Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 110


Amazon Lily, Island of Women.

“Snake Princess!”

“Cosmos, what is this?” The woman who was called ‘Snake Princess’ asked, pointing to a clay statue.

Oh, that one is… The village children made a clay sculpture of Snake Princess and even touched up the colors… It looks like a lot of work must have gone into it. So, in order not to break it, they carefully carried it to the city… how lovely it is.”

The ‘Snake Princess’ looked at the clay sculpture and thought, “Is that so? They use clay to make a statue of me…”

Upon closer inspection, the clay statue’s clothes and body shape were very much like hers, except that the appearance was slightly different. However, no matter what, it was a piece of the children’s heart, showing their reverence and aspirations for her.

Suddenly, her face changed, and she lifted the slender jade foot and stomped the clay sculpture to pieces, “Such a shitty thing, it’s really a disgrace!

The woman known as “Snake Princess” had black hair like lacquer and skin like jade. Her body looked like it had been carved by a master craftsman, very precisely curved, beautiful and amazing. She was the Amazon Lily Empress and the Captain of Kuja Pirate, Boa Hancock, with a bounty of 80 million belly.

Ah~ Snake Princess~”

Boa Hancock said in disdain, “Don’t carry that kind of dirty things inside the palace. Hurry up and throw it away, then clean the floor! By the way, Cosmos…”

“Snake Princess?”

“Hasn’t the ship that went to sea to hunt the Sea King class returned yet?”

“Not yet.”

While speaking, an old woman about one meter tall came in, “Snake Princess, I still hope you think carefully about this matter.”

The short, frustrated old woman who spoke was the previous Empress of the Amazon Lily, known as the “Elder Nyon.”

The Empress raised her eyebrows and said with a superior posture, “I have already said that I am not interested.”

“Even if you don’t think about yourself, you have to think about the lives of so many people on the Island of Women. This time the World Government can take the initiative to come to you to negotiate this matter, which is simply a heavenly opportunity, and you actually still don’t know how to cherish it.”

The more Elder Nyon spoke, the more agitated she became, “Our safety may not be guaranteed any more. Do you really think that our Island of Women can fight against a world-class army?”

At that, the Empress shouted in a delicate voice, “Shut your mouth! You old woman, I don’t need you here to dictate the affairs of my concubine!”

Elder Nyon did not back down either, “Snake Princess, this is an important matter that concerns the life and death of the Island of Women. You can’t be this hasty…”

At this time, the Empress was arguably enraged and annoyed by the disturbance. She went up and grabbed Elder Nyon’s hair and threw her outside the window in one go.

The warriors of the Island of Women might feel that she had gone a little too far, and the guards around her said, “Snake Princess, is this too…”

The Empress suddenly put on an incomparably charming and seductive pose, and peach blossoms emerged around her, “Even if I do that kind of things, I will be forgiven because I… I’m too beautiful…”

The warriors’ eyes surfaced in the shape of peach hearts when they saw the Empress did this, “Snake Princess!”

“That’s it!”

“Snake Princess is too beautiful!”

“She deserves it!”

It must be said that the Empress’ charm value was really explosive. Her attraction no longer had the boundary of gender.


Amazon Lily, twenty nautical miles away from the sea.

“Hey, I heard that the Empress of the Kuja Tribe is a monster that can petrify people, although she is a gorgeous woman.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard about that too.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. This ability only exists in legends. How can something like this exist?”

“It’s impossible to say. The world is full of strange and weird abilities. Nothing is impossible.”

When the marine forces who were about to enter the Island of Women were talking, a pirate ship appeared in front of them.

On the highest mast of this pirate ship, the flag with a skull and none snakehead surrounded it was hanging.

No need to ask. This was the Kuja Pirate.

The warship slowly approached the pirate ship.

“Marine, you must not approach the Island of Women, or else, we will not be polite!” A woman on the pirate ship shouted at the warship.

The female pirates on the ship each opened their bows and arrows and stood ready.

On the warship, Leiyin glanced at his second-in-command, Clavin, who instantly understood the situation and walked up to the bow of the ship and responded, “Warriors of the Kuja Tribe, don’t misunderstand! We are here to discuss some matters with your Empress; please make sure she gives a response!”

Hearing Clavin say this, the woman came up to the bow, “I am the leader of this ship. What do you have to say? Talk to me.”

‘Isn’t the Empress coming?’

At this point, the marine had run to the bow. They wanted to see the legendary world’s first beauty, the Pirates Empress. However, what they saw was a woman with long green hair and a head that was twice as big as her body, with a scary look.

“This… is this the legendary Pirate Empress?”

“Sure enough, it’s far from what the rumors say.”

“She’s really scary.”

“I told you, rumors are only rumors after all…”

Just when the crowd was talking, Leiyin walked up. With a glance, he understood.

‘That woman is one of the three Gorgon Sisters, the sister of the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock, and not Boa Hancock.’

Kuja Tribe sent this ship to hunt Sea Kings, to stock some food for the Kuja Tribe, and the Empress was not on it.

Upon seeing this, Leiyin sent someone to get the amplified Den Den Mushi and said to the opposite side, “On behalf of the World Government, I want to meet with the Empress of the Kuja Tribe. Please make sure you cooperate and ask her to come out to see me!”

At that, the Clavin beside him was a bit puzzled, “Commodore, how do you know she is not the Empress?”

Leiyin replied grandly, “Because of the empress’s reward order, I have seen it.”

Hearing Leiyin wanted to see the Empress; Boa Sandersonia could not help but feel amused, “Hmph, who are you? Is our Empress someone you can meet just because you want to see her?”

Leiyin did not flinch at the words, “As I said earlier, I am representing the World Government, just the following order, and we will not harm you. Please do me a favor and ask her to come out. It will be good for you and me.”

Humph, a stinking marine! I told you to leave, so go?” Boa Sandersonia bellowed.

The smell of gunpowder between the two sides was getting thicker.

The female warriors of the Kuja Tribe on the pirate side had their arrows on the strings, while the marine was also holding their muskets, each like an enemy, standing by.

“We will not leave until the mission is completed.”

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