Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 111


“If you insist on doing so, don’t blame me for not being polite!” Sandersonia’s face became more gloomy, “Release the arrows!”

On the contrary, when the marine soldiers were ready to shoot, Leiyin waved his hand, signaling them to put down their guns.

The arrows shot from the opposite side came like a storm; many were dark and shiny. Leiyin was clear that the arrows were dark because they were wrapped with Busoshoku Haki of the Kuja Warriors. If these arrows hit the hull, their power would not be inferior to that of a cannonball.

However, how could Leiyin let it go? His aura changed abruptly, and his body circulated a wave of energy. He then drew his sword out of its sheath, and it flew up from the top of his hand.


Blue sword energy came out of his hand and flew up against the arrows. The arrows were knocked down into the sea, none of them landed on the warship.

The marine on the warship saw this, their spirits were boosted, and they shouted at the Kuja Pirates.

“Women on board, do you realize now?!”

“With our Commodore, you must listen to us!”

“Call the Empress to come out!”

The voices on the warship rose in waves, and Sandersonia was already furious at the words.

“Hurry up and let your emperor come out. I promise, no harm will come to you!” Leiyin shouted.

“You don’t have to pretend to be merciful there!”

After saying that, the angry Sandersonia’s figure gradually changed. Her body became increasingly long, and her face became more and more detestable. Not long after, she changed into a giant anaconda with a body length of more than one ten feet.

“Your Highness, Middle Sister, let your power out!”

“It is you who will be enlightened! Marine!”

“Give them a good show!”

Boa Sandersonia, the Middle Sister of the Kuja Tribe Empress with Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Anaconda Devil Fruit ability.

On the side of the Island of Woman, there was a burst of cheers of solidarity. The momentum wasn’t inferior to that of the marine.

“It seems you guys still don’t understand.”

Leiyin muttered a sentence. His hands were flying up and down, and he suddenly formed a seal, “WATER TRANSPORT – WATER DRAGON BULLET TECHNIQUE!”

There was a giant water dragon on the sea, whistling to the pirate ship. Sandersonia and the Kuja Warriors couldn’t resist, and the pirate ship was swept up by the water.

Sandersonia, who was caught in the water, immediately turned back into her original form. The warriors also all became wet.

The attack repeatedly prevailed, and the marine’s spirit increased at the same time. The women of the Kuja Tribes were also beaten and began to doubt their lives.

At this time, the member of the Kuja Tribes, Belladonna, said to Sandersonia, “Your Highness, I think if we don’t ask the Snake Princess to come out, these damned marine forces will never give up.”

Sandersonia looked at the opposite warship with a reluctant face, “That’s right. Sister is powerful; let her clean up these marine forces.”

With these words, Sandersonia ordered the ship to turn around and head to the island.

Seeing this, Clavin said to Leiyin, “Commodore, do you want to chase after them now?”

Leiyin said, “No, as I see it, they are obeying our words and going back to call their Empress.”

Clavin said, “Well, what if the Kuja Empress doesn’t come?”

Leiyin answered, “Then I will visit her personally on the island.”


Amazon Lily, inside the palace.

Sandersonia, who was almost drenched, walked up and said, “Sister, it’s not good. The marine is making a lot of noise outside, saying that they must see you.”

“Why are you in such a mess?” The Empress said.

“I’m sorry. One of the Commodores leading the ship, I don’t know what kind of power, summoned a water dragon, and it made us look like this.” Sandersonia said with a look of aggravation.

“These stinky men, he is too deceitful!” The Empress slapped her slender hand heavily on her chair. Her pretty face already looked furious, “I will personally go and capture that Commodore and execute him!”

The Empress was ready to rush to find Leiyin to settle the score when the woeful grandmother stood in her way, “Hancock! You can not be impulsive. He is not only a Commodore but also represents the entire marine. If you do something to him, you are undoubtedly an enemy of the World Government!”

“Don’t be nagging there, and get away from me!”

With that, the Empress pulled up the old woman and threw her out the window.

Guards said, “Snake Princess, how can you do this to an old woman?”

The Empress immediately posed a delicate posture again, and her pretty face slightly red, “I was careless….”

When the guards and warriors saw the Empress’s delicate appearance, their eyes all turned into the shape of hearts, “That’s right! Anyone will unavoidably be careless!”

Elder Nyon, who was thrown out, was flexible enough to do a flip in the air and landed firmly on the ground, “As a warrior of the Kuja Tribe, I am not old inside.”


On the deck at the Empress’ ship’s bow, there was a kitten placed there by an unknown person, and the budding kitten was lying there, sunbathing.

Meeting with Leiyin’s warship, the Empress walked out with a noble pace, “Who is blocking the way where the Empress passed… a cat!”

After saying that, she lifted the slender jade foot that was as white as jade and kicked the kitten out with one foot.

A warrior, the cat owner, quickly caught the kitten and looked at the Empress, then said, “Right… I’m sorry… Snake Princess…”

Walking up to the ship’s bow, the Empress finally met up with the marine across her.

The marine saw the Empress, and they all felt lustful, unable to stop themselves.

One of the marine soldiers said, “Is that the Pirates Empress?”

Another one said, “She is… so beautiful!”

The other one said, “If such a woman could be my wife, it would be enough for me to die.”

Another one said, “I don’t think I’m going to make it…”

After seeing the Empress, Leiyin also couldn’t help but swallow. The last time he saw her, it was on the way to Animo Island. At that time, the distance was too far, and he couldn’t see her very well. Now, he was close, and he finally got a glimpse of the Empress.

She could be said to be the most beautiful woman Leiyin had ever seen. Her body exudes a seductive flavor.

Leiyin was also an ordinary person, an ordinary man. Unlike Luffy, a single-celled stupid white sweet, how could he not be moved by a beautiful woman?

“Kuja Empress, on behalf of the World Government, I sincerely invite you to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Please consider this for the greater good, and accept our request.”

Although Leiyin had some small ripples inside, his expression and tone weren’t out of line.

The Empress’ face had a petulant expression of anger, “You damn marine. You bullied my sister and still want me to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea?”

Leiyin said, “She started it, I just returned the favor and gave her a little drenching. I did not cause her any substantial damage.”

“How much can you do with a mere Commodore? All of you go to hell!”

With that said, the Empress gestured a heart shape with her hand, and the Devil Fruit ability suddenly flared up…

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