Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 11


Andrin, with a bounty of 5 million Belly, as described earlier, with the power of the “Bad Wolf Pirates,” was arrogant and tyrannical at both East and West Villages.

In addition to the power of his pirate group, Andrin’s strength in battle was extraordinary.

The decapitating sword he held in his hand was no less than 150 pounds. He had no rival among the three islands except for the “guardian” Miller and his brother Anderson.

Moreover, he was a cold, cruel, and bad-tempered man who would brutally kill the villagers if they dared to disobey him.

He had killed a lot of people in both East and West Villages. In response, people were afraid to speak out and were terrified of the pirates.

The villagers were looking at the newly arrived Leiyin with contempt and ridicule. However, once Andrin came in, people didn’t even dare to breathe. Those who were laughing and joking suddenly fell silent.

Andrin came in and laughed boldly, “Hahaha, everyone, attention, please. Shouldn’t you pay the protection fee again this month? Get your money ready, everyone. 10,000 Belly per person, nothing less.”

Upon hearing his words, the restaurant remained silent. Everyone bowed their heads and ate their food.

Seeing these villagers who had already submitted themselves, Andrin nodded his head in satisfaction.

At that moment, the crew beside Andrin said to him, “Second Brother, Verdan and that old, nasty Farmer are there.”

Another crew also said, “This little girl is getting hotter even when she is only fifteen years old. I wonder what she will look like when she turns twenty…” He said as his mouth drooled.

When Andrin heard this, he also looked at Verdan with a dirty look and then said to the crew, “Didn’t my brother go on a journey? When he returns, I wonder how many pretty chicks he’ll kidnap. Hence, there’s no need to care about this particular one.”

The crew laughed at the words, “Haha, what the second brother said is true.”

That was because Verdan was the daughter of the village chief. If she were an ordinary villager, she would have been taken away by them long ago.

The captain of the Bad Wolf Pirates, Anderson, has long wanted to capture Verdan and make her his woman.

However, because Farmer was the mayor of the village and had a high reputation in both villages, he didn’t make a move on Verdan for the overall situation to collect protection money.

When the three of them passed by Verdan, the crew even whistled to her.

Subsequently, Andrin walked up to the bar and shouted at the owner, “Hey! Bring me good food and good wine!”

The boss was terrified at the words and nodded his head obediently, “Yes… Yes…”

Leiyin didn’t care at all about Andrin’s arrival and gobbled up a plate full of fried rice with eggs, which had already reached the bottom.

“Boss, give me another one!”

Leiyin shouted at the boss with his plate in his hand, attracting everyone’s attention once again.

At this point, Andrin was right next to him!

Compared to the silent crowd, Leiyin’s approach seemed so out of place. Andrin’s arrival was like a bear’s appearance.

Everyone was anxious that they might have offended this terrifying and horrible person.

To what extent did this guy have to live unaware of his fate before he was dead? Everyone was thinking the same thing.

As expected, Andrin was angry when he heard Leiyin’s words, “Where did you come from, kid? How dare you shout at me in my territory?”

Over the years, those who dared to disobey him all ended up in miserable death. The villagers were afraid to talk about him, thus making him a very arrogant character. Even when the villagers spoke loudly in front of him, he would feel offended.

“It’s you who’s shouting. You’re the one who should shut up when it’s not your family’s restaurant!” Leiyin didn’t even look at him and said coldly.

Holy shit.

Was this guy the onion that came out of the ground? Did he know that he just screwed up his life?

In the eyes of the crowd, Leiyin had already stepped halfway into the gates of hell. Everyone looked at him with shocked eyes.

However, something that shocked them even more was still to come…

The crew beside him was anxious and said, “Hey! Damn you, kid. Do you know who you’re talking to?”

Andrin smiled fiercely. He drew the decapitating sword at his waist and mercilessly slashed at Leiyin’s head. Suddenly, a deep gash appeared on the neck, and blood splattered everywhere!

In the next moment, many diners in the restaurant screamed in fear…

It was not Leiyin’s neck that was bleeding.

A second before Andrin raised his sword, a white ripple of light energy rippled through the void…

The White Blade!

Leiyin created this move in imitation of the “Konoha’s White Fang.” By gathering the chakra on the index and middle fingers of his right hand, Leiyin created a “White Light Chakra Sabre.” The sharpest blow he had ever unleashed!

After the previous practice of trampling water on an uninhabited island, Leiyin already had some ability to control his chakra.

This imitation of White Light Chakra Sabre was naturally indistinguishable from its previous power. Leiyin named it “White Blade.”

The process was long, but it happened within a split second.

A flash of white light directly slashed Andrin’s throat. Blood spurted out, and his bear-like body fell heavily onto the restaurant floor. It twitched a few times before he was no longer alive.

The whole time, Leiyin didn’t even look at Andrin.

The two crews were scared and ran away when they saw that their co-captain was killed in such a neat and tidy manner.

At this point, everyone around the table was shocked, and their jaws dropped to the ground!

“It’s… This is…”

“That kid, what did he just do?”

“Isn’t this guy just an ordinary kid?”

Some people’s opinions toward Leiyin had changed a lot. Even Verdan looked at Leiyin with amazement.

However, many people blamed Leiyin’s behavior.

“This kid actually killed Andrin.”

“We’re going to be in big trouble now!”

“[Bad Wolf Pirates] Anderson won’t leave us alone when he comes back!”

“What are we going to do?”

There were many talks, and some of the more timid ones were ready to run away and leave the village.

However, there were still some people who appreciated what Leiyin did. People had wanted to kill Andrin for a long time, but they didn’t have the strength.

One of the people who appreciated Leiyin was Farmer, the village chief of East Village.

The farmer slowly walked up to Leiyin and said, “I see that you have extraordinary skills. So, could you do me a favor?”

At that moment, Leiyin was eating the second plate of fried rice with eggs like nobody’s business and mumbled, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m asking you to help me kill Anderson and save the people of the village…”

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