Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 107


The two talked for a long time before hanging up the phone.

At this time, the system’s voice echoed in his head once again.


Gender: Male

Age: 18 years old

Ninja Rank: Jonin (Intermediate)

Kekkei Genkai or Human Strenght: Sharingan (currently Mangekyo Sharingan, in progress of advancement

Ninjutsu: Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi (A-rank), Sword of Kusanagi – Chidori Katana (B-rank), White Blade (D-rank as determined by the self-invented jutsu system), Rasengan (A-rank), Big Ball Rasengan (A-rank), Fire Release – Great Fireball (C-rank), Water Release – Wild Water Wave (C-rank), Lightning Release – Powerful Breath (C-rank), Flying Thunder God Slash (B-rank), Lion Combo (C-rank), Wind Release – Great Breakthrough (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Dragon Bullet (B-rank), Earth Release – Earth-Style Wall (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Spear (B-rank), Water Release – Water Dragon Bullet Technique (B-rank), Water Release – Water Formation Wall (B-rank), Multiple Shadow Clone Technique (A-rank), Six Basic E-rank Ninjutsu, Sword of Kusanagi – Leopard Sword Wave, Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique (A-rank), Wind Release – Rasengan Hand Sword (S-rank), Water Release – Water Colliding Wave (A-rank), Lightning Release – Chidori (A-rank), Lightning Release – Kirin (S-rank), Wind Release – Rasenshuriken (S-rank), Flying Thunder God – Second Step (A-rank)

Inventory (tools, weapons): Scroll of Seal x 2, Kunai x 10000, Sword of Kusanagi, Shuriken x 8200

Contracted Beast: Cat Tiger Beast

Sage Mode: Could be activated.

Chakra Amount:  122,200/280000 (battle consumption)

Money: 270 million belly]

This battle with World consumed a large amount of the chakra. However, the point was that his ninja rank had reached the Jonin (Intermediate), which meant that…

Congratulations to the host. You could enter [The Sacred Mountains] to practice [Sage Mode]. Do you want to enter?

Leiyin did not hesitate to choose “OK”.


So, he once again came to this cloudy place, full of sage aura.

As soon as he arrived here, Cat Tiger Beast jumped up to him excitedly and licked his cheek with its tongue.

Haha, little Cat Tiger, how are you? It’s been a long time. I really miss you.”

The little Cat Tiger stood on Leiyin’s shoulder and gave a cute “meow”.

“Little Leiyin, long time no see.” The Leopard Swordsman Sage also walked over.

Oh, it’s the Leopard Swordsman Sage.”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage said, “Your strength has increased a lot, so, come with me.”


In a short time, they arrived at a place similar to a temple. It had a tall building in the middle and a plaque with three big words “Buddha Leopard Temple” written.

“Finally, are we going to meet your Master? The one you always mention?” Leiyin said to the Leopard Swordsman Sage.

The Leopard Swordsman Sage said, “Well, when you meet Master, you must be respectful and pay attention to your words and behavior.”

Leiyin replied, “Oh.

With a little anticipation, Leiyin walked into the hall.

Immediately, there was a dazzling golden light, and a huge body came into view on the main seat in the middle of the hall.

The figure was extremely fat. It was a three-story-tall Leopard Cat sitting on a chair made of pure gold.

The Leopard Swordsman Sage said, “This is the supreme leader of the Leopard Cat Clan – the Great Leopard Cat. We all call him the Great Master.”

At this moment, “Great Master”, with his fat hands folded, was resting his eyes, looking relaxed and leisurely.

“Leiyin, you are finally here. I have been waiting for you for a long time.” The Great Master’s voice was as loud as a flood bell as if it was going to shake through the clouds in the nine heavens.

Oh, hello there, Great Master.”

“Well,” Great Master’s adorable, fat body was hard to scare people, but his voice felt unruffled, “What is your purpose in coming here this time?”

Leiyin froze, “Does this not count as you summoned me here?”

Cough cough…right oh, almost forgot.” The Great Master coughed lightly twice and said aloud, “Next, I’m going to teach you the secret technique of our Leopard Cat Clan, which is what you call Sage Mode.”

‘Sage mode, is it finally coming?’

Although Leiyin’s face was calm, his heart could not contain the excitement.

With that, the voice like a flood bell rang out again. “By the way, little kid, what’s your name again?”

All fell to the ground.

“My name is Leiyin.” Leiyin said and secretly thought: ‘Did this guy have a bad memory?’

It turned out that Leiyin wasn’t wrong.

“Leiyin?” the Great Master’s fat hand scratched his head, “What are you doing here?”

All fell to the ground again.

The Great Master’s memory wasn’t just bad, but very bad.

Leiyin suddenly felt that there was only a little hope for him to learn [Sage Mode].

Fortunately, the Leopard Swordsman Sage was here. He really couldn’t look at it and said, “Great Master, his name is Leiyin, and he is your chosen kid who came to you to learn martial arts.”

Oh,” the Great Master’s bell-like voice rang out again, seemingly remembering, “then, the next thing I’m going to teach you is – Wood Release!”

“Wood Release?!”

When Leiyin heard these two words, his originally calm face could not suppress his surprise.

“That’s right. It’s the Wood Release.”

“So, is this the place where the First Hokage practiced?” Leiyin couldn’t help but ask.

The Great Master sniffed and scratched his head again, “Did the First Hokage have Sage Mode?”


The Leopard Swordsman Sage reminded again, “Great Master, the First Hokage is your first disciple, the True Several Thousand Hands!”

Oh,” the Great Master suddenly had an expression of realization, “you mean the True Several Thousand Hands. What you said is not wrong.”

If that was the case, then it was a real treasure. The First Hokage didn’t say where he was practicing, but Leiyin never thought he would come across it.

There was no place to look for it, and it took no time to find it.

Who didn’t know the True Several Thousand Hands? If you could train to his level, you wouldn’t know what it would be like in the One Piece World.

“Wooden Release is easy to say, but it is difficult to do. Let me show you. You will understand.”

With that, many different colors of chakra appeared in Great Master’s hands, “Look carefully. In the left hand is the water attribute chakra and in the right hand is the earth attribute chakra. According to the principle of ‘water and earth produce wood’, the two attributes of chakra will be merged together.”

With that, Leiyin saw the Great Master’s hands fiercely combined, and in a short time, a short wooden stick appeared in his hands.

“Look carefully. This is the Wood Release. To learn the more advanced ‘Sage Technique Wood Release’, you need your own chakra and natural chakra, creating senjutsu chakra. The three chakras should be balanced with each other before you can open the Sage Mode. “

Hearing these words, Leiyin thought: ‘Learning Wood Release would be simple, but Sage Mode would not be so easy.’

“There’s not enough time. Let’s start.” Leiyin could not wait and said.

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