Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 105


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Leiyin’s Naruto System was similar to a game system. In addition to gaining new Ninjutsu and increasing chakra, the tougher the opponent he defeated, the more experience he gained, and the faster his ninja ranked up.

The two found a wide-open area in the Eternal Hell and started to fight.

“I guarantee you that putting me out is one of the worst decisions you’ve ever made.”

After saying that, World took the lead and stomped violently to the ground with his foot to increase the speed. The ground’s original flush floor was stomped into many pieces of broken stones, and World picked up one of the small stones and threw it at Leiyin with great force.


With that said, the small stone thrown suddenly became a huge stone 100 times, with a strong air-breaking sound in the void, whistling towards Leiyin.

The white light appeared, and an arc of energy like a sword suddenly shot out.


The white light suddenly appeared in the middle of the boulder and sliced the boulder in unison. The boulder smashed two large craters on either side of Leiyin and did not hurt Leiyin a bit.

World began to use the Moa Moa no Mi Devil Fruit ability. If Leiyin was an ordinary person, he might have been smashed to pieces and become a pile of mush.

World originally did not expect he could defeat Leiyin with one move. Seeing that his move did not work, he came straight towards Leiyin with an attack, “MORE MORE JUBAI SOKU!”

After saying that, when World was about to approach Leiyin, his speed multiplied, and when Leiyin saw this, he also attacked with great speed.

Leiyin had been training his speed in Level 1, the Crimson Hell, and his speed had made a qualitative leap in the past two months. If it were two months ago, he probably would not have been able to keep up with World with his physical skills alone.

The sound of fists and kicks striking together in the void constantly flashes and staggers. This Moa Moa no Mi Devil Fruit was really not idle, and Leiyin gradually felt that his speed was not as fast as World. Two punches hit his body in the air, forcing him to fall to the floor.

World stepped on [Geppo] slowly landed on the ground. His eyes were cold as he looked at Leiyin, “Kid, I told you a long time ago, let me out. Don’t try to put me back in.”

At this time, many prisoners in Level 6, who looked like monsters, were focused their eyes on this battle.

“Kill him!”

“Kill that kid and let us out!”

“Finish him!”

This staggering number of rude roars echoed for a long time in the whole Level 6. Some of them directly activated the Haoshoku Haki – Incapacitation, making the surrounding environment tremble a little.

These pirates all wanted Leiyin to be defeated or killed. After all, World was a world-class pirate with a bounty of 500 million, not a street cat or a dog.

Leiyin stood up to wipe a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. He then disappeared out of nowhere, and with a flash, struck straight up to World.

“Still refuse to die?”

Combined with [Flying Thunder God Slash], Leiyin flew over as he burned up the chakra to consume.

Seeing this, World once again activated More More Jubai Soku. His fists and kicks came towards Leiyin like fierce wind and rain; while Leiyin’s energy was running extremely fast, his fists and kicks did not fall behind.

Those pirates watching in prison were a little surprised, “That guy, how can he suddenly keep up with World, the old demon’s speed?”

“Haha, it seems that this little kid also had some good moves.”

“Exactly. Well, it’s boring here. Give me some good show.”

The two figures kept flickering in the air, striking against each other. Neither of them fell into the wind.

When World saw this, his heart slightly admired, and a more powerful power flowed in his body.


A more violent burst of punches and kicks, chopping at Leiyin. This time, once again, Leiyin could not resist and was walloped on the ground.

World slowly walked up to him, “Kid, I see you have some good moves, but you are not my opponent. If I am not wrong, you have reached your limit.”

What World said was not wrong. Leiyin consumed chakra to boost his speed, plus [Flying Thunder God Slash] to keep up with World’s More More Jubai Soku. When World activated More More Hyakubai Soku, Leiyin’s speed was far below.

Leiyin got off the ground and patted the dust on his body, “Do I have to use my speed to beat you?”

World clasped his hands in front of his chest and disdainfully said, “If you don’t believe me, just try it.”

Leiyin thought, then took out dozens of shuriken from the system’s inventory bar. His hands joined together to form a seal and then suddenly threw out.


The next moment, the dozens of shurikens thrown out, at once split into thousands of branches.

In the face of this sudden rain of shurikens, World was not afraid. Busoshoku Haki wrapped around the hands once again launched a strong attack.


There was a sound like a metal clash at the place where Wolrd’s standing. Upon closer inspection, he knocked down the rain of shurikens released by Leiyin, and in the end, there was none left.

“What…damn it…

Since the battle with Garp, Leiyin had never encountered such a brutal enemy. He had always won many battles, either crushed or killed the enemy within seconds, but now, he seemed to have met a real opponent.

Originally this time, Leiyin was breaking the boat. However, in the eyes of outsiders, it was a barefaced act of death. If Leiyin won, he would put World back in prison, just as if nothing had happened; the only benefit might be improving his strength.

If Leiyin lost, then not to mention the Vice Warden, he might not even be able to keep the Commodore’s position. In addition to that, he would become the joke of the people, making fun of his lack of self-esteem.

He must use his strongest move to defeat World.


With this in mind, Leiyin gathered blue chakra in his hand and sent it out suddenly.

The place where [Rasenshuriken] struck was smashed into a deep crater of several meters. The floor, which was more than ten meters in diameter, was destroyed.

With such a powerful destructive force, one could imagine what happened to [World Destroyer] Byrnndi World – he was unharmed…

‘How could there be no damage?’

World slowly fell to the ground as if nothing had happened.

It turns out that long before Leiyin sent out the Rasenshuriken, World used More More Hyakubai Soku, and stepped on the high-speed with [Geppo] to avoid this terrifying pressure and went overhead.

It seemed that the situation was really not good.

Was everything over?

“Kid, that move just now was strong, but with your strength alone, you can never defeat me. You need speed too.”

World looked at the defeated Leiyin with a slightly smug look.

“Next, you should be enlightened. You need to know that I’m a kind man, and I will let you die a little easier.”

It turned out that the worst thing wasn’t the loss of rank and dismissal, but…

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