Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 104


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For Leiyin, Level 2, Wild Beast Hell was no longer a challenge, so he extended his “claws” to Sadi.

To be precise, the four oddly shaped Jailer Beasts that Sadi was in charge of.

The previously introduced Minotaurus, the shy rhinoceros Minorhinoceros, the koala called Minokoala, and the shy yet brutal beast, Minozebra.

While Sadi tortured others, Leiyin would deliberately disguise himself and change into a prisoner’s clothes to deliberately anger them and make them attack him.

Against them, Leiyin would never use ninjutsu but rather fight them using physical techniques such as [Rokushiki] and [Lion Combo].

Don’t look at them as strange-looking animals because their strength was robust. They were guarding Level 4, where all the prisoners were above the 50 million bounties, close to 100 million bounties. The four Jailer Beasts could crush any one of them (they even easily defeating Mr. 2), so you could imagine what Level 4 would be if they attacked together.

At first, Leiyin used pure martial arts and was able to fight all four to a draw. After continuous practice, Leiyin could slowly gain the upper hand.

On the first and second day, Leiyin was fine, and no one knew him. However, after a long time, he got discovered.

He wore prison clothes all day long to hang these Jailer Beasts. Sometimes he said hello to the guards and jailers in advance, and everyone turned a blind eye. In less than a week, he was discovered by Sadi.

Sadi stood in front of Leiyin with her hands crossed on her slim waist, “Mr. Vice Warden, well ~ you are going too far if you do this. Ah ~ can you look at my babies that you bully?”

With that, Sadi blushed and leaned close to Leiyin, “Do you also like to torture? If you don’t mind, little Sadi is willing to become your prisoner. Please whip me.”

With that said, Sadi handed the whip to Leiyin.

When Leiyin saw this, his face was confused.

‘This woman, not only she has a serious sadistic tendency, unexpectedly, she is also a masochist. This girl, what exactly did she go through as a child…’

A Chief Warden who got diarrhea, a comical Vice Warden, bent on being a Chief Warden, a woman who liked to torture people. He wondered if he would become a big comedian when he stayed with this group of abnormal people every day. Leiyin smiled and shook his head helplessly.

Sadi knew that Leiyin was beating the Jailer Beasts these two past days, so she thought Leiyin liked to bully animals and was her fellow. Moreover, in Impel Down, there were almost no normal men, both personality and looks (think of Magellan and Hannyabal’s look). Plus, Leiyin’s looks were relatively handsome, and Sadi had some masochistic tendencies. That was why she would like to let Leiyin lashed her with a whip to seek some pleasure.

Of course, Leiyin was not interested in this kind of thing. Since Sadi said, “Please whip me,” he never looked for the Jailer Beasts again.

Leiyin changed his mind and thought of a way to improve his strength faster elsewhere.

The guy with a bounty of over a billion belly might not be too challenging for Leiyin anymore. So, he set his eyes on the lowest level of Impel Down…

Level 6, Eternal Hell!

The prisoners held here were all world-class resounding pirates, many of whom had done so many ferocious things that even the newspapers didn’t dare publish them.

Flipping through the prisoners’ list held in Level 6 in the Chief Warden’s office, Leiyin focused his gaze on the name. After a moment of thought, he led four guards toward Level 6.

Level 6, Eternal Hell, was not like other levels. Once inside, it felt extremely gloomy and gave people a shivering feeling. The cells in this level were also not like other levels. Each cell contains only one person. Moreover, the interval between cells was so large that almost no one could say a word to anyone.

This level did not have the blazing heat of high temperature or the cold of low temperature, except for the humidity and gloom; the prisoners would hardly suffer any flesh and blood.

Then why did it call the Eternal Hel?

It was because these vicious criminals either had the death penalty, death probation, or lifelong imprisonment. Although they did not suffer physically, they had to endure loneliness and isolation all year round, without even a person to talk to, until they grew old and died in prison… The World Government would not build their graves, and no one would know about their death. It was like a person in endless darkness forever, never seeing the light and hope.

Compared to the physical suffering, this kind of pain was probably much greater. So, wasn’t it a living hell?


The silence here was terrifying. Leiyin could only hear his and the four guards’ footsteps.

When they reached a cell door, Leiyin said, “Open this one.”

The guards did as they were told, and after opening the cell door, Leiyin continued, “Open his handcuffs and leg shackles for me as well.”

The four guards were shocked at the words. Guard A said, “Vice Warden, are you joking?”

Guard B said, “Yes, my lord, he is….”

Leiyin glared at them, “Don’t talk so much, open it. I’ll be responsible if something happens.”

The guards did not dare to argue again. Guards C took out the key and went over. His hands were shivering as he opened all the handcuffs and shackles of the prisoner.

In the darkness, the man suddenly opened his eyes and slowly walked out, making the four guards were too scared to move in place.

With a closer look, the man’s beard was in the shape of a “w,” his beard and hair were green, and his body was firm.

“Warden, I have something to ask you. Let’s talk.” Leiyin looked at him and said indifferently.

That was right. The person that Leiyin had released was none other than [World Destroyer] Byrnndi World, a superhuman with Moa Moa no Mi Devil Fruit ability, with a bounty of 500 million belly!

“Are you going to let me out?” World said.

Leiyin first turned to the four guards and said, “You guys go first. I want to interrogate him alone.”

When the four guards heard the words, how dare they stay here. Each of them was running faster than a rabbit.

‘Anyway, if you were killed by that person… you, the Vice Warden, are the one who released him. It had nothing to do with us, so you should not implicate us.’

This was the collective wish of the four guards.

After the four guards left, Leiyin said, “World, I’ll make a bet with you.”

World did not understand, “Bet?”

Leiyin replied, “I will compete with you. If you lose, I will lock you in again; if you win, I will let you leave Impel Down.”

“Ahaha,” World was relaxed, “Kid, although I do not know what kind of nerve you have, or what kind of scheme, but I want to tell you, since you let me out, you will not be able to put me in again!”

At that, Leiyin smiled lightly and made an offensive gesture, “That depends on how good you are.”

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