed and howled but eventually disappeared into the mouths of the beasts.

Level 3 and 4 were quieter. These prisoners either slowly turned into dry corpses (starving) or became ice sculptures.

“It’s a living hell. It’s like watching Dante’s Divine Comedy.” Leiyin thought.

Leiyin was not concerned about these. Hell was the real hell for the incompetent and weak, but the heaven for the fearless and brave.

Using some of his free time, Leiyin did his great work – training.


In the Crimson Hell forest of Level 1, Leiyin used [Geppo] to step into the air above it. He then used [Flying Thunder God Slash] to continuously accelerate his transient movement.

By doing so, he was forcing himself to speed up. If he slowed down and fell, he would be stabbed by those sword trees and needlegrass.

At first, Leiyin would be pricked by the plants in the Crimson Hell, but slowly, his speed became faster and more agile, and no half of the needle grass could hurt him.

Leiyin did this almost every day above the Crimson Hell, stepping on the Geppo extremely fast, then using [Flying Thunder God Slash] to instantaneously move to another place and continue to move at high speed with the Geppo.

The prisoners suffering below looked confused as Leiyin flashed and staggered in the sky above the Crimson Hell regularly like this every day.

“That new Vice Warden, he’s not even human…”

“The Vice Warden, you’re magical, please have mercy and pull us out…”

“Vice Warden, please…”

“Vice Warden, please…”

Leiyin turned a deaf ear to this. These people burned and looted outside and deserve to be imprisoned. Not every pirate was like Ace, who Leiyin allowed to escape.

Not only in the Crimson Hell, Level 2, Wild Beast Hell, had become the dojo for Leiyin to practice.

Here, Leiyin would ignore his status as the Vice Warden and provoked many jailer beasts such as the man-eating animals, Manticore, gigantic chicken-like creature, Basilisk, etc., then he would defeat them. He didn’t even spare the giant Sphinx that serves as the boss on Level 2…

In the end, as soon as they saw Leiyin, they all shivered in fear and fled in all directions like rat flies. Leiyin could even knock Sphinx’s mountain-like body far away with just an ordinary punch. So, when it saw Leiyin, it ran away in fear like a kitten.

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