Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 106


As he looked desperate, a voice suddenly came from Leiyin’s brain.

[Congratulations, your Flying Thunder God Slash (B-rank) advanced to Flying Thunder God – Second Step (A-rank).] [Flying Thunder God – Second Step (A-rank): Minato developed this technique from the Flying Thunder God Technique. It was more powerful than the Flying Thunder God Slash and faster than the Flying Thunder God Technique.]

Leiyin smiled and stood up abruptly; his aura was more majestic than before.

World looked at him, “What’s wrong kid, are you ready to die?”

Leiyin’s eyes changed, “I should say this to you!”

World raised both fists and shouted, “Stop talking big there. I’ll send you on your way!”


With that, World’s fists poured down like a storm. This time, he really intended to kill Leiyin, and his fists were all aimed at Leiyin’s vital parts.

Leiyin, on the other hand, hit the ground with his foot, disappeared behind the ground in a flash, and came straight at World.

This time, Leiyin was fully fired with the Flying Thunder God – Second Step. His fist and foot hit the ground without losing any advantage, making World gradually felt some pressure.

At this point, World was very baffled.

‘What is going on with this kid? Why is his speed getting faster? Does he have been hiding his strength all this time?’ 

Leiyin took advantage of the gap to block World’s furious punches with a single fist. The blue ball of energy appeared again in his other hand.


This majestic boundless energy suddenly erupted, directly hit World’s body at close range. World did not have time to react. His eyes rolled over, spitting blood and white foam. He was directly knocked back to the ground, swirling up a roll of dust and smoke, fainted.

In the year xx, [World Destroyer] Byrnndi World was defeated at the Marine Headquarters Commodore, Leiyin’s hands.

Just like that, World was handcuffed and shackled again. Leiyin patted the dust on his body and walked out of Eternal Hell as if nothing had happened.


When he walked to Level 4 and was ready to go back to rest for a while, Sadi stopped him in his tracks.

“Is there something wrong?” Leiyin’s face was expressionless.

Sadi said, “Well ~ Vice Warden little brother (Sadi was twenty-something), can you call me Little Sadi? Well ~ what did you do?”

Leiyin said, “I… went out and moved around a little… Tell me, does this have anything to do with you?”

Sadi suddenly came close to Leiyin, “Well ~ little brother, you don’t have to be so indifferent. Just now, you were in Level 6, and I saw it all, well ~

Leiyin said, “See, so what?”

Well ~ aren’t you afraid that I will tell Chief Warden, Magellan?”

It turned out that Sadi happened to be in the surveillance room and saw Leiyin’s every move in Eternal Hell while Magellan had diarrhea.

“This…” For a moment, Leiyin was speechless.

Suddenly, Sadi’s small mouth pressed onto Leiyin’s face. She kissed him and then bit him.

“Waaaah! What are you doing.” Leiyin was a little angry at this sudden and strange action and covered his face.

Sadi became very excited all of a sudden, “Mmmm~ What a wonderful moaning sound. Mmmm~ It’s really arousing. Little Sadie has seen all your actions in Level 6 just now…. A powerful and beautiful man like you, making me lose control. If you are willing, I would like to interrogate the prisoners with you and listen to their wonderful moans together…. hmmm~

“Who wants to do something like that with you, you crazy woman….” said Leiyin, puffing up and walking away.

Although Leiyin was fearless and rash, he had no way to deal with such a woman.

‘Is there any normal person inside Impel Down?’

Leiyin thought and went back to his bedroom.


As the new Vice Warden, Leiyin’s office and bedroom were on Level 4. Although it was hot as hell on this floor, the officer’s residence was indeed very comfortable.

Just when Leiyin was about to go to rest, the Den Den Mushi on his body rang. This Den Den Mushi was equipment given to him by the headquarters. Every marine officer had their personal Den Den Mushi.

“Moshi Moshi…”

“Kid, how are you doing lately?”

Leiyin said, “Oh, it’s the old man. I’ve been doing okay. Well, I just fought with World.”

Garp replied, “World? Do you mean World Destroyer?”

Leiyin answered, “Yeah, that’s him.”

Garp said, “Did you win, or did he win?”

Leiyin answered, “I won.”

Garp: “…..”

When Leiyin said this, Garp believed that he had the strength to do so. Moreover, he knew that Leiyin was somewhat cold and arrogant by nature and not very good at lying. Probably, Leiyin could always surprise him again and again, which had become a habit. Therefore, it was not too surprising to hear this.

On the other end of the Den Den Mushi, Garp digging his nostrils, sand solemnly said, “Kid, you must work hard to become an excellent and powerful marine warrior. Also, don’t mess around in prison when you become the Vice Warden.”

Leiyin was dumbfounded, “Messing around? Wasn’t this something you prefer to do, old man?”

Garp laughed bashfully, “Is that so, haha….”

After exchanging a few pleasantries, the call ended.


Lying on the bed, remembering today inexplicably being kissed by a woman, Leiyin felt uncomfortably depressed.

After a short while, the Den Den Mushi rang again.

‘This old man, Garp, why did he talk so much today?’

With that in mind, Leiyin picked up the Den Den Mushi.

“Hey, Woody, how are you doing lately?”

Hmm? Excuse me, who is this?”

On the other end of the Den Den Mushi, there was a pleasant voice of Verdan.

“You big idiot! Can’t you even recognize my voice?” The other side shouted angrily in a delicate voice.

“Oh, it’s Verdan,” Leiyin said indifferently.

Verdan said, “You big idiot! I have to use this tone of voice for you to know who I am, right?”


Indeed, if Verdan used her soft tone, Leiyin really couldn’t recognize it.

“So, how have you been?” Leiyin asked.

Verdan said, “Yesterday, I was promoted to become Captain in the marine.”

“That’s good. I’m happy for you.” Leiyin said.

Hearing this, although Verdan was happy in her heart, her tone was still as usual. “You, the wooden head, have become a Commodore and the Vice Warden of Impel Down, so of course, I have to work hard.”

“Well, then, let’s work hard together.”

Hearing this, Verdan couldn’t help but feel a little shocked in her heart. She secretly thought: ‘Is this still Leiyin?’

So, Verdan continued, “Today, you seem strange…”

“How strange?”

“Anyway, it’s just different from usual…”

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