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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 109


The two talked random things until late, and Verdan was indescribably happy to have Leiyin back.

However, such joy did not last long. Soon, Leiyin received a new mission.

“Order for the Headquarters Commodore Leiyin to got to Island of Women, Amazon Lily, and invited the Captain of the Kuja Pirates, “Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock, to become the Seven Warlord of the Sea.”

With this, did he get to meet the Empress?


The next day, Leiyin led the warship and set off.

Just before Leiyin boarded the warship, Verdan went to find him like an aggrieved daughter-in-law.

Verdan put her hands on his small waist, “Hey, you’re going to the Island of Women and meet the Kuja Pirates Captain, are you proud of yourself?”

Leiyin had an innocent face and said, “What do I have to be proud of.”

Verdan said in a strange tone, “I heard that the Pirate Empress and the leader of Kuja Tribe is a great beauty. Moreover, the island is full of women.”

Leiyin smiled bitterly and said, “These, what does it have to do with me? I’m just going on a mission.”

Verdan replied, “Humph! Why do I think you are exuberant?”

“Hey, who’s exuberant,” Leiyin said indifferently as he stuck his Sword of Kusanagi’s belt behind him.

“You!” Verdan looked like a five or six-year-old girl; her little mouth puckered up.

“I don’t feel like one!” Leiyin also responded to her like a little boy.

“You just did!”

“No, I’m not!”

“You do!”



Half a minute later, Leiyin’s second-in-command Clavin trotted in, “Mr. Commodore, the entire crew has been assembled and boarded the warship; we’re waiting for you.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Leiyin was about to turn around when Verdan chirped, “Hey, wood, when you get to Amazon Lily, you are not allowed to mess around!”

“Oh, I know,” Leiyin said indifferently.

After boarding the warship with the marine, Leiyin thought: ‘When Verdan said that, why did he reply, ‘I know’ like that? That being said, did he have anything to do with her?’

Island of Women, Amazon Lily was located in the Calm Belt of the Great Voyage. Everyone knew that the Calm Belt adjacent to Paradise, where the nests of Sea Kings were located.

When Leiyin was thinking about Verdan’s words, suddenly there was a loud sound in front of the warship. There was a massive vortex on the sea, and a huge object appeared in the center of the vortex.

This huge object stayed on the surface of the sea was 30 to 40 meters long. Upon closer inspection, it was a giant water snake with a pair of crimson wings behind the snake’s head of about five meters.

The huge snake’s head opened its mouth, and the teeth in its mouth were like white knives. When it opened its bloody mouth, a foul odor could be smelled, hitting the nose.

Now, the marines were trembling. They were holding guns in their hands but did not dare to move forward.

This monster was called “Winged Snake Monster,” which was brutal by nature. Not to mention prey, if it were for territory and food, it would kill its own kind. This creature loved to attack and destroy ships with living creatures at sea, merchant ships, pirate ships, and even… warships.


The “Winged Snake Monster” whistled, making the marines clench their swords and guns in their hands with heavy faces as if they were facing a great enemy.

The calmest person on top of the warship at this time, other than Leiyin, was the second-in-command, Captain Clavin, who knew that Leiyin could deal with it.

The marine, except for Captain Clavin, was a temporary group, not his personal unit. There were certainly some elites, but who dared to fight against the Sea King?

The Winged Snake Monster stirred its two wings, and immediately a wind blade appeared. The marines on the ship’s bow were killed and injured in a flurry of screams and splashes of blood.

Just when these marines were killed to pieces, and some were ready to fire, suddenly, one of the officers drew his sword. White light appeared, and the Winged Snake Monster’s head and body were cut into two pieces. The sea was dyed red with blood, and the Winged Snake Monster fell directly into the sea.

The Winged Snake Monster was killed in one move.

The one who killed it was none other than Leiyin.

“God… it’s so fast!”

“It’s simply beyond the speed of ordinary people.”

“Really, is he only a Commodore?”

“We just defeated a Sea King.”

Leiyin wiped the blood on the blade amidst awe, admiration, and praise from the marines, and his face was always calm.

Back in the actual battle examination, Garp, who was leading student of the Marine Academy, smashed approximately hundreds of Sea King meters with one punch.

‘Now, although I wasn’t as good as you, I think I can probably reach your level one day.’ Leiyin secretly thought.

Although Leiyin did not care too much about this move, it made his crew felt like they saw God.

Having the ability to kill the Sea King in one hit, for them, wasn’t it like God?


Under the guidance of the Log Pose granted to him by the Marine Headquarter, Leiyin’s warship was about to enter the Amazon Lily territory after less than two days.

Back at the time of the actual battle examination, before they entered Animo Island, the Marine Academy students led by Garp and Gion and several marine forces had seen the Empress. Because they had to carry out the actual battle examination, they did not consider the Kuja Pirate’s existence.

On the other hand, Boa Hancock, the Empress of the Amazon Lily and Captain of Kuja Pirates, was rewarded with a bounty of up to 80 million belly the first time she went to the sea.

The strength of her power had attracted the attention of the Government. As the saying went: More is better than less. There is always no harm in having one more powerful ally and recruit the Empress as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

After traveling less than 20 nautical miles from the Amazon Lily, the warship led by Leiyin finally saw a pirate ship.

Above the mast of the pirate ship, there was a pirate flag. The flag had a skull surrounded by nine snakeheads.

No need to ask; this was the Kuja Pirates!

Finally, he could see the Empress!

Don’t look at Leiyin’s usual attitude toward people who seemed like a wooden head. Despite his original personality, who didn’t talk much, cold, prideful, and not good at words, Leiyin still liked beautiful women. It was just he usually used his mind to train and get stronger.

He wasn’t Sages, and he loved beauty, as everyone did. Leiyin was just an ordinary person, an ordinary man; to say that he didn’t like beautiful girls was a world-class joke.

In fact, among these girls he had seen, Jenny (the East Village loli), Ain, Hina, Verdan, Sadi, he did not actually hate them…


At this time, he received the order to invite the Empress to become the even Warlords of the Sea, which made him happy.

He ordered the warship to accelerate towards the pirate ship…

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