Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 108


“Don’t be so anxious first. Not to mention the Sage Art Wood Release, even the ordinary Wood Release can never be practiced overnight. You have to be prepared for long-term practice.” The Great Master said squarely.

Leiyin tilted his head, “Is it as difficult as you say?”

The Great Master smiled benevolently, “If you don’t believe me, just try it.”

Leiyin smiled and did not say anything more but concentrated the water attribute chakra in his left hand. After he succeeded, he concentrated the earth attribute chakra in his right hand, but he found that he could not do it.

“What… what’s going on?” Leiyin looked confused.

The Great Master said, “Hahahaha, this is equivalent to drawing a circle with one hand while drawing a square with the other, which is absolutely impossible to do without some practice.”

“So that’s how it is.”

Next, Leiyin tried a few more times, but all in vain.

“Don’t waste your energy. I told you, this has to be done with hard work.” The Great Master said with a straight face.

Leiyin’s hands dropped, and there was a slight look of disappointment on his face.

“Go back first, come back to me when you’ve practiced this. I’ll guide you to turn on the Sage Mode.” The Great Master said.

“Oh, I know.”

As Leiyin turned to leave, the Great Master called out to him again, “Wait, kid.”


Leiyin turned around again.

The Great Master said, “That, what is your name again.”

Everyone completely fainted!

It could be said that the Great Master’s memory was terrible.


After returning to the One Piece World again, Leiyin slept directly to the next day.

The following day, the sky just turned white when two marine forces came to Impel Down.

“The headquarters has an order for the Marine Commodore Leiyin. Immediately escort Jeff to the Marine headquarters for public execution, no mistake!

After getting the order, Leiyin immediately packed up and set off with two marine forces.

So, Leiyin’s journey in Impel Down was considered to be over.

Among them, the saddest person would be Sadi: ‘The handsome man in the Impel Down is gone. What a sad story.’

From Impel Down to the Marine Headquarters, basically, it was the sea area managed by the marine. The warship had a smooth journey, and in less than twenty minutes, Leiyin returned with the prisoner.

Jeff, who was about to be sentenced to death, was ashen as if he had given up any thought of hope.

Later, Leiyin learned that Jeff was originally a newcomer to the New World. At that time, he was ambitious to achieve some supremacy to become the Four Emperors or even the Pirate King, so he directly made a fatal challenge with one of the Four Emperors [Big Mom], Charlotte Linlin. Unfortunately, his strength was not good enough, and he was defeated. However, he didn’t expect to meet two Vice Admirals after returning, which could only be said that he had run out of breath.

Jeff was originally from the West Blue. Before challenging the Four Emperors Big Mom, he burned, killed, and looted in the West Blue, doing all evil. By chance, he obtained the [Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Griffin], the Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit. Since then, his strength had increased greatly, and what he did was even more than before.

Today, after all of his crimes, he deserved it.


When Leiyin returned to the Marine Headquarters, he was no longer the Vice Warden of Impel Down. Initially, he temporarily maintained a stable order to prevent another riot like Kaido, making the marine was again caught off guard.

Now Leiyin had mastered two kinds of Haki. One of his Haki was awakened in the actual battle exercise in Animo Island. At that time, his chakra was wrapped and hardened, which was his own unique Busoshoku Haki – Hardening. As usual, he could reach the entity of the Logia Devil Fruit power.

Previously, he was almost always busy, but after returning from the Impel Down, Leiyin might have realized this matter. If he could predict the enemy’s attack, his strength must also have a qualitative improvement.

So, he went to find Garp and asked Garp to teach him how to wake Kenbunshoku Haki – Intent Sensing.

For Leiyin, Garp naturally had no reservations.

“This Kenbunshoku Haki is a potential power that all humans have in the world, so it can be said that this power is an innate ability, just like the aura and deterrent. It’s like eating and drinking water as instinctive existence. However, the vast majority of people are not aware of this power and can’t exert it throughout their lives.”

“This power can detect changes in creatures’ aura and feelings around them to anticipate and avoid danger. In Skypiea, this power is also called [Mind Robe].”

After hearing these words, Leiyin was dumbfounded, “I already know very well about everything you said. The important thing is the practice, the method of practice.”

Garp scratched his head and said, “Haha, I thought you were not clear about it. I’m pleased that you can have such a progressive mind. In that case, I will teach you; I hope you keep in mind.”


With that, Garp taught the training method of Kenbunshoku Haki – Intent Sensing to Leiyin without reservation.

In this way, in addition to the practice of the Kenbunshoku Haki – Intent Sensing, Leiyin also constantly practice the [Wood Release] taught by the Leopard Cat Great Master. Haki and Wood Release’s difference was that Leiyin only needed less than three days to master Haki. However, the practice of Wood Release was not as easy as he would expect. Indeed, it was like drawing a circle with one hand and a square with the other, just like what the Great Master said.

However, he believed that he would master it one day and activate the Sage Mode to make that powerful move [Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands], which was the only Ninjutsu that could even beat Uchiha’s strongest form of Susanoo…

Aside from practice, after Leiyin returned from Impel Down, the happiest person were the two women, Verdan and Hina. They were beaming when they saw Leiyin, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this guy.”

Especially Verdan, who couldn’t restrain herself and took the initiative to come to Leiyin.

“Hey, after going to that big prison for three months, why do I feel like you’ve lost weight,” Verdan asked.

“Ah, well. It’s probably because I had more exercise there.”

During his stay there, Leiyin broke through and trained himself. Although he lost weight, he grew some gnarled muscles, and his physique improved qualitatively.

Verdan was lost for words and didn’t know what to say, “Oh, it must be scary there, right? I’ve heard that it can be terrifying there.”

Speaking of this, Leiyin certainly had personal experience.

“Every prisoner who goes there first has to go through 100 degrees of boiling water sterilization, and each floor is like a real hell.”

However, such joy did not last long. Soon, Leiyin was transferred out to carry out the task.

“Ordered for Commodore Leiyin to go to the Island of Women, Amazon Lily, and invited the Kuja Pirates’ Captain, Boa Hancock, to be the Seven Warlords of the Sea.”

With this, did he got to meet the Empress?

The next day, Leiyin led the warship and set off.

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